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Through two common two kinds of notebook panel technology analysis, we can see that now used in notebook market or in TN-based LCD panels, TN panels but viewing angle is very small. The IPS panel, although showing excellent results, but the cost is too expensive. So, for the average consumer the usual daily application, TN panel performance is adequate, there is a higher demand for color users may wish to choose IPS panel.


We have said in front of the screen panel of technical specifications, and then we look at types of laptop screens, in the current notebook market, often the screen are: glossy screen, matte screen


"Mirror screen", by definition, the surface of "Light the lesson" and the display. The first Mirror screen in SONY's VAIO notebook, the external surface of the glossy screen without any glare treatment, and use another to improve the transmission rate of the film instead of (Anti-Reflection). In addition, the glossy screen gives the first impression is the high brightness, high contrast, high sharpness, glossy screen is more popular in the mainstream LCD displays high-contrast high-brightness display. As the panel mirror technology enables to reduce the scattering of light, which greatly improved the product's degree of contrast and color reproduction.


Advantages: play games, DVD movie playback, DV video editing or digital camera image processing and other home entertainment features can achieve a more perfect display, and relatively inexpensive!


Disadvantages: lack of diffuse reflective film, if the high brightness environments, glossy screen really like a mirror allows users to clearly see behind themselves and all, greatly affect the use of experience. Therefore, the general high-end machines do not have glossy screen!

MEDION Akoya P6630 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  14.4V or 14.6V or 14.8V
Capacity: 5000mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  380g
Property: MEDION Original Battery
Color: Black


Matte screen is an LCD display for business, compared to the glossy screen, in a strong light will not produce reflections. Currently using a glossy screen notebook ThinkPad. In addition, the matte screen surface is rough, so the light shines above the diffuse reflection on the place, from which point of view are not dazzling, are able to see the light reflected back.


Advantages: matte screen surface with a spray, a function of glare screen will have a strong influence of reflective attention, relatively high light transmission rate does not mirror screen.


Disadvantages: matte screen surface hardness is low, generally only the hardness of 2H. Ciwai, matte screen display in general, the color degree Ye did not mirror screen Chuse.


Matte screen, in a reflective case can still see the image on the screen, this screen surface is matte spray, leading to diffuse reflection of light occurs. The transmittance is relatively higher than glossy screen. Diffuse, is projected on a rough surface reflection of light in all directions of the phenomenon. When a bunch of parallel light rays hitting the rough surface, the surface will reflect light toward all directions, so the incident ray parallel to each other though, due to inconsistencies in the various points of the normal direction, resulting in reflection of light in different directions without the rules to reflect, this reflection is called "diffuse" or "diffuse." This reflected light is called diffuse light. Many objects, such as plants, walls, clothing, etc., the surface may seem smooth and thick, but with a magnifying glass look closely, you will see the surface is uneven, so the originally parallel to the surface reflection of sunlight by these, the filled to shooting in different directions.


Mirror the current notebook screen or to use common, although serious reflection, but with low cost and excellent display, glossy screen still occupies a major market. In contrast matte screen, although the technical specifications of much higher than the glossy screen, but the cost is slightly more expensive than the glossy screen, although not reflective display of the phenomenon, but the display in general. In terms of price, the price of two almost the same screen, mirror screen generally cost between 300-500; matte screens generally cost between 400-600. If the user to replace the original screen repair station, the price will be expensive.

MEDION Akoya P6631 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:


We have put articles in front of the screen panel and screen types with you a brief introduction, the next time we talk about the precautions for the screen.


The first notebook's own cable is damaged
In fact, the laptop cable there are two, one is from the screen leading to the graphics part of the cable, a control circuit board from the screen of the cable access panel, which plays a two-wire transmission of content. If any of a cable problem, it will not display correctly, so replace the screen, we must pay attention when removing the cable screen position and angle, as much as possible in the demolition process more carefully, to avoid the discharge line damage. If the cable does not accidentally broken, the price of their own for the cable was about US$100.


The second screen dead pixel
The dead pixel LCD screen, also known as point of absenteeism, it is black and white LCD display and the red, yellow, and blue sub-pixels shown in the next point, each point is a sub-pixel. Fear is the dead pixel LCD screen. Once the bad points, regardless of the display shows how out of the picture, a point on the display is always show the same color. This "bad" can not repair, only replace the entire screen in order to solve the problem.


Dead pixel can be divided into two categories, which are both dark dead pixels display screen can not display the changes in the content of the "black spots", and the most annoying is that as long as there has been a bright spot after boot. So far, the development of LCD technology up to now, still can not overcome this fundamental flaw.


"Bad" it really inevitable? With increased competition and raise the level of technological processes, LCD manufacturers to improve the standard of raw materials, production and inspection to strengthen the internal quality control, greatly reducing their frequency of occurrence. Check the bad points of the method is quite simple, as long as the LCD screen brightness and contrast to maximum (anti-white display screen) or tune into the smallest (black display screen), you may find that there are many bright spots on the screen or dark spots exist. LCD manufacturers in general has explained that as long as the number of dead pixels and distribution does not exceed a certain standard, there one or more dead pixels LCD display is normal, is in line with industry standards. Here particular attention is to distinguish between "bright" and "bad", there is no bright spots, does not mean no dead pixels! Many manufacturers will some significant bright and dark spots of the panel recycling ash into the less obvious point, of course, that pixel is dead, but nothing seems obvious.


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