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Specifications, models and parameters have been settled. We finally see Haswell fourth generation Core Duo true face. According to Intel's "Tick-Tock" Process Architecture roadmap, Haswell architecture changes come a generation. Processor core in the same process technology framework under the premise of innovation, and this change is more representative of Intel's 22nm advanced and mature. In fact, as early as this year's IDF 2013 Intel Developer Forum has been elaborated Haswell gave us the relevant information. This time, Computex Taipei, Intel is more clear and thorough introduction to the Haswell possess the features and benefits.


Currently Sina digital get this MSI CX41 with 6cell MSI CX41 Battery and Haswell platform equipped with an i7-4700MQ, incorporates an HD Graphics 4600 graphics card, and it is compared to the previous IVB platform HD Graphics 4000 processor will have much improvement is One focus of our attention. In addition, as a game is also equipped with the MSI CX41 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745M graphics card, and it is with the new combination of Haswell platform processors can wipe out what kind of spark it?

In Haswell many characteristics, CPU performance boost is no longer where everyone excitement, and Core Graphics is the real key to attract everyone attention. According to Intel's official statement, compared with the previous generation Core graphics Haswell graphics performance 1 times. Reviews recent Intel Core graphics from integrated graphics to the update process, in just seven years, GPU performance increase by 75 times. Especially in 2009 into the Core era, CPU and GPU integration trend intensified, CPU basically every once in about 10% of the steady improvement in performance, while the graphics performance places alarming rate doubling every generation leap.


Compared with the whole design, Qosmio X70 hardware performance is more able to attract our attention, NVIDIA has just officially released its selection of top graphics card GTX 780M, with the fourth generation of Intel Core Duo processor top i7-4930MX processor, 128GB SSD component provides three RAID 0, machine hardware configuration is quite strong in the current notebook is very rare, so we will Qosmio X70 gaming and performance tests mentioned earlier, the appearance of introduction on the back for.


In the choice of CPU, Qosmio X70 use Core i7-4930MX processor, Intel Mobile CPU, which is the most high-end positioning of a, TDP up to 57W! While the ordinary notebook CPU's TDP of only 35W ~ 45W, we can see that its performance is unmatched by ordinary notebook processors.


S12T wih 9cell MSI S12T Battery specific hardware configuration: Intel HM86 chipset, i7 4700HQ quad-core eight thread processor, 8GB DDR3 1600 dual channel memory, 1TB 5400 rpm mechanical hard drive, GT 745M 2GB HD 4600 alone significantly increase core graphics. CR643 Haswell using the current high-end flagship mobile platform processor specific model for the Intel Haswell i7 4700HQ, a new chipset HM86. uses the Intel i7 4700HQ most advanced 22nm process technology to build, with quad-core eight thread efficient computing architecture, the default clocked at 2.4GHz, Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz, TDP 47W power control in the left, compared to the previous generation i7 3632QM, Fengyun new 4700HQ improved in performance in the end how much? CR10 we first conduct a test.

Haswell to this generation, the frame structure has been further optimized, core graphics performance to the next level. This is more portable laptop is undoubtedly brings a new level of graphics display. Meanwhile, Haswell pay more attention to low-power, power management optimization. The latest news that Intel has redefined the ultra-pole of this specification, requiring a new ultra-pole of this support at least six hours HD video playback, 9 hours or more power-endurance, not less than seven days of standby time. Three seconds while requiring fast wake-up from sleep mode. This fully proves that Haswell is called "Intel's new generation of products in history, the most battery life greatly improved."


This MSI CR42 with 6cell MSI CR42 Battery right fuselage evolution, thickness and weight are associated with the current mainstream thin and light notebooks sync, plus metal to join, so CR42 look stylish and some "hardcore" style. Another machine is equipped with a DTS Sound Onkyo speakers and sound, letting the notebook has a good entertainment audio and video performance.

Haswell architecture diagram: In fact, with Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge is the same strain, but the GPU Die occupied area is indeed getting bigger. Four core GT2 number of transistors 1.4 billion (previous generation but less than 080 million), the core area of ​​177 mm2 (17 mm2 increases). For notebook platform, Haswell processor package will still be two kinds of PGA and BGA, which is aimed at the general PGA mobile processor, and two kinds of BGA is designed specifically for ultra-pole of the field.


PGA package, code-named PGA12, it has 946 contacts, the current PGA package Ivy Bridge processor number of contacts is 988, which means that two generations of processor core can not be compatible with each other. BGA package code-named BGA12F, Contacts there are 1168 (dual-core) a 1364 (quad-core) two, and now Ivy Bridge processor BGA package number of contacts were 1023 (dual-core) and 1224 (quad-core) months, The same can not be backward compatible HP HSTNN-YB4J Battery. Haswell is not just architectural trim, other improvements include idle power consumption, as well as in the idle state and active power consumption during switching. Intel introduces a new "active idle" power state, which is also known as the Intel SOix. In this state, the system can continue to send and receive data without having to fully activate the CPU and GPU. This means the system in a non-"active" state can get more done, reducing the activation energy required by the CPU.


Dynamic Design Haswell architecture is one of the biggest advantages of lower power consumption, which can be at work when the power dynamic allocation, full load operation only for those high-intensity work, but this time the energy consumption highest; but if it is the daily work, without the need for full-load conditions, the idle function will enter the sleep state.


While Ivy Bridge which has a similar function, but Haswell will be its improved usability can reach 20 times the previous generation product. That may be saving more than 20 times the previous generation. According to Intel's data, using Haswell processor notebook battery life than using a notebook Ivy Bridge processors up to length 1/3.


CR643 built a four-cell 87Wh Li-ion MSI CR643 Battery, designed for the non-replaceable. In practice, when we will be when the power management settings for high-performance, 98% of electricity consumption in the state, Windows 8 power tips display life time of 3 hours 05 minutes. Software in the professional notebook battery life POWERMARK test, CR643 results in balanced mode is 1 hour 58 minutes, for a system equipped with high-performance alone was entertainment in this, this type of endurance performance is quite normal, if only Internet access and simple video Watch it, CR643 can get about 3 hours battery life.

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