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The power key and a set of practical shortcut keys above the keyboard of the MSI GE60, these shortcut keys can help users to complete common operations, such as CD-ROM eject function key to turn off the screen backlight button, the system power consumption mode button, the S- Bar software to bring up the keys and Cinema Pro Super audio and video technology to the Open button.


MSI is also paying more attention to in terms of audio and video entertainment, in addition to the advantage of visual aspects in sound under a lot of effort, the speakers have the THX surround system has been the MSI F-Series notebook on a bright spot, this MSI GE60 is no exception, on both sides of the keyboard shortcuts were placed on a full and vigorous support of THX-theater surround sound speakers, the actual audition speakers release sound, especially the listening experience can be very shocking to see high-definition large.


Care of the left palm is the notebook hardware configuration information, and outstanding performance characteristics, can be easy for users to understand the machine features, palm care is MSI with the unique technical highlights and other F-Series notebook, the MSI GE60 also used innovative ECO Engine power management system with excellent notebook power-saving capabilities, built-in power management program, users will be based on different usage, adjust the notebook's power consumption mode to extend battery operating time .


The left side of the fuselage interface layout from left to right arrangements notebook keyhole, power connector, 13-hole thermal windows, HDMI high definition video output port, 2 x USB3.0 interface, microphone jack and headphone jack. Comprehensive upgrade USB3.0 interface has a very marked increase in the data transmission speed of the machine, the user to copy a large file data as well as high-definition video without waiting for a long time.


MSI GE60 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  354g
Color: Black or Silver

MSI GE60 fuselage right side of the interface is relatively simple, is equipped with RJ-45 Ethernet port, VGA video output port, 1 × USB 2.0 interface and DVD burner, you can see, and not found in the DVD drive panel usually common pop-up switch, if the user needs to use the drive, you must press the smooth pop-up the left shortcut key to the optical drive positions.


Also equipped with a multi-card reader slot at the edge of the fuselage bottom shell, but the location is relatively lower, usually use needed to notebook raise a certain angle in order to plug, that doing so would cause some inconvenience. MSI GE60 is more common sink the shaft to the rear of the fuselage and did not schedule any other interface, the damping force of the shaft is relatively tight, but the support screen of 15.6 inches components or there is no problem.

Machine hardware configuration, MSI GE70 equipped with Intel Core i5, 2410M dual-core processor, 2GB DDR3 memory, 500GB 5400RPM hard drive, in addition, also equipped with the mainstream NVIDIA Geforce 540M independent graphics card, memory reached 1GB, the whole The configuration has reached the level of the mainstream market, and the smooth operation of the market most of the higher 3D gaming.


The processor features the latest Intel Core i5-2410M dual-core processors based on 32nm process technology, the core code-named Sandy Bridge, clocked at 2.3GHz, shared L3 cache of 3MB, the overall TDP of 35W. Open Turbo to accelerate 2.0, clocked at up to 2.90GHz, and supports both synchronous and Hyper-Threading technology, dual-core, four thread. In addition to the instruction set with the previous generation processor support, but also support the newly added AVX instruction set, can help in intensive floating-point operations, 3D games, CAD / CAM, digital content creation applications faster speed.


CINEBENCH is rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen test simply use the CPU to run only once, in a single-processor single-threaded, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading, for the first time using only one thread, the second run using all the processor cores and threads. The last processor's single-, dual-core test results for 3725 and 8020. Intel Core i5 2410M is a mainstream notebook market in the most cost-effective processor, its strong performance to help users deal with any demanding application limitations.


MSI GE70 Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
40029150 40029231 40029683
BTY-S14 BTY-S15 E2MS110K2002
E2MS110W2002 E2MS115K2002 


HD Tune is a hard disk performance diagnostic tests. It can detect the hard disk transfer rate, burst data transfer rate, data access time, CPU usage, health status, temperature, and scan the disk surface. Through the software to read the post-test, we can see that the notebook is equipped with a Western Digital 500GB 5400RPM hard drive, the average transfer rate of 63.9MB / s, the performance of hard disk read rate is pretty good.


The NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M discrete graphics have become the mainstream notebook configuration, using a 40nm process, with 96 stream processors, memory interface is 128bit, with DDR3 memory capacity of 1024MB, supports DX11, 3DMark Vantage Entry mode test, the total score for the E13721 points GPU score of 17,026 points, so the scores can guarantee in high-definition large-scale 3D games run smoothly.


Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  340g
Size: 208.42 x 52.82 x 20.00 mm
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
AS07A31 AS07A32 AS07A41
AS07A42 AS07A51 AS07A52
AS07A71 AS07A72 AS09A31
AS09A41 AS09A56 AS09A61
AS09A70 AS09A71 AS09A73
AS09A75 AS09A90 BT-00603-076
BT.00603.076 BT.00605.036 LC.BTP00.012 MS2274    


EMACHINES AS09A61 Battery Fit machine:
eMachines D525 series eMachines D625 series eMachines D725 series
eMachines E430 series eMachines E525 series eMachines E527 series
eMachines E625 series eMachines E627 series eMachines E630 series
eMachines E725 series eMachines E727 series eMachines EG525 series
eMachines EG625 series eMachines EG725 series eMachines eME430 series
eMachines eME527 series eMachines eME630 series eMachines EM630 series
eMachines G430 series eMachines G525 series eMachines G625 series
eMachines G627 series eMachines G630 series eMachines G630G series
eMachines G725 series

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