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EasyNote ME69BMP exterior design looks basically the same before , is still familiar to us all- black body, the use of carbon fiber shell, press down on the top cover deformation even from the middle of the screen is very small , on the screen, play a very good protection . Although EasyNote ME69BMP with basically the same style of its predecessor , but for promotion Ultrabook , EasyNote ME69BMP than the previous generation section 69B in the mold design changes were relatively large , this figure can be seen from the above , EasyNote ME69BMP use sunken reprint , the fuselage did not set any interface, while the use of traditional shaft 69B , arranged a dense body back lot interface.


Of course, even into the sunken shaft , EasyNote ME69BMP maximum opening angle of the screen can still reach 180 °, providing a richer space for us to adjust , and the use of metal hinges , the continuation of the EasyNote rugged tradition. Go to the fuselage underside , EasyNote ME69BMP with PACKARD BELL EasyNote ME69BMP Battery canceled the docking interface, providing a removable battery design , set aside two drainage holes , it is the type of place with the drainage spill-resistant keyboard to use when we accidentally spilled water on the keyboard after water discharged from the bottom drainage holes through the diversion channel below the keyboard , thus avoiding the water directly into the interior of the whole body hurt .

Silver-white face make HP ProBook 650 C business this looks more texture, but also in line with business people calm and low-key style . From the shortcut keys, power switch and setting position of the speakers , HP still maintained the previous traditional style , the same is also reflected in the shape of a button , which is also in line with the actual needs of the business .


Chocolate keyboard prevalent today, HP ProBook 650 can not help but " vulgar" a handful , matte texture keycaps and nothing special , when in actual use keys feel quite good, but the key process shorter some discomfort, of course, this is also a feeling individual. For business this , the integrated touchpad is not an improvement, but simple and practical is the best , HP ProBook split touchpad 650 with HP ProBook 650 Battery in very handy to use , whether it is to locate the keys are still reactive aspects very good. In the bottom right of the keyboard , we can also see the fingerprint module , for business notebooks, data security is very important, but it's there just to solve this problem.


As a position in the business office notebooks , HP ProBook 650 also has a wealth of configuration interfaces , can in turn be seen on the left side of the fuselage power connector , VGA, RJ45, HDMI and two USB3.0 interface , and we can see on the right side of the fuselage headphone jack, microphone jack , two USB2.0 ports , DVD burner, and a safety lock, the front left side is also provided with an SD card reader, this is quite interface settings rich, but for those who are described as ranging business office .

On the whole , EasyNote ME69BMP with PACKARD BELL AL13C32 Battery work material is quite good, the product quality is higher than the general consumer notebook , plus a full range of interfaces, mainstream performance , comfortable keyboard experience and relatively lightweight body is relatively high quality requirements of the notebook choice for business people , but also worth considering when purchasing business models.

We use Furmark pager software for HP ProBook 650 for stress testing , Furmark will heat the whole of the two components up and running full CPU and graphics card to run 60 minutes after the meeting to a height limit of the temperature , in order so that we can be more intuitive the heat dissipation seen each machine at run time , we also used the FLUKE infrared thermal imager, the temperature of each position were observed warming situation .


HP ProBook 650 with HP ProBook 650 G1 Battery is equipped with a AMD Radeon HD 8750M graphics card, so in the case of cooling heat limit is quite large, from the perspective of the performance of the keyboard area , concentrated in the lower left area of ​​the heat source , the maximum temperature reached 45 ℃, Although there is no product teardown , but we can boldly predict that under this part alone significantly and CPU heat brought .


I personally believe it , " one key recovery " is the most intimate TOSHIBA laptop , practical , practical a design , although many brands of notebook computers have System Restore feature , of course, Windows also provides a system restore, system recovery and other functions, but are not TOSHIBA notebook "key recovery " is more convenient, it set up a special recovery button , as shown in an interface similar to the next round in the power button on the headset icon , click in the off state can choose to enter into the system recovery program , the clear and concise procedures , even white computer system recovery can be achieved . A key recovery allows users to restore the system to the factory state, you can enjoy the services provided by genuine Windows operating system , eliminating the need to install the system yourself searching to download the driver software troubles, is really very convenient feature .


As a thin and light notebook both audio and video entertainment products , TOSHIBA Portege Z30 audience is more home-based entertainment user with 6cell TOSHIBA Portege Z30-A Battery , you can usually use it to watch movies , play games, can also be used for simple home office , so it using a biased home interface design . You can see it retained the more traditional VGA video interface , RJ-45 wired network interface and DVD drive, in addition to the USB interface and HDMI video output interface.

From the whole back of the heat map view, the heat is concentrated in the right area , we can also be seen on the map roughly to the heat pipe , the maximum temperature in the vicinity of thermal windows , reaching 48.1 ℃, and the temperature performance of other parts of the fairly good. In order to cater to the new Windows 8 operating system, we also tested for endurance software has been upgraded , the new MobileMark 2012 software used in the test , compared with the previous version made ​​a lot of upgrades. For example, Microsoft Office update to Office 2010 version , in addition , MobileMark 2007 updated version of the software based on the number of users has also increased the software frequently used as a test load , such as : Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Microsoft Project , and so on .


Compared to the previous version of the test software , MobileMark 2012 test environment requiring relatively improved, the test must be repeated until the system , but should also be reasonable to install the driver side, otherwise there will be a variety of problems . HP ProBook 650 uses a 47Wh lithium- ion battery, through a new version of MobileMark test, we can see that the HP ProBook 650 life time of 239 minutes , equivalent to about four hours down there , the efficiency of the performance of 121 is pretty good value .


HP ProBook 650 with HP CA06XL Battery business notebook uses the latest generation of Intel's Haswell platform i5-4200M processor , this processor is not common in the evaluation machine speeds up to 2.5GHz, from the SYSmark 2012 test scores of view , this treatment the performance is very good , but it also integrates the Intel HD Graphics 4600 graphics card, plus are equipped with the AMD Radeon HD 8750M alone significantly higher level on the display so that the performance , in addition also has 4GB DDR3 memory and 500GB HDD combination of mechanical hard drive .

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