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SAMSUNG is the first batch launch of the super pole the vendors, its high-end ultra-pole of this NP300E series very well, became the lightest weight, with an average thickness of the thinnest, most complete interface configuration super pole is the first batch of ultra-extremely in a model.

To 2012, with the launch of the third generation of Intel Core Duo processor, next-generation processor, the super pole of this large number of listed, SAMSUNG super pole the leader will be released equipped with third-generation Core processors Product - 300E5C.Unlike the NP series of high-end positioning, the SAMSUNG Series notebook is closer to the ordinary user of the laptop, its market price is relatively reasonable, the whole design is more rounded, like this test 300E5C Jingdong price of 6499 yuan. 3000 ~ 4000 yuan cheaper than SAMSUNG 300E design is also a continuation of a series of rounded and smooth lines.

This year SAMSUNG series includes a lot of bright colors of the notebook, but 300E5C still relatively sedate silver body, the roof surface with a metal brushed texture, with the simple shape design, it seems to have a relatively strong business atmosphere.Perhaps it is because the first batch of 13-inch ultra-pole products, so we think that the ultra-pole of this should be a 13-inch products. But in fact the Intel ultra-pole this size is not constrained, it only provides ultra-pole of this thickness (13-inch is not greater than 18mm, 14-inch product is not greater than 21mm), as we previously tested ENVY 4, M5-481, such as ultra pole this is equipped with a 14-inch 1366 × 768 resolution glossy display, the SAMSUNG 300E5C the same way, only the thickness of the ultra-pole of this LCD panel than the average notebook slim.

21mm body thickness and 1.7kg weight of logic to the SAMSUNG 300E5C 30 percent thinner than the ordinary 14-inch notebook thickness, light weight, 30%, to carry out more light, but super SAMSUNG flagship pole the NP300E is also a big gap .This, like with most ultra-pole, SAMSUNG 300E5C and SAMSUNG 300E5C Battery also selected the popular chocolate keyboard, and with a backlight function, we can pass on the keyboard Fn + Z manual on / off the keyboard backlight. The use of touch, body thickness, 300E5C keyboard thickness thinner than ordinary chocolate keyboard, making it the keyboard key way shorter than the average chocolate keyboard, to a certain extent affected the use of comfort.


SAMSUNG 300E5C equipped with a 500GB 7200 RPM mechanical hard drives, we see from the screenshot of the test results, this drive average transfer rate is 82.9MB / s maximum transfer rate of 108.3MB / s, while the lowest transfer rate is 48.1MB / s overall performance is relatively normal. Next is the test of the cooling capacity, in accordance with the practices we have adopted a the FurMark software to make this machine run in the high load state. After close to an hour, the processor temperature to rise to 73 ℃, graphics only 69 ℃, we do not think of a single sensor temperature from the point of view, for this this, so the cooling efficiency is very good.

And then we passed the thermometer on the surface temperature of test, the results obtained is also very surprising, the surface of B and C surface temperature is mostly only succeed 30 ° C, cooling performance is very good for a business this is, so The heat can guarantee more stable long-running machine. D surface, we see the location of the outlet temperature reached 42.3 ° C, the temperature of other parts of the same at about 30 ℃, but if you do not see the design of outlet in the bottom of this problem, then, from the mobility 300E5C not it will fit on the lap use.

NP300E5C series is the the SAMSUNG latest products, a series of audio and video entertainment applications, a new user experience on the big screen movies and games. The notebook has been updated to the latest Ivy Bridge platform, shelves and Jingdong Mall, some user feedback on the attention of this notebook is much higher than we can imagine, cost-effective in this series advantage.

SAMSUNG in this year's action, the re-division of its product line. In all non-frivolous series, X series targeted at students and entry-level users, using the previous generation platform, affordable price and good enough performance; N series to continue guarding the high-end, high-performance performance and excellent The mold design is the biggest selling point, today's evaluation of the R series is targeted at the mainstream user groups, it is worth mentioning that the two models (NP300E5C and R400V) is SAMSUNG exclusive custom Jingdong Mall, which means that series in the other channels will be difficult to buy.

From Jingdong bid on, NP300E5C with SAMSUNG NP300E5C battery models of two different configurations of the Core i5 and i7 processors in the sale of take-off from the Core i5 is the practice of many manufacturers this year. Core i5 R500XI321VD-SL Price 5299 yuan, configuration, higher R500XI361VM-SL offer for 6499 yuan, the main competitor for Acer V3-571G Series.


Notebook computer this portable portable computer, the biggest beneficiaries is undoubtedly the office people, they can be anywhere office, eliminating the need for a lot of unnecessary trouble. Almost every major notebook brand has a focus on the business of this series, just as we are familiar with the SAMSUNG series is the business of its series, after years of continuous update product, this series is widely praised by business people.

With the advent of the new platform, Ivy Bridge, SAMSUNG series also ushered in the latest generation of business notebooks, today I want to introduce the latest SAMSUNG NP300E4C a system equipped with a third-generation Core i5-3210M, the AMD Radeon HD 7650M discrete graphics, 4GB of RAM, 640GB hard drive 14-inch business notebook, following a detailed evaluation of the content.

SAMSUNG NP300E4C gives the overall feeling is very tough, simple and generous top cover and keyboard surface is silver metal material, wear, and without leaving any fingerprints, easy to clean, these are a good business in this indispensable.

SAMSUNG NP300E4C front-end body thickness of 30mm, but the special structure of the battery, causing it behind a "big ass" thick body later, the "big ass" role, we will be mentioned later.

Body weight, because the the SAMSUNG NP300E4C using a metal material, so in the business of this which belong to a heavier class of bare metal re-2.455Kg Travel weight 2.97Kg, go out to carry the backpack is recommended. The SAMSUNG NP300E4C equipped with 14-inch matte anti-glare display, 1366 x 768 notebook mainstream resolution, body length wide, 339 × 241mm, slightly larger than the average 14-inch notebook.

The SAMSUNG NP300E4C the SAMSUNG NP300E4C Battery design, simple elegant button is now more common, island-style chiclet keyboard, the keyboard feels good, good resilience. In the upper right corner of the keyboard there are two shortcut keys, are a key to access and wifi switch. Because the battery design, making the machine overall tilt forward on the table, which makes the user more convenient to use, and long typing will not feel tired.

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