Newest HP ProBook 6440b 6445b 6540b 6545b Battery

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Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  347g
Size: 203.90 x 53.40 x 20.40 mm
Color: Black


HP ProBook 6440b Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
HP :
458640-542 482962-001 484786-001
532497-421 583256-001 586031-001


Fit machine:
HP :
HP COMPAQ 6530b HP COMPAQ 6535b HP COMPAQ 6730b 
HP COMPAQ 6735b HP EliteBook 6930p HP EliteBook 8440p
HP EliteBook 8440w HP ProBook 6440b  HP ProBook 6445b
HP ProBook 6540b HP ProBook 6545b


The battery performance of attention tests
Batteries used in notebook computers are two kinds of nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries. Ni-MH batteries are cheap, but there is memory effect, and in the same capacity under the weight ratio of a large number of lithium batteries, EX: lithium HP ProBook 6445b battery basically no memory effect, and light weight, power supply for along time, has become a standard notebook computer batteries . When we are buying a laptop not only pay attention to the type of battery, but also should pay attention to the battery capacity and the actual use of time, the general capacity to 3000 mAh or more, the best use of time in about 3 hours in order to meet our daily outdoor activities needs. Currently, the laptop battery is generally 2200mAh to 8800mAh, there are very few with 12000mAh, and the higher the value, use the same configuration longer. such as 4400mAh HP ProBook 6540b Battery.

Such as the sound is good or bad. Cheap laptop sound card mostly AC \ 97 soft sound, with cheap speakers, sound effects will naturally be worse. While the high-end notebook computers will use the ESS Maestro2E, CMI8738 sound chip and other hardware, coupled with the effects of natural outstanding 3D stereo speakers. Should also consider whether a wireless networking functions, the motherboard BIOS supports USB device boot whether factors such as

Buy notebook, how to distinguish the material notebook ?
The material is currently nothing more than notebook computer case PC + BAS, PC-GF20, magnesium alloys and

titanium. One "PC + ABS" that is plastic, the laptop which is the most common, and almost every book can be

ound inside. Or is the entire case, or just screen cap, or small to cover only the memory or hard drive; PC-GF20 can make a similar texture of the metal, it is generally difficult to distinguish; and magnesium alloys and titanium are the only real metal. In these types of materials into, PC + ABS is the cheapest, so cheap laptop case almost always use this material; PC-GF20 second, magnesium alloy is more expensive, the advantage of rugged than plastic, wear light weight and easy to heat, touch Ye Hao, mostly in ultra-thin notebook or use a smaller size; titanium the most expensive compared with the magnesium alloy, in addition to the different incorporation of the metal itself, but also infiltration of carbon fiber, so that Hardness has been further strengthened, it is known as "black gold steel," said the use of only some high-end books. Also some laptops are a few materials are used, but used in different parts of the shell, for example, all built-in or drive built-in models. In general, such as 6cell HP ProBook 6545b Battery, followed by magnesium alloy, engineering plastics for the worst. By reference to the number of differences between them within the board, but need to disassemble be achieved. The easiest way is in the notebook is turned off their hands directly touch the body surface, if there is the feeling of cold joint

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