Newest high capacity HP Pavilion dm4 Beats Battery review

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As we all know, due to the limited design space, the speaker performance notebook is equipped with most of not working well. Therefore, many music fans choose books have had on the notebook light and music features were forced to choose between. In recent years, in order to meet high quality requirements of consumers on the sound quality, manufacturers are beginning to try to cooperate with some influential audio manufacturers, brands, including our well-known JBL, Altec Lansing, Harman Kardon, the B & O Monster Beats high-quality sound system. HP has extensive experience working with the Beats, the Beats AudioTM sound system spread to a few of the consumer notebook series which we introduce is a known as the "music king," said HP Pavilion, the dm4 Beats Special Edition. Quickly followed our editors, it's "life experience" check it out!


Pavilion, dm4 Beats Special Edition HP introduced a high-end audio and video users notebook products, and its performance in the music experience is very powerful. And the overall design of the unconventional, our SAN Testing Center recently received a prototype. Man of few words said, the following offer Brief Review.


New HP the dm4 Beats Special Edition notebook on in the introduction of the Beast AudioTM sound basis, also the overall use of color were re-adjust the further integration of the elements the Beats alone love red, the machine is not only outstanding performance in sound, more The important thing is cool appearance to those women who want to stand out tidal wave of men to provide a new choice.


HP Pavilion dm4 Beats Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  392g
Size: 205.02 x 53.02 x 43.02 mm
Color: Black


14 inches dm4 in addition to good performance in body appearance and sound with hardware is also more emphasis on entertainment performance, the aircraft is equipped with a Core i5 2450M processor and AMD Radeon HD 7470M discrete graphics in the game will be a good the performance. The following article, we will this notebook's appearance, workmanship, interface, sound experience and performance, one by one.


Since the "music", of course, sound evaluation is to be the lead. The dm4 Beats Special Edition the use Beats AudioTM, the HP Pavilion in sound has three characteristics: first, the effective removal of noise. Non-metallic parts and re-design of the headphone jack; body established within the dedicated audio channel to reduce the digital interference of other components; built-in discrete headphone amplifier to reduce the sound crosstalk. Second, better sound quality Beats AudioTM ultra-clear speaker design, sound more clear, better performance of the musical effects, great penetration. Third, games, video players and other audio-visual entertainment functions.


Since a the Beats comprehensive cooperation models, of course, has a unique place in sound,, dm4 Beats, the HP Pavilion Special Edition sub-range by four speakers surround sound design, to ensure efficient and sound perfectly convey. The exterior - HP Pavilion the dm4 Beats Special Edition in the bottom right corner of the C surface left, respectively, a high-range unit, and a range unit. Two range units specialized pronunciation holes, and lossless audio transmission, music from the front occupied the ears. Within the body C, the surface left the upper right corner, hidden two three heavy bass unit, so that the entire cabinet seems a heavy bass cabinet provides ample space to spread the sound. At the same time, this design is clever body cooling holes and the keyboard gap as the acoustic transmission channel, the formation of strong blowing of the impact of sound waves, sound natural unstoppable.


HP Pavilion dm4-3000 Beats Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
586006-321  586006-361 586028-341
588178-141 593553-001 GSTNN-Q62C
MU09  NBP6A174 NBP6A174B1 
NBP6A175  NBP6A175B1 WD548AA 
WD548AA#ABB WD549AA  etc


Fit machine:
HP Pavilion dm4 Beats Edition HP Pavilion dm4-3000 Beats Edition


In the audio settings management, randomly built the Beats AudioTM settings management software, the software HP the Beats AudioTM sound specially developed in the menu under the "volume" and "listening experience, users can playback and recording equipment adjust the volume, and open enhanced input results in the recording device. In addition, according to user context and preferences in the graphic equalizer to customize the regulation to meet a more personalized sound needs.


Beats AudioTM in the setup menu is also dedicated to provide users with the option of recording experience, click to enter the menu "noise cancellation", the "echo effect cancellation" and "Enable wave number forming the" three functions, user microphone to record sound, can effectively reduce background noise and improve the clarity of the vocal recording, eventually able to get a better recording experience.


The project adjustment, Special Edition, HP Pavilion dm4 Beats Beats built-in audio software, compared to Win7's own driver, increasing the listening experience, recording experience, the speaker of the sense of low volume to enhance the sense of hearing is The most obvious, while the laptop built-in physical defects of the speaker itself is precisely reflected in the low-frequency band, so the role of the beats sound software is very obvious.


ASUS N73SM Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  358g
Size: 205.11 x 55.10 x 20.11 mm
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
A32-K72 A32-N71 A32-N73


Fit machine:
ASUS N73 Series(All)  ASUS N73F Series(All)  ASUS N73G Series(All) 
ASUS N73J Series(All)  ASUS N73JF Series(All)  ASUS N73JG Series(All) 
ASUS N73JN Series(All)  ASUS N73JQ Series(All)  ASUS N73Q Series(All) 
ASUS N73S Series(All)  ASUS N73SD Series(All)  ASUS N73SL Series(All) 
ASUS N73SM Series(All)  ASUS N73SN Series(All)  ASUS N73SQ Series(All) 
ASUS N73SV Series(All)  ASUS N73SW Series(All)  ASUS N73V Series(All) 

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