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In 2011, a number of revolutionary technologies have been injected into the mobile computing area. Intel 32nm Core platform, OPTIMUS graphics intelligent switching technology, 10 times the transfer rate of USB3.0 and so the current number of new technologies in many aspects of the mobile platform to enhance the speed. This evaluation of the Asus A73 notebook the first to integrate these technologies, but the positioning is still the fashion mainstream entertainment products.


In fact, early on in the CES 2011 show, ASUS released the new full-time entertainment series we have seen this figure A73, but has been unable to visit the domestic market. Our Testing Center is also the first time got this product, the product selected by 17 inch mold design, equipped with Intel Core i5-4300M processor, 2GB DDR3 memory and 500GB 7200 RPM high speed hard drive, equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT325M graphics card also supports NVIDIA Optimus technology.


A73 notebook from Asus hardware specifications point of view, the core component in the mix with our previous test, although the entertainment notebook with a number of new features compared to the hardware market with a price 8399 yuan, and also more low-key, closer to the mainstream entertainment Players of consumer psychology. In the following sections let us together look at the technical characteristics of its many practical applications in performance.

In the mold design, the ASUS N61J A73 notebook more like a larger version, 17-inch screen cover with plastic material and the introduction of mirror technology, its high optical mirror is very good. For mainstream entertainment notebook, while controlling costs in order to have enough balance and durability, plastic is indeed a good choice. In addition, in order to be more comfortable with the use of visual effects, Asus A73 notebook screen with a narrow border design, together with its high-gloss mirror design just for design adds a touch of delicate.


ASUS A73B Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 48Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  357g
Size: 205.10 x 55.10 x 20.10 mm
Color: Black


As a user of audio-visual entertainment for mainstream models, its design must take into account all aspects of product positioning. ASUS A73 top of the screen built-in 1.3 megapixel camera, with the right side of the pinhole microphone daily to meet users a simple online voice chat and video recording capabilities, and by random face recognition software, facial recognition can also be achieved landing platform that greatly enhance the security.


ASUS A73 notebook uses sunken shaft, which is a more popular design approach, as the anchor of convergence with the body to provide a better damping effect, to ensure the screen in any 130-degree range of opening and closing. The top of the keyboard, Asus notebook audio-visual entertainment in the past common switch, volume control, video playback and other functions are preserved. In order to meet the needs of multimedia applications, the designer of the metal mesh above the keyboard next built Autran star speaker, and equipped with B & O ICEpower audio technology, world-renowned high-quality two-channel speaker, complemented by an exclusive Sonic Master sound tuning technology , in the larger chamber to provide a more vigorous sound.


Due to the larger die size, ASUS A73 with full-size floating keyboard design, and retains the numeric keypad. The Caps are adding matte surface treatment, the operation feel good, but the keyboard back to the force softening. Touchpad on ASUS A73 is designed to support multi-touch capabilities, with Windows7 system, the user can complete the documents and pictures of the two fingers up and down, left and right drag, but with three fingers can achieve right-click function. The integrated touchpad's mouse buttons at the bottom, and the use of long rectangular light surface design, just a short drive away, operator slightly more rigid, long application susceptible to fatigue.


It is worth mentioning that the touch operation of the regional anti-ASUS introduced inadvertently technology. We have seen some of the daily operation of notebook computers in order to avoid unnecessary error touch operation, is usually used to give the corresponding function key screen. So the design of the keyboard and touchpad frequent switching applications will be very troublesome, and intelligent anti inadvertently ASUS exclusive technology is through the automatic detection, intelligent distinction between the palm and fingers of the contact area, a judge, but when the palms touch will automatically disable the touch pad to prevent input errors. In practice, we also develop the ability to judge their intelligence is still very strong, completely user worry about the user at the keyboard and touchpad repeatedly to switch the use of a problem.


ASUS A73E Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
70-NX01B1000Z 70-NXH1B1000Z 70-NZY1B1000Z
70-NZYB1000Z A32-K72 A32-N71


We have previously mentioned, Asus A73 notebook, select the hardware with a variety of core components with the new specifications. In addition to using Intel Core i5 430M processor, also joined the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD with NVIDIA GeForce GT 325M with intelligent switching, and NEC Electronics USB 3.0 and other hardware specifications, and 8399 yuan offer integration with a number of new technologies will undoubtedly to bring new players to experience major effect.


Asus A73 notebook in the extended interface design compared with previous high-end products and is not rich. However, taking into account the needs of everyday entertainment applications, some of the practical design of a strong interface is relatively everywhere: such as the common USB, e-SATA, multi-card reader, VGA, ExpressCard, Ethernet, audio, and HDMI interfaces are available. And commendable that, as a new mobile platform, A73 notebook was first introduced in the USB3.0 standard, the maximum transfer rate of up to 4.8Gb / s, well beyond the traditional access methods.


Considering that most users of the application of customary right, the left side of the main body ASUS A73 provides a relatively low frequency of daily plug the expansion interfaces, including: 2 USB2.0, 1 个 ExpressCard, 1 x Ethernet interface 1 VGA port, 1 HDMI, 1 x e-SATA interface, a power connector and a security keyhole. In addition, the use of the environment in order to ensure the comfort of the user, the processor of the main air interface is also designed here.

The right side of the fuselage is to provide a more commonly used two headphone jacks, a MIC jack, a USB2.0, 1 个 USB3.0 and a DVD burner, because the interface is not too much data and so layout more relaxed, at the same time does not appear when connecting peripherals contention phenomenon. In the forefront we see the body, ASUS A73 also provides more than one card reader and wireless network switch, so the design is relatively close to the user's habits, but also the effective use of space for a wide expansion of the body .


ASUS A73S Battery Fit machine:
ASUS A73 Series
ASUS A73B Series ASUS A73BR Series ASUS A73BY Series
ASUS A73E Series ASUS A73S Series ASUS A73SD Series
ASUS A73SJ Series ASUS A73SM Series ASUS A73SV Series
ASUS A73SW Series ASUS A73T Series ASUS A73TA Series
ASUS A73TK Series


We previously tested with Core i7-720QM processors, although the Asus A73 with the Intel Core i5 430M processor core in the three-level cache and a reduction in quantity, but with a higher frequency, the processor also showed a more powerful performance. CINEBENCH R10 software on achievement tests before the positioning is completely beyond the mainstream Intel Core i3-330M processor, compared to the specifications of Core i7-720QM higher performance gap of 25%, so the performance difference is very obviously, this is fully in line with ASUS A73 notebook entertainment groups for the mid-market positioning.

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