Protect 4800mAh / 6Cell ASUS N60 N80 N81 Battery Good Tips

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    Instead, things like phone number, or the battery quality problems in the final analysis, a large number of poor assembly of mobile phone batteries, and notebook computers almost never sell ASUS N60 Battery, because no other models have a large to merit produce compatible battery.

    Undeniable bq2040 for a long period of time is a very representative chip, he has a gas gauge chip based model. It is also because of the success of 1414 and 8254, bq2040 even lasted until the ship is still in bulk.
    bq2060 using the ssop 28pin package, relative to the bq2040, an increase of 12 pin. First, an increase of single cell voltage of the pack in the detection, provided the temperature of the test can pack.

    The reason to charge less than after 99% 100%, often because ASUS N80 Battery control circuit of the records and the deviation of the state of the battery itself, the battery has not reached a record of the voltage control circuit, so power-control circuit has been charged from fixed power.

     Meanwhile, in order to reduce power consumption, using cvon Pin to control the distribution of a mos to detect the time, does not detect when the relevant section on the temporary detection channel (probably around 30uA power consumption can be reduced).

     in fact, ASUS N81 Battery  have been filled, the problem can usually be resolved through correction, but if not corrected nor anything to do, because most of the charging circuit Duhui can not fill in automatically after a long break, and even automatically record Dangqian smart refresh 99% of 100 %, even a fool has been non-stop design, but also because the current is very small at this time without causing harm.


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