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Samsung released in September 2011 a new fall line of notebook computers, and new product releases in the past is different is the whole system into the current Samsung most users prefer the narrow frame design, this design will be accompanied by the second half of this core product of its 3 Series , 7-series, 9 series Samsung to show users with high-end technology of laptop computers. As this time we tested this notebook 305V 3-Series as its exterior design is very pleasing, with the current ThinkPad E Series products did not strive.


Official position is given for the Samsung 305V is not very high demand for mobile business SOHO users, it is designed to take into account the shape of steady, stable performance, applications, and user expectations of the perfect balance between work and play. The use of AMD hardware is the latest release of APU A6-3410MX processor, dual graphics, built-in large capacity hard drives and 2GB DDR3 memory, the overall combination is configured to the most mainstream, performance worth the wait.


Indeed, the design on the Samsung 305V products in the same price in the same configuration in the upper level, although the material is still used on a relatively cheap price of ABS plastic, but the production of metal wire drawing process for a whole lot of extra points, if not particularly compared metal wire drawing process under the ABS plastic and metal material difference, even with difficult to rely on visual and tactile you tell the difference. It is also resorting to this, the Samsung 305V and its positioning compared to the same ThinkPad E Series seems more and more refined product as a whole


Compared with the ThinkPad E Series, Samsung 305V fashion degree is not in the product they strive, or even stronger than the former. In addition to allowing users to join now quite attracted to the cover imitation brushed metal design, the roof frame also added the fake chrome metal frame material, this design is not the first time, the ThinkPad E Series you can also see a similar design, for the whole appearance of the beautiful degree, but still there are many plus points.


SAMSUNG 305V3A Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  382g
Size: 204.00 x 49.51 x 40.20 mm
Color: Black or White


In addition a user can see all the screen area, the Samsung 305V also been specially designed, that is to hinder the user visual originally part of the border to do as a small narrow, prominent display to broaden the scope to provide a more broad horizon. In fact, Samsung's new this fall is widely used in this design, one of the purposes is to take to improve the user experience. Concern in the user's screen resolution, the Samsung 305V is not to make a change, is still common 1366 * 768.


Samsung 305V has a decent overall shape fashion degree at the same time not forgetting to further improve product quality, is also why, at the moment to get the real machine you can certainly rely on tactile experience with its solid workmanship as well as between the various components compact. It is also more advantages for Samsung 305V4A in the whole thickness and portability on a good performance, but this feature only meet those needs for mobile users is not very extreme.


Stylish, sophisticated, these three features are also business and into the interior design of the Samsung 305V. C embedded in the body surface is the most striking among the most popular chocolate keyboard, and the single button touch feedback moderate intensity, the most satisfying is the keyboard slot with a higher strength aluminum alloy. In addition, the details of the design, for the convenience of users, please clearly identify the single button dual capability, the Samsung 305V with a large contrast in the overall color blue to identify the multi-function key.


In order to meet business people seeking a simple fashion, the fashion trend of life, the Samsung 305V machine with a very simplified form design, which is on our user-friendly control from the shortcut key design can be seen. Samsung 305V is not designed to shortcut keys, the keyboard, only the built-in speaker plus the upper concave power design, in a simple fashion, while highlighting the concave power but also to some extent, enhance the user control experience.


SAMSUNG 305V4A Battery Compatible original Battery Code:


Many manufacturers only add to more than a selling point to the product, not to consider the application of population-specific product usage, such as in the traditional business notebook that popular integrated touchpad, but the fashion is to have control on the experience For business people is a disaster. Samsung 305V did not do so, it is still very traditional separation using touch panels, to give business professionals in the provision of precise positioning, but also to ensure the accuracy of the left and right button input.


Business class notebooks have been relatively stable interface configuration, because without him, only because the needs of business users as entertainment unlike ordinary users, so you see in the commercial notebook interface configurations are designed to meet their most basic extension demand, for example, the best two or more USB ports, VGA port must be configured as a meeting to take the projector and other equipment. Samsung 305V is also because of this interface is biased in favor of business class.


