PACKARD BELL EasyNote LV44 Battery and LENOVO L12S4Z01 Battery

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The mechanical hard low-cost, but also have some problems in the mechanical hard. Enhance the mechanical hard disk read and write speed in general there are two ways. First, to enhance the storage density of the magnetic medium, and the second is to increase the rotational speed of the motor. However, based on today's technology, has been close to the physical bottleneck, while improving the two technical indicators also have limitations. Too dense storage density will increase the seek time, while excessive motor speed will make the hard-power greater insecurity and instability is also higher. Therefore, the solid-state hard drive is relatively traditional mechanical hard there are still a lot of advantages, but also become the first choice of the other high-end business notebook.


First, we SSDs advantages and disadvantages are listed here, then we will analyze the view of these advantages and disadvantages are not necessarily completely correct, we are left to be discussed later.


PACKARD BELL EasyNote LV44 series with a 9cell PACKARD BELL EasyNote LV44 Battery has been a professional business in this model, the body of the business design are the characteristics of the business capacity of the machine is outstanding. Today to give us a PACKARD BELL EasyNote's detailed evaluation of the high-end business model LV44.


SAMSUNG N series is a classic product of the brand positioning of the products main for the entry-level business notebook field. In addition to the excellent value for money, the N Series appearance and traditional obvious difference N series more rounded corners, silver waist it to have vitality. I introduce today is equipped with Trinity platform, targeted at the entry-level business of the N100S notebook.


I got this N100S notebook uses the latest AMD Trinity platform, A10-4600M processor, comes standard with 2GB memory and 500GB hard drive. The display area is equipped with the AMD Radeon HD 7470M + AMD Radeon HD 7660G, with 1GB memory. The overall performance is basically to meet the user's day-to-day office needs.


Then I put the evaluation of this N100S with 6cell SAMSUNG N100S Battery dedicated to everyone, if you are looking for a excellent workmanship and the strong performance of the business of the following must be all your help. From the configuration point of view, this N100S equipped with a brand new Trinity platform processor, but it still belongs to the entry-level business of the overall performance.


P / E is a complete write, because of the solid-state drive vendors will undertake one of the largest full write the number, it also allows many consumers to think that the life of the SSDs will be very short. Most people think that referred to a P / E write file erasure, so think very large download for hard disk read and write capabilities loss. In fact, a complete P / E refers to the actual capacity of the product the same amount of data written to considered consumption of 1/3000 or 1/5000 of the restrictions, for example, a 64GB SSD, 64GB capacity to write considered P / E consumption.

S series is a the IdeaPad family in the classic series, the series of models market positioning for the entry-level business notebook field. In addition to the concern cost-effective compared to the traditional black boxy IdeaPad design EdgS series modeling corner relatively mellow, the edge of the screen at the same time position also increased silver trim. Stubborn styling makes everyone used to seeing with a trace of younger vitality.


Lenovo IdeaPad S405 with a 4cell LENOVO L12S4Z01 Battery is a new APU platform this year, to maintain the appearance of the style of the S series, the aircraft most of the design follows this year's new products. The machine uses a 15.6-inch 1366 × 768 resolution matte screen, can effectively mitigate the impact of the reflective work, qualified business this supposed with a matte screen.

The master of the official nominal total write life = disc capacity * PE number / write amplification factor, write amplification factor is the need to write a 10GB HD movie capacity = hard disk actually written an equal to 10GB of data capacity , solid state drive with mechanical hard disk write difference is: you must first erase an index file, then the write operation, mechanical hard disk directly covered.


It seems a P / E maximum nominal value of 5000 solid state drive, 20GB of average daily written words, with 3 to 5 years should be no problem. For 5000 this value is not said that 5000, the solid state drive as soon as damage. A veteran foreign media evaluation staff on a variety of solid-state hard durability tests found, SSDs are still strong, even if to a maximum nominal number. In fact, there are many security aspects, there may be physical damage, there is a logical corruption of data. The presence of mechanical hard disk read-write head and the platter may contact problems running suddenly encountered a power failure or shock may damage. Solid state drive in this regard due to the advantage of the physical structure does not exist in this area.

The N100S with  high capacity SAMSUNG NP-N100SP Battery songce before the E430 uses the same mold, black classic painting still exist. The shell is made of ABS plastic top cover for matte texture skin painting, although this design is less than the metal material hardness and ductility, but the N100S work or people felt at ease. Flip the fuselage, we take a look at the back of the fuselage of the N100S figure this to provide users with a lot of thermal windows, mainly on the back of the fuselage removable baffle. Author excellent cooling effect in the normal use of the machine, no heat. In the process of playing the mini-game, the left side of the fuselage and the rear side of the outlet obvious special case, the outstanding performance of the rest.

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