Newest high capacity SAMSUNG 300U NP300U1A noetbook Battery test

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Samsung NP300U1A-A05RU Blue - processor-based Intel (1.4 GHz), which has RAM 2048 MB, and GB hard disk capacity. Optical Drive: DVD-RW. Diagonal screen size of 11.6 "has a resolution of 1366x768. The treatment provides a graphic card (MB).


 Supported wireless technologies: Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth - No, WiMax - No, 3G - No. There is a webcam. You can exchange data through a memory card SD,. Battery Li-Ion 6 Cell, while working in offline mode - no data. The operating system controls the computer.

Samsung 300U is a stylish and elegant laptop with a small size they dotatochno lungs, making them reliable mobile assistants. They operate on the basis of processor Intel, which provide high performance, technology and Samsung Fast Start allows instant start-up, only when you press the power button or opening the lid.


In 350U2B used hard drive 500 GB Hitachi Travelstar. A NT300U1A uses 7.5-mm hard drive to 320 GB, also a firm Hitachi. Laptops are heated differently. Thus, in the 350th model processor warmed to 90 degrees and the outside was very cool and the bottom was not hot, really hot streak just above the keyboard, but these are trifles. In the 300 th same model cooling is worse, so it heats up and the bottom, and a keyboard. And that is not particularly pleased, because this noise coolers, but they will be loud, if you heavily load the CPU.


SAMSUNG 300U Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  7.4V
Capacity: 6600mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  294g
Size: 207.35 x 52.45 x 20.61 mm
Color: Black / Blue / Red/ White / Yellow


From the results it is clear that, as I said, to play modern games can be, that's just necessary? With such a small screen the game is unlikely to be comfortable. But every opportunity to play in these notebooks are. Naturally, with such characteristics, the video will be played too quickly and without brakes. So, these laptops are equipped with a good filling, which raises them to the next level.

Let us talk about video cards, which, of course, these laptops integrated. Mobile processors are equipped with Sandy Bridge generation of a new integrated graphics Intel GMA HD 3000. Applying the first-generation processor Core i integrate graphics core under a common cover from the processor chip, Intel got rid of most "bottlenecks": a slow bus communication between the graphics card and video memory. In addition, the card may borrow part of the computing resources of the processor again at the expense of integration. Intel GMA HD 3000 has 12 actuators, and the core frequency is 650 MHz (mode TurboBoost it increases up to 1200 MHz). For the chip embedded in the Core i3, base frequency of 350 MHz and a maximum in the light TurboBoost - 950 MGts.Takoe video can cope with almost any modern game. It is clear that Deus Ex at maximum settings will not pull, but less demanding games on medium or low settings - is quite real, with an Atom would not have happened.


Samsung has launched two new notebooks that have the potential to become popular. They have a good filling, including the powerful processor and good memory. Let us down until only the schedule, perhaps. They are stylish, with both the laptop completely opaque, that is an indisputable advantage. Overall, this is a couple of interesting notebooks that are different from previous models, but a more modern design and processor performance.


The price they are also very attractive: 24 999r. for NP-350 and 18 999r. for NT-300. Yes, it is much more expensive netbooks on the Atom, but cheaper laptops with large screens, so that, for the niche they have a great price. Laptops make a good impression, both externally and internally, so if you travel frequently and need to a powerful "workhorse", feel free to take one of these laptops, but keep in mind that the stand-alone time with them all the same small .


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SAMSUNG 300U Series SAMSUNG 300U1A Series 
SAMSUNG NP300U Series SAMSUNG NP300U1A Series 

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