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Notebook FAQ
I. Why bottom of the screen look darker?
Mainly from the brightness of the LCD screen on the back of the LCD device lamp, the brightness of the LCD screen is directly dependent on the number and brightness of the lamp. The number of desktop LCD screen of at least two lamps, high brightness screen can even reach 4-6 root; and notebook computers are power consumption and size constraints, only one lamp and smaller, and more placed on the screen rely on central location, limited in scope as lighting, so there will be lower than the upper darker, more obvious in the phenomenon of two scraps. So long as the contrast is not great, that is normal.

Second, the connection part of the LCD screen will be hot?
Many novice much heat for this part of the tension that his election to a laptop LCD screen problems. Actually not, the ignition coil notebook LCD screen are placed in this position, but the main part of the ignition coil is energized circuit and the coil, and heating work coil circuit and the introduction of electricity in high school physics textbooks would be involved.

Third, why use the battery the screen squeaky voice will be issued
On this issue need to be explained in two ways:
First, when the battery-powered, energy-saving features as the role of the notebook computer, the entire notebook circuit voltage is constantly changing, then the screen ignition coil current in the coil is energized in a constantly changing , while the high voltage ring at this time is also given frequency sound knowledge of high school physics involved. If the notebook's poor electromagnetic shielding, the sound will be heard by the user, so we say that this phenomenon is weak in some of the technical foundation of the brand of notebook computers are more common, the actual reaction of many of my friends happen sound power adapter This is also the causes.


SAMSUNG NC111 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  7.4V
Capacity: 6600mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  297g
Color: Black or Silver or White

Second, the sound may be high-frequency noise, the sound, and described one of the biggest difference is the high-frequency sound is a noise would be maddening sound, I believe that friends are listening to the sound some experience. Generally the sound is motherboard design flaw, if the situation is more common, manufacturers will release a BIOS update to solve this problem file, such as the recent IBM T40, HP NC6000 have varying degrees of this problem, manufacturers have also released a new BIOS for to solve.

Fourth, the screen shows that the layer of plastic paper can be torn off it?
This is the main purpose of the paper layer of plastic is placed in the shipping process and display the LCD screen is scratched or is dirty, and when you have to buy it back home after the mission of this layer of plastic sheet even if completed, usually pay attention to the habits that can, or you will face every day, and the screen less reflective screen will work, but also affects their appearance.

Fifth, how to clean the screen dirty?
If only the dust, you can first try blowing the dust swept along, and then use moist soft cloth, soft cloth to wring dry, otherwise the water may flow along the screen surface of the ignition coil to cause damage to the screen. Or if it is more difficult to remove oil stains can buy special cleaning agents remove the LCD screen, remember there is no quality assurance not to use detergent, or in which alcohol and other corrosive chemical composition of the screen will cause damage. There are now selling something called "3M Scotch-wipe off" the screen fabric, the use of roll-type dust collector surface can be involved in the dust on the screen cloth and will not appear in the common ash is generally how we all rub rub not clean the results.


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Sixth, why the collapse will be a sense of the four corners of the keyboard
This problem also exists in most notebook computers, resulting in collapse of the substrate due to the keyboard is too small number of fixed lead bolt, thus giving the hollow part of the four corners of the keyboard, press will have a sense of collapse. Of course, you do not have to worry about the keyboard you would press down.


Seven , why, when fans turn about in the boot no longer turn on?
As the temperature of notebook computers designed, so turn the fan will stop after the self-rotation, only when the machine reaches a certain temperature will speed up the rotation, which is why when you work for high load, such as playing high-rate video decoding, 3D games when the fan speed rotation of the reasons.

Eight, how to clean dirty keyboard?
Clean only with a keyboard that moist soft cloth, the dust on the substrate for the keyboard must be cleaned to remove the keycap eleven, as long as the keycap with a flathead screwdriver in the corner gently pry up one, keycap can be taken down, of course, action should be careful so as not to pry off the keycap or bracket.

9, the new batteries need to charge 12 hours like a mobile phone it?
Although the circuit design of the laptop sound than many mobile phones, but to make new cells that can be in a better state to work, the activation of the battery and calibration work or needs to be done.

Ten. Why is useless to use the battery power is also reduced?


LG PD420 Battery info:

Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
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