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Looking back through 2012 in the first half of the PC industry, the only flat to describe all turnaround began in early June, the just-concluded Computex Taipei has almost become the new super pole this Windows8 special, Intel will be powered by the Ivy Bridge platform super pole this describe a truly new beginning for the PC. Memories 2011 Computex Taipei Intel first introduced the ultra-pole of this plan, the industry also came the voice of many doubt that imitate the plan of the MacBook Air really? Now it seems, no one will doubt that the ultra-pole of this strategy is correct, the industry focus on the super pole this will give the PC market, what kind of opportunity to change.

Ultra-pole of this really has become the 2012 most popular science and technology vocabulary, the meaning of its industry far more than the volume of "downsizing" as simple as proposed and to promote ultra-pole strategy, Intel hope that it will become the future of personal computing products contained, continues to its control of the PC market, to resist the threat posed by that brand. The past five years, that the whole world crazy about the brand, its subversion of the iPhone mobile phone industry pattern, introduced two years ago iPad tablet PC look bad object. Ultra-pole, this is now the face of pressing harder and harder, the members of the Wintel camp began brewing revenge, super this and Windows8 of is to reverse the most powerful weapons in the war situation, to be compared to warships set sail, the other Windows8 is expected that the war in October this year. At this point is like revenge on the eve, we first analyze the super pole this ship can become a super battleship firepower, to realize that PC revenge plan.


Medion X7817 adhering to the Medion tough, atmospheric style, while the integration of some elements of fashion. The roof of its black body with similar piano paint light and roof joined the angular arc-shaped design, with the center will be illuminated bat shape LOGO, the overall design of a low-key and full of personality.

Medion X7817 C surface using a plastic material, the surface with a similar brushed metal texture with piano painting surface of the top cover, solid feel and is similar to the carbon fiber, and feel comfortable playing the game, did not feel the heat.

We have seen the domineering appearance Erazer X7817, the following from the side to look at its expansion capabilities. Medion Erazer X7817 with 9cell MEDION Erazer X7817 Battery HM77 chipset motherboard, so the output port has been strengthened, with a 3 x USB 3.0 + 1 x USB 2.0 combination of the right side of USB2.0 is just used to connect the mouse low-speed device. The larger aircraft, the rear of the fuselage, some do not often plug the interface were arranged, such as power supply, RJ45 network port, eSATA and HDMI, etc.. Overall, Medion Erazer X7817 expansion of competence.

The interface spacing test, two USB3.0 interface the Medion Erazer X7817 connected on the left side spacing is narrow, the two larger U-disk can not be plugged in to, it is recommended to buy a thin product. That we do not find the eSATA device (this interface is facing the dilemma has been replaced by the USB3.0) back insert only three joints very loose.


In the whole experience, the NE equipped with 15.6-inch glare-ray full HD display, can mention the excellent display; adequate interface settings to meet our daily needs. But unfortunately, NE keyboard backlight, and battery life is relatively short. However, the new generation of 15-inch notebook of view, Packard Bell1 NE compared with competitiveness.

Ivy Bridge processor platform, Intel introduced the Packard Bell its EasyNote series notebook upgrade, the introduction of the NE Special Edition notebook. Turbo Chinese interpreter for the turbo, Turbo meaning in the Intel "regular overclocking technology: Intel Turbo Boost Technology, said a comprehensive upgrade of the appearance and performance of the part number suffix as a notebook of Packard Bell EasyNoteEasyNote NE, on behalf of a very speed of performance.

Earlier, we had the appearance of this notebook, the actual gaming performance is introduced. This configuration the new IVB i7 + Kepler GT640M alone significantly, advertised speed performance of the notebook to the face of how the performance of large-scale testing software? After all, true and accurate data to be more convincing, Let us together look. Known as the enhanced version, to be known as the blistering performance, Packard Bell, EasyNoteEasyNote NE hardware configuration must be perfect, we look at its specific parameters.

Packard Bell EasyNote NE battery version of the brand new Intel third generation of cool wisdom can i7 - 3612QM processor, the default clocked at 2.1GHz, 22nm manufacturing process, support TurboBoost2.0 technology, can Turbo accelerates to 3.1GHz (compared to i7 3610QM low0.2GHz, and power consumption from 45W down to 35W), the first TDP 35W high-end quad-core i7 processor, a higher EER previous generations of products. In addition to using the new platform HM77 chipset, 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, and the new 28nm process Kepler architecture GT 640M discrete graphics and 1TB capacity Western Digital hard drive, I believe a very good performance in office performance .

