Prolong 83Wh / 9Cell MSI BTY-S14 BTY-S15 Battery Using Life

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    Here to explain the so-called Gas Gauge Operation. If you are beginning to see the information, pretty nerve-racking for it. In fact, it plainly, the principle is simple. Gas Gauge Operation main purpose is to measure the power (how much power the battery up to full FCC, and now how much power is left for RM). From simple start, MSI BTY-S14 Battery  voltage measurement simple bar. Core series with a few energy-saving, easy to measure not only the total voltage, you can simply measure the voltage of each power-saving core. So you can very simply that the battery is overvoltage, and undervoltage or a. Temperature measurement is also very simple, because the thermistor resistance with temperature change is regular, with a thermistor to know whether the high temperature, or temperature is low. Current measurement you think complex?

    If Reformed question, Gas Gauge Operation primarily for MSI BTY-S15 Battery measurement services. A small precision resistor and battery in series with, as long as the battery, on which there are drop, drop to drop on that is positive or negative, will know that there is a charge or discharge. Continued integration of this signal if it is not able to calculate the power consumption? VFC does not know is how to measure electricity consumption, then there is time to go into it later, but can imagine, our family is also the meter does not measure how much electricity you use it?

    so that control circuit record, bringing them closer to the actual situation of the battery, which is a manifestation of the true capacity of the battery operation rather than enhance the capacity of key factors here is the actual capacity of the battery if the battery's actual capacity than the control circuit is higher volume record.

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