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Apple's Retina MacBook Pro at 15 inches and New iPad on the use of the same vector geometric scaling technology, although effective screen resolution up to 2880x1800, but the eyes of the user sees is still 15 inches 1440 × 900 resolution screen display, just pixels on the screen behind each visual physical pixels are made up of four components, while maintaining the same visual area of ??the screen at the same time take advantage of the high resolution screen fonts and to optimize the picture quality.


In order to solve ultra-high resolution screen display area brings problems, Apple also offers five different screen scaling configuration, the user can according to their own situation in the resolution and screen size on the freedom of choice. This five configurations are visually resolution 1024 × 640,1280 × 800,1440 × 900,1680 × 1050,1920 × 1200 (Best for Retina display option corresponds to the default 1440 × 900), select any one here kind of configuration would be appropriate desktop resolution, but behind the scenes, Apple always with 2880 × 1800 resolution for rendering.

In addition to the Mac system comes with software can be a good support for retina screen vector geometric scaling, but Apple also actively cooperate with third-party software companies introduced for retina screen app software, after a year of development, the daily common Mac software must Most have added support for retina screen. With increasingly sophisticated software, Apple Retina MacBook Pro will be getting a high practical value.


In addition to an outside body cap, the design of the palm rest, ORIGIN EON11-S uses ORIGIN EON11-S Battery the same metal material, processed through the drawing process, feel more comfortable. As a user-oriented high-end gaming notebook 11-inch large screen, ORIGIN EON11-S fuselage only configure common USB interface, RJ45 network interface, it also has the CATV port, you can connect the cable television home; optical sound product output can be connected to an external audio system to provide users.


Seen after Apple introduced the retina screen notebook, Windows camp notebook manufacturers will certainly not make it alone beauty. This year not only most of the deformation of ultra-pole with a 1080p full HD touch screen, but also appeared in 11 inches 2560 × 1440 resolution of the Dell XPS 11,13 inch 3200x1800 QHD + Samsung ATIV Q such quasi-retina models.


The overall design of the Toshiba Qosmio X70 with 8cell TOSHIBA Qosmio X70-A Battery similarity with its predecessor, the use of aluminum body, the top part also has a similar hidden lines snakeskin texture, feel and texture are very good. In addition, the X70, the Toshiba has "Qosmio" Logo Go to the bottom right corner from the center fuselage, looks more low-key. Open notebook, you can see the internal frameless keyboard design, the red backlight and the metal frame of the fuselage side echoes, showing a high-end feel. Side of the keyboard, it is a huge metal mesh speaker, power button is designed on the top right of the keyboard, and has a red LED backlighting. Toshiba Qosmio X70's overall dimensions are 419.1 * 271.7 * 30.4-43.1 mm and weighs 3.3 kg, compared to the Asus G750 games some of the more frivolous, while Dell Alienware 17 will have even greater.


Because the screen resolution is too high, the Samsung ATIV Q factory default display zoom ratio as high as 150%, so setting can effectively improve the high-pitch font and icon size down, but only if the WiN8 system comes with software. There are no third-party software on QHD + screen optimized vector geometric scaling, if you open WiN8 system geometric scaling model, then there will be a variety of third-party software blurred icons and fonts. If you do not open the geometric scaling function, the system fonts and icons too small, almost not work properly.


ORIGIN EON13-S with 6cell ORIGIN EON13-S Battery and 13.3 inches full HD display with a resolution of 1920 × 1080; put on display to accompany oh, 200-megapixel camera. ORIGIN EON13-S equipped with a full-size chocolate keyboard keycap larger spacing between, daily cleaning and maintenance is very convenient. While the right side of the keyboard with a small keyboard, games commonly used W \ A \ S \ D keys have been specifically identified out of the game for users to operate more convenient. But unfortunately, it's not the keyboard backlight.


Sogou browser such as third-party software at 150% zoom ratio will appear in the fonts and icons made false situation. If you turn off the system and then turn the zoom Sogou browser that comes with the zoom adjustment function, then it will become clear fonts and icons, but this time the browser tab bar becomes smaller, no matter how kind can not find a reasonable solution unless future software vendors can focus on optimizing the depth of this resolution.


I believe any player will be on the Toshiba Qosmio X75 with 8cell TOSHIBA Qosmio X75-A Battery gaming performance was coveted, it built a powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M graphics with 3GB of dedicated video memory, and supports Optimus technology, you can easily handle large-scale 3D games, can also be used in the usual integrated graphics reduce power consumption. In 3DMark 11 performance tests, the aircraft received a score of 4915, although higher than the average, but slightly lower than the Asus and Alienware 17 G750JX two models.


Although there are ultra-high resolution screen, but Apple notebook retina at this stage is still obvious advantages, optimizing the standard uniform, third-party software vendors to support fast, released a year earlier accumulated software advantage and so are not available in the Windows platform The. Once you lose at the starting line, the latter wants to catch up is not an easy task, Windows platform for ultra-high-definition screen laptop support long way to go.

In fact, everyone has their own idealized notebook configuration, the same screen resolution needs vary. No matter how you disgraced 1366x768, it is still the first choice at present most notebook users, only the needs of all users rose to new heights, laptop screen resolution appears truly improved. Here I will talk about their own favorite notebook ideal resolution, if you have different views, you can communicate with us in the comments.


In addition to the fuselage on both sides of the interface outside, ORIGIN EON15-S rear fuselage comes with HDMI, DVI digital video output interface, eliminating the VGA port, VGA port if the user needs to use it, you need to switch wiring. In the machine performance testing, we have the traditional PCmark, SYSmark test scores and other professional testing software-based, Potoshop, Excel and other applications testing, supplemented, as we show this 17-inch ORIGIN EON15-S with 8cell ORIGIN EON15-S Battery in the office and handle everyday applications Performance.


11 to 15 inches of the traditional business, ultra-pole (with touch screen) the ideal screen resolution, I believe that is 1600x900. Since such positioning products generally do not have high-performance notebook graphics card, but normal eyes from the screen when the user far, so coupled with a 1080p screen is not very necessary. Whether office or simple entertainment, 1600x900 resolution display offers good performance and impressive display, plus the touch material, it would not affect the normal use, ThinkPad X1 Carbon and ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Edition is representative of these notebooks.


Such new forms of deformation touch the tablet mode as much, so the most ideal screen resolution is 1080p Full HD. Such users will not buy too much emphasis on the notebook gaming performance, they will care about the adequacy of the fuselage thin, flat screen display mode and the touch experience is excellent. Sony Duo 13 is deformed over most of the representatives of such products.


Currently, 13 to 15-inch mainstream video of the remained mostly 1366x768 resolution, there are also some hot models with high score screen configuration, performance, and since independence was not very prominent, so this kind of video is the best resolution 1600x900, a GT 640M significant independence level of resolution can be higher in this cool special effects to play mainstream games, while the machine cost control, battery life, etc. is also more balanced. Dell 14R turbo is representative of the kind of mainstream audio and video.

Review summary: Indeed, with GTX580M the ORIGIN EON17-S with ORIGIN EON17-S Battery gaming performance is very good, the GPU score in 3Dmark second only crossfire thickness HD6970M, can in high quality under a variety of large-scale 3D games run smoothly for us bring fun gaming experience. But for such a big man gaming notebook, the battery life and portability is certainly nothing to look forward to. 3.8KG of body weight or without adapter; more than two hours of battery life, or in the office application under test. Of course, for the purchase of such high-end large-screen gaming notebook the users pay more attention to the gaming experience, so it will not care about this shortcoming.

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