Packard Bell EasyNote NE is the latest Ivy Bridge processor, so CINEBENCH and SYSMark performance is very advantageous, CINEBENCH basic and previous generations of high-end i7 2820QM about. Another point worth mentioning i7 - 3612QM mantissa than the i7 3610QM, but the frequency is lower, because the i7 3612QM first 35W TDP i7 quad-core processor, clocked and Turbo frequency than the i7 3610QM low 0.2GHz . Overall performance of the Ivy, Bridge, i7 platform is very powerful, SYSMark results leading to average 72 points, almost over 50%.

Entertainment in this life time is generally about four hours, Packard Bell EasyNote NE using a 48Wh lithium batteries, but the Mobile life time achievement to 4 hours and 35 minutes to see when traveling to high-definition large enough.

If the GT 640M LE as a vest card, then the Packard Bell1 NE GT 640M, but the real deal 28nm Kepler architecture with significant independence. The following are the core parameters of NVIDIA 600M series, you can see the GT 640M and GT 650M is just different frequencies, almost the same specifications.

The results of previous professional testing software, we can see the Packard Bell EasyNote NE is a focus on the overall performance 3DMarkVantage tests, or focus on processor performance CINEBENCH test, focusing on graphics performance in the 3DMark11 test, or focus on office performance of SYSMark test, have a very good performance does not blistering performance advertised.

Released Ivy Bridge platform with Intel, Dell has introduced the fastest third-generation Core processor The EasyNote the NE is turbo English, meaning for the "instantaneous speed". New EasyNote NE-Series notebook with a 6cell 48Wh PACKARD BELL AS10D31 Battery positioned 25-30 year old college student and scope of student population, a series of strong performance, focusing on Entertainment experience. In the field of consumer notebook, Dell and Lenovo, the competition has been going on for a long time, the association y became synonymous with sturdy. Dell The EasyNote NE born, will change the pattern of high-end gaming laptop market, because in addition to first-mover advantage, it has a lot of bright spots:

Not just the body shell, the design of the entire keyboard surface of the NV56R did not any changes, is still the familiar 82-key keyboard with a small keyboard, large palm rest surface with class skin coating, the overall feeling or as comfortable.

In addition to the unique designs, the Gateway is another iconic design is dazzling and colorful keyboard backlight AlienFX system lighting technology, providing up to 512 trillion kinds of unique combination of lighting, we can choose, with a unique lighting effects, highlighting the unique personality of the user.

Due to the relatively large body gateway NV56R provide volume adjustment, flip up and down, pop-up CD-ROM, wireless switch, a wealth of shortcuts. These shortcuts are integrated with the keyboard above the border, but does not support touch functionality needed to use Press down firmly, the experience is not very good. Interface settings NV56R not only provides four USB3.0 interface, an e-SATA interface and RJ45 network interface, VGA interface, but also offers a mini DisplayPort interface, and HDMI 1.4 output port can be connected to a variety of external equipment in order to get more visual effects.
The the NV56R configuration HDMI 1.3 input port at the same time, NV56R display can be used as an independent monitor via HDMI cable to connect digital cameras and other equipment to show the image of the output of the connected devices on display in NV56R.

NV56R the bottom cover is very easy to disassemble, simply unscrew the four screws of the battery below, you can remove the bottom of the baffle. After opening of the bezel, you can see, NV56R set up three cooling fans on this side provides two memory slots, as well as a very unique drive bays, it can accommodate up to three standard 2.5-inch notebook hard drive and NV56R with GATEWAY NV56R Battery three SATA hard disk interface.

Still Gateway NV56R roof the main magnesium alloy materials to create the surface after the anodic alumina Process, can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy to improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloy, so NV56R roof surface can be a long time Keep the bright lights of state.

In body size and weight, NV56R can claim to be the heaviest notebook a 15-inch large screen and high hardware configuration, the body size of it reached 436 × 322 × 53 ~ 54.7mm bare metal Weight 5.81kg, plus adapter travel weight of 7.32kg For most users, NV56R and not suitable for regular carry more cases on the home or office NV56R.

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