Newest brand ACER Aspire One D257 D257E Laptop Battery feature

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The ACER Aspire One D257 battery really should be re-installed each 2-3 weeks and allowed to fully discharge. Leaving the ACER battery in storage for longer than thiswithout making use of could lead to the ACER Aspire One D257E battery to completely discharge as thecircuitry of the Laptop battery itself consumes energy.


ACER Aspire One D257 battery featuer:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  289g
Property: ACER Replacement Battery
Color: Black or White or Blue


ACER Aspire One D257 battery is to make sure that your ACER Aspire One D257 laptop does not overheat. Do not use the ACER laptop on a cushion or pillow as this will stop the flow of air keeps Portable calm. Instead, use a wooden or glass, which is part of the air cooled completely.


ACER Aspire One D257E battery Compatible original Battery Code:
AK.006BT.074 AL10A31 AL10B31
AL10BW AL10G31 BT.00603.12
LC.BTP00.128 LC.BTP00.129  


Fit machine:
ACER Aspire One D257 Series
ACER Aspire One D257E Series


1. Do not disassemble the ACER Aspire One D257 battery.
2. Do not expose ACER Aspire One D257E laptop battery to excessive heat, which may result in an exposure.
3. Do not expose ACER notebook battery to water or other wet substances.
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