Newest DELL T54FJ M5Y0X NHXVW Battery Review

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Optimize Battery Performance
A rapid charger/conditioner can help optimize the performance and extend the life of your NiCD and NiMH

rechargeable batteries. A conditioner fully drains the battery's power prior to recharging which is vital to avoid

memory effect


DELL T54FJ Battery detail:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 60Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  322g
Property: Dell Replacement Battery 
Color: Dark Grey or Black


Compatible original Battery Code:


DELL M5Y0X Battery Fit machine:
DELL Latitude E5420 Series(All) DELL Latitude E5520 Series(All) DELL Latitude E6120 Series(All)
DELL Latitude E6220 Series(All) DELL Latitude E6320 Series(All) DELL Latitude E6420 Series(All)
DELL Latitude E6420 ATG Series(All) DELL Latitude E6520 Series(All)


Hibernate and Standby approaches are used in favor of saving the power of the Li-ion rechargeable battery although,

normally laptop pc’s utilize much Li-ion Battery power when in STAND BY form. We do not know those causes although

“instant-on” takes 30-60 second’s additional period of time to go away of hibernation mode. This least quantity

of period draws the considerable effect on the entire Li-ion rechargeable battery life duration. In the hibernate

mode login & logout are more favorable & efficacious than the normal start & shutdown activity. While in hibernate

method the system shutdown  procedure offers a possibility to hold current work right away with the power off and

in start up method this can proceed with in a few seconds totally, Hence hibernate mode saving power. How ever

stand by method decrease the  energy use of our laptop by not providing the power to hardware peripherals that we

are not using.  Hence by using hibernate mode you can preserve the DELL NHXVW Battery pack power. We may create the shortcut icon to hibernate in its place of the manual process (once carrying out the manual task in Control panel

afterward use the created shortcut by Press “Windows switch” pursue by U pursue by H). If you have a bit of

urgent work at outside for longer time, in such circumstances use the hibernate method in its place using suspend



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