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In 2009, the "sturdy little y" to create a 1.2 million units total annual sales of strength, but by 2010 this figure was once again refreshed Lenovo Y470. In the past few years, Lenovo Y series notebook market has always been one of the most competitive products, and "small y" the term has become a symbol of the brand association. When we have not had time to Lenovo Y470 detailed statistics over the past year to give the "sturdy" figures, Y480 has been coming up to us.


SNB with the new Intel architecture processors, with a more robust performance of discrete graphics, Lenovo Y480 and finally a strong debut. If you open the association's official website, you can already see a huge advertising association Y480N. In addition to powerful configuration, the Lenovo Y480N in the design is carried out not a small improvement, in addition to dynamic and JBL audio streamlined design, the machine also uses the previous ThinkPad Edge Series chocolate unique high-touch keyboard.


Official from the association given configuration, we can see that the first launch of two new products for the Y480N-IFI and Y480-ITH. One Y480N-IFI with the Intel Core i5-2410M processor and NVIDIA Geforce GT550M graphics card, and Y480-ITH then used in Intel Core i3-2310M, graphics cards, and as the former.


See the new small y at first glance, you feel that? I feel that it is back to nature, and to cancel the additional functionality of those bells and whistles, instead of really useful shortcut keys, and more in tough shape, with edges and corners, the palm rest with a metal material admirably, giving a fresh , capable of feeling.


LENOVO IdeaPad Y480 Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 62Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  369g
Size: 239.60 x 52.31 x 30.24 mm
Color: Black


We received this product as configured i5 processors Y480N-IFI, appearance upgrade, configuration, upgrades, I believe everyone on this "domineering exposed" new generation "sturdy little y" has a tremendous expectations and fantasies. In the following article, we will make sure this machine testing and assessment, in the end it can bring us what kind of surprise? Let us immediately into the "sturdy moment."

People rely on clothes horse saddle, a beautiful dress to make you stand out among the crowd, the same token, a stylish eye-catching notebook will always attract a lot of people's eyes. Looking at the market, each brand trying to make their products full of personality elements, as the home entertainment market this year, the star of Lenovo's products, the latest release of ideaPad Y480 with a thin screen, so the body becomes more sharp corners. New roof to bring a new design, its surface covered by a diamond Obscure, metallic sheen of the "Lenovo" Logo design is still left in the roof.


And radical styling than previous generations of LENOVO Y470, Lenovo Y480 of the shaft a lot of convergence, but maintained a good feeling, is still the sunken design, still have the appropriate damping force, so that we can successfully open the screen with one hand . After weighing, the Lenovo Y480 single weight 2.293Kg, the 2.226Kg than Y470P to be heavier, but the actual holding in your hand but do not feel this subtle difference.


Opened the screen cover, first saw the new design of the chocolate keyboard, these keyboards in the previous evaluation we have repeatedly stated, the traditional keyboard with Y470 compared to previous generations, between the larger keys and key gap can effectively avoid the "misuse" or "card Fingernails" embarrassing, and easier to clean up, like "chocolate" design has also been a lot of consumers.


Lenovo Y480 wrist rest, we see the familiar Y series "What's your Idea of ​​Fun" words, we learned through this sticker this model uses the JBL certified speakers, chocolate keyboard, a key to save the system, dual graphics cards switching characteristics. The touchpad after grinding processing machine, more delicate feel, while the new left and right buttons-one is the biggest difference lies with the Y470. As a 14-inch mainstream entertainment machine, the Lenovo Y480 and Y470 left side of the interface exactly the same body. Here you can see we are familiar with thirteen hole thermal windows, responsible for the video output HDMI and VGA port, RJ-45 network cable port, two USB2.0 interface, and the fuselage near the headset interface. Through thermal windows can clearly see the copper heat sink, with the bottom of the inlet, through the circulation of cold air into the fuselage after discharge from the thermal window, ensure the stability of long-playing games.


LENOVO IdeaPad Y580 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
57Y6625 57Y6626 L10P6F01 L10S6F01  


Fit machine:
LENOVO IdeaPad Y480 Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y580 Series


As Lenovo Y480 with a sunken shaft design, so the body does not have any back-end interface design. Can be seen at the front of the central power and charging indicator light, the right placement of the Six-card reader (compatible with SD / SD-pro / MMC / MS / MS-pro / XD), it is the right of two graphics and wireless LAN switch, paddle design operation more convenient. Often play a large 3D single game, I will first turn off the wireless card, and then running into discrete graphics integrated graphics switching, the switching process without requiring a reboot, so the whole operation takes less than five seconds to complete, ease of use . Also close the screen on the table, Y480 appears to be thicker than Y470P, which is mainly due to new products for better heat dissipation, specially the bottom of the four rubber feet designed to be higher.


In the hardware configuration, the Lenovo Y480 has three highlights:
First, it uses the new Intel Sandy Bridge processor, this our evaluation of this model, the specific processor model Core i5-2410M, which has a dual core with four threads, the default rate on up to 2.3GHz. At the same time, it has Intel Turbo proud 2.0 technology, you can run in single core, it will rise to the highest frequency single-core 2.9GHz, single-threaded run time will be faster.


Lenovo Y480 is still at the bottom of the fuselage to provide a memory, hard drive, Mini PCI Express Card expansion and wireless module compartment, and Y470 is different is that the original three positions into a dual position in the mouth mouth, upgrade relatively more convenient. Open the bottom of the larger panels we can directly see the processor and cooling fan area, which means that users can use a more convenient time to clean up dust fans and thermal windows, to avoid the system is not caused by dirt clogging stable phenomenon, and many need to clear the dismemberment of the models compared to Lenovo Y480 be fool in this type.


Second, it is equipped with high-end NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M graphics card, the GT 540M in the current account for the mainstream notebook market, users are looking forward to a better performance in game-type graphics appear in another major brand to consumers after the somewhat disappointing, as the boss of the domestic game notebook - Lenovo has finally launched the blockbuster products Y480, the first to adopt a more high-end GT 550M graphics card. This breakthrough is gratifying.

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