However, little change is the Samsung 305V5A or adding new interfaces to meet the specific needs of business users, such as the fuselage on the left of the HDMI interface, you can connect him to the big screen monitor or LCD TV to watch the best popular large but the. Of course, you can also have access to a VGA display device via HDMI at the same time access to a display device, corresponding to the form that all users who need to deal with this dual display ability to expand output is better than two independent the use of computers.


Because the use of a sunken shaft and conventional lithium modules, it is basically cut off the rear fuselage design of the Samsung 305V more expansion interfaces. Therefore, the Samsung 305V considered to avoid too much focus on the interface on both sides of the fuselage around the problem, in addition to the necessary interfaces to retain the right and left sides of the fuselage, and other interfaces are designed in front of the fuselage. Front-end design of the common body of SD card interface, support for the current most types of memory card inserted. Indicator is also designed to be here, but not in front of the left or right, but in the middle position.

SAMSUNG 305V5A Battery Fit machine:
SAMSUNG 305V Series
SAMSUNG 305V3A Series SAMSUNG 305V4A Series SAMSUNG 305V4Z Series
SAMSUNG 305V5A Series SAMSUNG 305V5Z Series SAMSUNG 305V7A Series


Have a good life is to specify the performance of the Samsung 305V natural internal heat in the body did a great job on the actual tests just confirmed this problem, run under full load for one hour, Samsung 305V C surface temperature of the body to keep it good heat level, the overall temperature is lower than normal body temperature, whether it is winter or summer use will not bring annoying with all the problems.


Equally good performance also appeared in the fuselage D surface, usually, there will inevitably go out to the mobile business people need to use this time to ensure that no heat is not a good long life, and the other problem is the poor battery life use can also cause inconvenience to get the most direct than to use the laptop on his knees, while the Samsung 305V will not have this problem.


Have such a good thermal performance and battery life is inseparable from the whole nature of the hardware used in combination, the Samsung 305V7A with a current relatively rare AMD APU processor. As AMD's new processors APU A6-3410MX, it is in the power control, performance on the show made a great innovation, it can be said in terms of overall performance on a single processor's overall performance has been weaker than the Intel i5 -2410M, better than the graphics on the Intel HD3000.


AMD APU upgrade the processor in addition to a new architecture, it also introduced a new technology foreign aid, which is in the notebook before we see hybrid crossfire dual-graphics technology Crossfire dual graphics cards to join the mixed performance of the original display the impressive A6-3410MX processor is even more powerful, more valuable in the power control has also been a very good solution, it can be said AMD APU product is by far the most successful.


In AMD APU, the dual-card CrossFire system is so constituted, APU's Radeon chip integration with a single core was AMD's discrete graphics from work, the two work together to further improve performance, designed to give notebook users computer games in the daily visual and entertainment in the greater speed.


Samsung 305V comes standard with a six-cell 48Wh 4400mAh capacity lithium SAMSUNG 305V7A Battery, considered to be inside the mainstream business of this configuration. Given the current level of laptop battery life, no accident, the life of the Samsung 305V absolutely can achieve more than 3 hours (under full load), the real life test with Moiblemark2007 level was 248 minutes, exactly 4 hours, to meet the business The mobile user needs mild without any problems.


In the previous AMD APU A8/A6 evaluation article, we note two graphics cards in crossfire described has been done, it is necessary to support dual-channel memory. Requires the user to understand that crossfire dual-graphics cards does not mean hybrid performance determined by its strongest and weakest of the GPU, while does not mean that the two averages. Since it is a dual-graphics Crossfire, then there must set up dual-graphics Crossfire than any one single GPU performance better, but to enhance the rate of exchange of fire with different sizes have changed the way only.

For those domestic gamers, how to choose a laptop APU, APU will depend on the integration within a single processor and graphics card that was how the combinations of. It can be said that if the two GPU performance difference is too large, then the final exchange of fire after the performance and will not be greater than 1 +1 is equal to two, but if two GPU performance pretty, after the pair of hybrid crossfire graphics performance will be great, of course, the prerequisite to ensure two things: One is the dual-channel memory, the memory frequency the higher the better; second of the game, select the DX11 and DX10 games, open the dual-graphics Crossfire and DX11 effects are a huge boost after the performance

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