Newest DELL Precision M2800 Mobile Workstation and ASUS X450L coming

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We can use a simple method to realize the protection of battery life, measurement time we notebook power such as how long is from 80% to 40% in power down time, and then use the laptop after the first set your alarm clock, although the trouble, but in order to laptop battery trouble a little we also value.


Of course, even if the life time lasting, travel is also inevitably bring adapter. Precision M2800 is equipped with built in + external battery case, travel weight 1.88 kilograms, while only equipped with built-in battery case, travel weight 1.59 kg.


Precision M2800 as a small size notebook, not just the weight, thickness, performance is equally important. As long as the thin enough, on the use of female users usually handbag is no problem. After measuring the thickness of 20.61mm, Precision M2800. Precision M2800 with 6cell DELL Precision M2800 Battery in thickness can be used to describe the performance of normal, to meet the extreme light conditions, still provides rich export accounted for the interface, and it is worthy of note. On the other hand, since the Precision M2800 light "figure", even if the female users use insufficient left hand holding it, is extremely easy.

Screen using the matte screen, it can be scattered into light spot in the strong light glare, become soft, often in outdoor business persons eyes blessed. The keyboard has 6 rows of pattern, though controversial, but in my opinion there is reasonable, it is a touch panel to make more room, some unnecessary keys into second function keys, save space and make people feel simple and easy to use.


Finally is the backplane design, heat dissipation for the notebook's importance is self-evident, more air inlet can enhance the notebook cooling performance, to make it more stable at run time, docking interface also allows the notebook into small desktop for indoor use, convenient for users to use.

ASUS X450L with 4cell ASUS X450L Battery is more suitable as an Entertainment Notebook, 1TB large capacity hard disk can store more video, audio files, HDMI interface for easy connection of large screen display equipment, Dolby sound support to provide a better sense of hearing.

In this 10 minute video, the author did not carry out any other operation, power option is set to Energy Saver, the final 2 power battery consumption is 4%, 1 is 100% power battery. Secondly, the author uses Precision M2800 runs a popular game "legend" slag, operation process does not change any of the settings, running very smooth, no o. Running the game in the 10 minute, the author did not carry out any other operation, power option is set to Energy Saver, the final 2 power battery consumption is 5%, 1 is 100% power battery.


Due to the adoption of two batteries, and support hot swappable, so the author after the external battery removed, and run the Word and PS the two daily office software. Keyboard key process of bond length design of moderate, feel more comfortable. In the operation of office software for 10 minutes, the author did not carry out any other operation, power option is set to Energy Saver, the battery power consumption is 1 6%. appearance, Precision M series once again gives good answers, the M2800 for business and student notebook computer, give a person with stable atmospheric appearance black skin, with a red dot, let a person feel more impact.


These are the circumstances of this LENOVO Z40 for all interfaces . mini DisplayPort interface with high resolution can be very convenient connecting peripheral display equipment to facilitate large-screen work , while VGA retention also provides convenience for the conference presentations . Compared with RD450, Z40 less on 3G card slot not everyone will use it to understand . But USB interface is also cut a total of two , or inevitably mean some, so you 'd better prepare a USB-Hub.

Finally , the aircraft in the right of the keyboard provides a fingerprint identification device to enhance the security of your computer , and easy to manage user passwords. Mentioned before , IdeaPad Z40/RD450 are used for ultra- thin notebooks and Intel Ultrabook launch of ultra-low- voltage processors , we get the high version , processor model i7-4500U, it has a 1.8GHz main core 3.0GHz frequency and maximum frequency , dual-core simultaneously for maximum acceleration Turbo 2.7GHz, from the argument in terms of still quite good , even fully comparable to the standard voltage products.

ASUS X450L with 44Wh ASUS X450LA Battery targeting high-end business users , not publicity mesh dark gray appearance , reflecting the ASUS Portege series has always been dignified and stable design. In addition , Portege series of classic cover indicator was retained , even in the closed lid of the case the user can clearly see whether the machine is powered on, charging , sleep and other states , these user-friendly features in a some competing products who have disappeared , ASUS Portege still insist attitude is commendable.


Details on the top cover, the transverse dark grain texture is, let A not so monotonous, but also increase the friction, 

allowing users to single hand, reduce the slide may. On the top cover only a plating of ASUS Logo, the other without any decoration, the overall feeling is very simple and elegant. The keyboard area marks, die 15.6 inch nature is little not the numeric keypad, and in the middle of letters on the keyboard area we saw the trackpoint, personally, blue trackpoint feeling than ThinkPad red dot is more outstanding, because the friction force is large enough, control more directly, but like ThinkPad, the little finger point bar is not dirty.

It is understood, ASUS in the high-end models on the test is very strict, even in each interface to lift a weight, to test and enhance the service life of the R501V with 4cell ASUS R501VB Battery interface, the most obvious feeling is the top cover and the palm support strength, the fuselage positive by 100Kg bearing test and in the 76.2cm height of drop test, to ensure the normal operation of still.


Like I said in the article , commercial super pole and hardware performance can not be played , they saw the products to help users in business terms . ASUS X450L ultra- pole of this industry-leading endpoint security solution to protect data in this regard , these solutions include a comprehensive encryption, strong authentication and sophisticated malware protection . Meanwhile ASUS X450L Ultrabook also has excellent integrated management features and options , easy management Portege X450L. The software, hardware , performance, design the perfect combination together ASUS Portege X450L Ultrabook will be your business meetings, business travel , the best weapon to deal with complex business environment !


Then take a look at this ASUS X450L with 4cell ASUS X450LC Battery version of the weight of our electronic weighing scales, can be seen from the figure above , the whole weight of 1.500kg, the majority of 12 inches compared to the current commercial , weight control in the mainstream level , it is more convenient to carry . Thermal performance test notebook is actually the biggest test , the body itself has a very narrow interior space , plus a large original heat , heat patency became a true test of skill inherent in a notebook , and as usual we using FurMark software plus AIDA64 system Stability test to make this machine run at high load conditions .

Professional users in addition to the performance of mobile station has high requirements, for its expansion ability as well as the use of usability and security is also very important. ASUS R501V provides 5 USB interface, comprising 2 groups of USB 3 interface, 2 USB 2 interface, USB2.0/eSATA interface and 1 in group support shutdown and sleep state of charge, and set the ExpressCard slot.


In the video connection, ASUS R501V provides VGA and Display Port interface, can let users connect high-definition TV, projection or other professional HD display device. The optional docking, can achieve up to four screen display. ASUSTecra R501V with 44Wh ASUS R501VJ Battery has powerful configuration at the same time. Remain 2.7Kg of body weight, with the same size was not obvious difference between the domestic notebook. Whether the design engineer digital content processing the scene production staff, remote factory, or oil drilling earth scientists, are relatively easy to carry it to accomplish all the tasks.

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