Protect Circuit Board of ASUS K72JK K72JR Battery

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     Most of the battery when you can not directly measure the voltage of the battery interfaces, while some cells do not receive less than the computer you are measuring voltage, that is, the battery did not open, such as COMPAQ Evo Series.
To explain the Capacity Relearn.
    In fact, the battery relearn-cycle or Conditioning-cycle are the charge and discharge process, Calibration is the process of charging and discharging. This process is as follows:
1. First ASUS K72JK Battery is full.
2. Discharge had finished (this process can not have charging)
3. And then full power.
    Capacity Relearn is to redefine the FCC. Since the end of the process 1, BQ2060 the DCR `reset to 0, in the course of 2 DCR increased from 0, when the discharge end of the update with the DCR FCC. In BQ2060 the DATASHEEET will be a little more difficult to understand this process, and BQ2050 in a little more clearly.
In the "Knowledge Series Notebook Battery 1" said: most of the battery power detection and protection, only two parts, such as the HP f4486, HP f4496, IBM T20, HP f2019, FUJITSU-SIEMENS BP-8050, etc.; some of the battery will charge device is also built into the battery inside, such as COMPAQ N Series is so much battery. ASUS K72JR Battery charger that is not natural to add a charger part of the notebook; while the battery charger, notebook power management part of the much simpler, less the charge of this main.

   To the body of water laptop back light as possible, find a soft wet towel or soft cloth to gently wipe away the sludge, and to avoid the worn surface. The so-called correction, is when the battery's actual capacity and the control circuit is not the same as the record of capacity when the battery charge and discharge a depth of operation.

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