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Lenovo B480 notebook biggest bright spot is the latest Sandy Bridge processor with Intel Core Graphics technology, from chip micro-architecture level graphics capabilities will be fully integrated into a 32-nanometer process technology of the processor, the computation unit and graphics unit can intelligence sharing large-capacity cache, system memory, Turbo Boost, which give users a better experience. Meanwhile, B480 business the support Intel InTru 3D technology, with the HDMI 1.4 standard, through a 3D high-definition TV or monitor features an immersive stereoscopic 3D effect, make the viewer feel, screen images ready to come out. In addition to the other, an overall improved machine performance, power consumption, lower than many entry-independent graphics notebook, battery life has been significantly improved.


Configuration, equipped with the latest Lenovo B480 i5-2410M Sandy Bridge processor for notebook computing has brought a powerful processing performance, law-abiding 14-inch LED screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768; graphics card is Intel HD Graphics Family Graphics Core ; standard 2G DDR3 1333MHz memory and 500G Western Digital hard disk mass; Rambo DVD burner; 30-megapixel integrated camera; machine size is 340 × 234.6 × 20.2-34.6mm, weight is controlled at 2.1kg. Pre-DOS system, another surprise in the local 3G network support, accompanied by the business office move.


Lenovo B480 and the previous generation with a B series of the same mold, plastic top cover of the combined treatment effect similar to frosted, with a good drag coefficient. Equipped with a 14-inch LED backlit screen aspect ratio of 16:9, supports the optimal resolution of 1366 × 768. Top of the screen built a high-sensitivity camera, ready to let you capture the wonderful life. B480 looks very elegant, profile, reflecting the business steady, introverted personality. Line shape to fill the gap at one go, angular, excellent texture. Would attract the attention of many business people. And the whole thickness just right.


LENOVO B480 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 48Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  316g
Size: 207.01 x 65.01 x 20.01 mm
Color: Black


User interface design is more user-friendly, top of the keyboard is about the most obvious impact of speakers. The left is a round metallic power power button, next to a convenient "one-click restore" button to manually set the restore point; while the right is the system indicator, namely the case, numeric keypad, hard tips lights. Distinct particles and small keyboard of the touch panel keys, fingerprint identification with the lower right corner. Lenovo B480 biggest feature is that you can insert a 3G SIM card, the convenience of anytime, anywhere business travel. However, the location of the SIM design, it is ... if not careful to find true invisible. Remove the rear fuselage of the battery will only see the logo is not very clear the SIM card slot.


B480 provides a rich interface, the left are: safety latch, power connector, cooling port, VGA port, RJ-45 cable, HDMI interface, USB2.0 and eSATA multiplexed interface, USB2.0 interface. Right: two USB2.0 interface, DVD drive and audio input / output, why not configured USB3.0 excuse? ! In B480 notebook and some lights and front-end interface: the left is the power supply, battery, unlimited light; the right is 4 in 1 card reader (SD, SD pro, MMC, MS pro), and wireless, Bluetooth shortcut .


Machine configuration, this Lenovo B485 uses Intel's new Sandy Bridge platform, which has a new 32nm process Intel Core i5-2410M processor, equipped with Intel HM65 chipset, using the Intel HD Graphics Family Graphics core, also configure the mainstream Massive 500GB hard drive and 2G DDR3 high speed memory, the machine factory preloaded with DOS. In the assessment of overall performance, we still use the old test software PCMark Vantage, after one full hour of testing, you can see the Core i5-2410M, 2GB DDR3 memory, 5400RPM hard drive, and Intel HD Graphics Family Graphics core of this " Four core "has been a total score of 5561 points, I believe that to meet the daily needs of business users is not a problem.


Of course, we also use the 3DMark Vantage test for lenovo B480, respectively: in 1024x768 under, Entry (primary) mode to reach 7824 score; GPU: 7644, CPU: 8418. Large-scale 3D game will be very difficult, but the game is absolutely no problem. Lenovo B480 has a 500G hard drive massive deal with daily work and entertainment, the absolute proper properly! We use HD Tune Pro V3.50 for testing, B480 has an average of 55.7MB / s read and write speed!


LENOVO B485 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
121001071 121001091 121001094 
121001096 57Y6454 57Y6455
L08S6Y21 L09C6Y02 L09L6Y02
L09M6Y02 L09N6Y02 L09S6Y02
LO9L6Y02 LO9S6Y02 L10C6Y02
L10M6F21 L10P6F21 L10P6Y22


Fit machine:
LENOVO B480 Series  LENOVO B485 Series 



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