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Laptop parallel approach to identify hazards

 Regular sales of goods, the industry called the mainstream. For the mainstream, of course there is no support for driver and service problems, and licensed local agents often get various incentives such as special gifts, localization of software, but the parallel does not exist these concessions, just by simple The price advantage to attract users and buyers. Therefore, the strength of the parallel business will provide the Chinese version of the machine-made operating system drivers or recovery disk, of course, you may have to pay the additional costs and suffer poor self-recovery disc production.
Hazards parallel Benq laptop




 parallel really cheap. First, the operator of the stock parallel with a lot of risk, the risk is no doubt they will turn the head frame to the end user to ensure their own profit, parallel imports of "low" mainly because the country escape propaganda system to create services tax and the cost of parallel imports is not open value-added tax invoices, to open will pay 17% VAT! Of course, some small companies are given tax, the tax paid as little as 4% can be opened to ordinary invoices. Parallel is difficult to guarantee, far greater than the cost of licensed late. Comprehensive look at the total value of products, parallel imports are not taking too much advantage.

Parallel market of Haier notebook computers in the traditional sense is no longer came through the smuggling of fake and shoddy products, a large part of the official manufacturers for products outside China, so some users will have no parallel with the regular products, too big difference between ideas. But in fact the harm caused by parallel imports is late onset.

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