Replacement 48Wh / 6Cell ASUS N71JA N71JV N71VN Battery

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     Accumulation of dust, the available small brush to clean the cracks, or use the camera lens is usually in the high-pressure jet cleaning tank, the dust blowing, or use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris on the keyboard.

     if you use ASUS N71JA Battery is frequently, then you should compare the battery discharge to the low (about 10 ~ 15%), recharge, but even if the discharge to the machines they can not (0 ~ 1%).

    There are the more popular chips M37516 + 4494, this program primitive, M37516 is a common MCU, in fact with the PIC, AVR MCU can be replaced so many, it is characterized by a A / D, PWM, I2C interfaces. Write programs in the M37516, achieving BQ2060 features a naturally can not BQ2060. Of course, writing programs to achieve with the M37516 is certainly not easy to use dedicated chips.
ASUS N71JV Battery can be used M37516 SBS V1.1-Campliant, you can not.
    A lot of battery used both PIC, then use the BQ2060, or BQ2083 / 5 and so on, which most manufacturers trick. If it is using SMBUS interface, it can dispense with PIC's.
    There are a battery decryption problem, that unseal the problem, BQ2060 because the external EEPROM, so unseal always realized, although too much trouble, but always possible, but BQ2083/4/5 is almost impossible, unless you know the factory settings The unseal password, otherwise use the enumeration method to write programs to decrypt a ASUS N71VN Battery to a small year. Many OEM battery manufacturers will want to rewrite the rewrite data on the battery to charge a new earth to buy.

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