Original SAMSUNG 200B 400B 600B Notebook Battery Using Tips

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Laptop battery by a shell, composed of circuit boards and batteries, are lithium-ion batteries. Generally they say the batteries means the number of batteries within the battery, mAh refers to the laptop SAMSUNG 200B Battery capacity.
Mainly by the protection circuit board (or the secondary protection circuit), and indicating circuit capacity of two parts, on the laptop battery charge and discharge and safety management.
Laptop battery standby time determined mainly by the mAh value. In general, the more the batteries, mAh larger the longer standby time. Laptop battery life is primarily measured by the charge and discharge times, the quality of qualified products are generally 500-600 times.

Before using the new SAMSUNG 400B Battery, Please read the SAMSUNG 600B battery maintain parts of the user manual carefully.
When charge your battery first time, Please fully charge 12 hours. The new battery need three times charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.Of course, all of the battery before each charge discharge is not necessary, but also harmful. Practice has proved that: the depth of discharge of the battery will shorten the battery life unnecessary,
If a long time (three weeks or longer) without using a laptop or find the battery charge/discharge time become shorter than before, You should fully discharg the battery before charging next time.

SAMSUNG 600B Battery Replacement in love-battery.com made from high quality Li-ion cells(Japan), though this Replacement SAMSUNG 600B Battery is not a original one, it is manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original brand manufacturer, you can rest assured to purchase.

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