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Mushroomed in the game industry in recent years rapid development, especially in PC online games; and now the PC game is no longer a desktop machine patent, notebook hardware is constantly upgraded, and also to meet the high-end needs of recreational users. The entertainment of this are often accompanied by a powerful processor and discrete graphics, and with large-size screen to provide users with stunning visual experience. The product of this evaluation is a 17.3-inch large screen, locate the audio and video entertainment this - ASUS X73; machine uses the new Intel i5 processor, equipped with high-end discrete graphics card ATI 5 730 to deal with all kinds of mainstream The games are not a problem; the same time, one of the highlights of this this is a USB3.0 interface design, compared to ordinary USB 2.0 transfer speed improve a lot. The aircraft reference offer remains to be seen, the following first look at this test of this entertainment.


Appearance, the ASUS X73E as a whole gives a simple and calm feeling; machine mainly in brown tones, cover the currently popular baking and groove design with the Imprint Printing, the only drawback is that the paint roof still "love" fingerprints. Top center part of the ASUS LOGO silver metallic design is very clear.


X73 located in the entertainment, the whole 17.3-inch large-screen design, 16:9 golden ratio, a maximum resolution of 1600 × 900; body Gently press the top cover, the screen below appears a little ripple, it seems that the X73 anti- pressure performance. Weight, now that uses a large-screen design will naturally high; X73 machine weight 3.366Kg equipped with adapter weight close to 4Kg for 3.900Kg, of course, inconvenient for the user to carry, or put at home instead of Taiwan type machine. As a large-size audio-visual entertainment this X73 interface type and not too many surprises; Of course, these type of interface for the user's application is not a problem, and the introduction of USB3.0 interface allows users to very excited. Machine interface is concentrated in the left side of the fuselage, e-SATA and HDMI interface design very practical for the user. X73 design of the four USB ports, external mouse and keyboard for the user's daily, insert multiple U-disk is very convenient.


The huge front end of the body, the X73 is only designed a wireless network switch and card reader interface for users accustomed to the right hand to control the mouse, two very user-friendly interface design in the front left side. The back of the fuselage did not design any interface, battery occupies the most space. Then X73 positioning of entertainment this is not ordinary in the sound, of course; out above the keyboard, speaker design, the X73 specially designed in the bottom of the fuselage of a subwoofer, so the user regardless of the movies, playing games can enjoy better sound quality effect. X73 is still top of the screen built a network camera, user-friendly video chat.


ASUS X73E Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 48Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  357g
Size: 205.10 x 55.10 x 20.10 mm
Color: Black


Asus X73 keyboard using the shape of the "chocolate-like full-size keyboard design, a small keyboard to make the game more convenient user operations. Keyboard key spacing, which not only can effectively reduce the misuse, and easy for users to clean the keyboard. However, the relative button keycap smaller area, large palm users will sense the inconvenience. X73 touchpad embedded in the palm rest, the overall area; matte surface design, has a good touch feel, and the effect of precise positioning. Below the touch pad mouse button one-piece design, the button key-way medium, not knocking noise.


For an audio-visual entertainment this enthusiastic users of the game is very concerned about a problem is that the thermal performance of the machine. ASUS X73SD cool cool palm rest design, the keyboard surface maximum temperature of 36 ° at room temperature of 25 °, while the palm rest and touchpad near the maximum temperature of only 33 °, which is very comfortable for the user's actions. Slightly higher body temperature at the bottom, up to 37 °, but this will not affect the user's actions, and recommends that users not to books placed on the leg.


Hardware configuration, X73 uses the new Intel i5-520M processor, clocked at 2.4GHz, equipped with the HM55 chipset; graphics cards using ATI HD5730 discrete graphics, 1GB memory, this configuration to deal with the entertainment needs of the user's natural is not a problem. In addition, the machine comes standard with 2GB DDR3 memory, 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive, and the pursuit of higher performance users can upgrade to 4GB of memory. As a design of large-screen notebook, its portability is very weak, the user will rarely carry out, it is believed that the books of life of these users will not be demanding. X73 battery 10.8V 4400 mAh Lithium Polymer battery design.


From the looks of the new i5 dual core processor QX9000 series quad-core processors before the appearance is very similar to the two processor cores occupy most of the surface of the processor space, a little glue the mean of quad-core. But the powerful Intel processor module and the graphics core modules (including memory controller) completely fused together, can be seen from the figure the left side of the core of 45 nm show the right compared with the 32 nm processor core .


ASUS X73SD battery Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NX01B1000Z 70-NXH1B1000Z 70-NZY1B1000Z
70-NZYB1000Z A32-K72 A32-N71 A32-N73


Brand new Core i3/i5/i7 Northbridge chipset is also integrated into the CPU, the interior is still using the QPI bus to communication and external communication with the motherboard chipset is actually on the motherboard Southbridge communication with the Northbridge, the use of is the DMI bus. Core i3/i5/i7 and streamline the QPI bus, but higher levels of integration.


QPI bus can be used for the CPU internal communication, but also can be used for the CPU to communicate with the motherboard Northbridge chipset, while the Bloomfield Core i7 is the use of QPI and CPU as the CPU internal communication with the Northbridge communication channel. Core i3/i5/i7 architecture biggest improvement on the front side bus (FSB), the parallel transmission was completely abandoned in favor of a common system interface (CSI), which is similar to the PCI Express serial point-to-point transmission technology, the Intel called QuickPath InterconNECt (QPI) bus technology. The transmission rate of the QPI 6.4GT / s, a QPI bus bandwidth can achieve 25.6GB / s (6.4GT/sx Byte / the Tx to 25.6GB / s). Converted into the transmission rate for the traditional FSB 1600MHz (1.6GT / s), and its bandwidth is 12.8GB / s (FSB 1600MHzx Byte / T = 12.8GB / s).


QPI bus transfer rate is more than four times the FSB 1600MHz, although the former Data Width is narrow, but the bandwidth is still 2 times. The higher bandwidth DDR3 memory with the introduction of three-channel technology, the transmission bandwidth of the FSB can not meet the requirements to become a system bottleneck, so the new QPI bus to introduce imperative. QPI bus, you can effectively reduce the processor and hardware data transmission delay, and can effectively improve system performance.


Test platform is simple: install the the Windows7 Ultimate32 Chinese version of the operating system, install the necessary chipset drivers, graphics drivers, sound drivers and network card driver; close the ORC, and close the screen saver, turn off hibernation, turn off System Update and automatic update settings; desktop background Make a solid color, select and set the battery maximum performance mode; maximum performance mode setting system; C drive Disk Defragmenter.


ASUS X73S battery Fit machine:
ASUS X73 Series
ASUS X73B Series ASUS X73BR Series ASUS X73BY Series
ASUS X73E Series ASUS X73S Series ASUS X73SD Series
ASUS X73SJ Series ASUS X73Sl Series ASUS X73SM Series
ASUS X73SV Series ASUS X73T Series ASUS X73TA Series
ASUS X73TK Series


The first is through the self-test in Windows 7 to understand the machine's overall performance. Windows 7 self-test, X73 integrated to obtain 5.5, a score of performance is good, especially processors, games and graphics to obtain a score of 6.8, we can see this in the entertainment there will be an excellent performance. PCMark Vantage is Futuremark released a new generation of benchmarking software, and perfect for multi-core processors is optimized, and is designed to create the Windows Vista 32/64-bit WIN7 system. Broke through the 7,000 mark for the test X73 composite score achieved 7047 points, this performance is very good; the same time, the game score of 5602 points.

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