SAMSUNG 350E NP350E7C Battery vs SAMSUNG 355E NP355E5C NP355E7C Battery

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The Samsung 350E is a very good design and workmanship flagship notebook we first saw this product when you can not help but exclaim "really like the Macbook Pro", and then we also out a two product comparison test, many users may think Samsung laptop compared to Apple or an order of magnitude difference. However, the gap can be understood, if aware of the gap and continue to optimize the sound, then this product is well worth encouraging. Another today ushered in the evaluation room 350E - Samsung 350E


310E and 350E's appearance is almost exactly the same, showing the two is really the same strain. There is a saying 350E Samsung's overseas models in the 310E after in the domestic market, 350E subsequently can buy overseas international market. 350E the appearance does not change, but many details of the fuselage Que Shibi 310E more carefully. 350E also hardware upgrade to the latest intel IVB processor alone significantly "Kepler" architecture, performance times. So this time we talk about with Macbook distinction, only look at 350E with SAMSUNG NP350E7C Battery of the details of the upgrade.


Samsung the 350E manufacturing process although not one cut to shape, but the all-metal material and wire drawing process still has full texture and feel of this primary color of the aluminum-magnesium alloy, the visual sense or stout are top class, although not anodized aluminum sparkle of light and shadow, but it has a low-key aesthetic feeling. The fuselage corners rounded lines, the sunken shaft with the mainstream, and has streamlined smooth visual feel. Still maintained in the body work on the generation 310E fine and compact, it can be said that if you do not open the screen just look at the appearance of it is difficult to distinguish between the two products.

The Samsung 350E roof surface a Samsung "SAMSUNG" logo, metal logo embossed on top of the cover, the cover does not look too monotonous. 350E with 9cell SAMSUNG 350E Battery top cover brushed metal color close to the silver-white, not easily contaminated with fingerprints and stains use. Samsung 350E still continuation of this series of products features stuffed into the 15-inch screen of 14-inch fuselage. Screen size there is no change, contraction border, make a greater visual impact, memorable visual experience.

Following the 310E and 350E, 3 Series commercial ultra-pole of this product line has added a new members - SAMSUNG 355E. Its market strategy is similar to the 7 Series flagship four deformation attitude of, but said SAMSUNG7 Series this deformation, flip, touch on one of the products so that everyone shines, the protagonist of today SAMSUNG 355E will let you The feeling of deja vu, because of its use of forms is extremely close before the 3 Series Tablet Series products.

3 Series calendar has a long history, from the 305E, 3 Series basically shows us the final design style, today, with the release of the Windows operating system, the touch interface to create a new interactive experience, and comprehensive update of mobile computing platforms will also have the touch and deformation features, SAMSUNG 355E "gesture" to the most mature debut, a preliminary look at some of the same old stuff the suspect, but think carefully to minimize the risk covered by the so-called "deformation" At the same time, it also does not blindly copy the previous design, but cautious innovation has its own unique style.


The same as the 7 Series publicity, SAMSUNG 355E with SAMSUNG NP355E5C Battery flagship four usage patterns, respectively, standing of mode, tents and Tablet PC mode for notebook mode. Different, as independent innovation products, the 7-Series 360-degree rotating screen is more in line with the consumer market positioning, as compared to more bias commercial SAMSUNG 355E continuation of the overall design line.


S230u part of the 3 Series Edge family S Series elite version of the product line, from the body of the elite version of the S series, we can easily find the SAMSUNG compared to its E series products have great hope, the other in the low-end positioning, S series with the higher cost of aluminum-magnesium alloy, weight greatly reduced, the body is more compact, to further reduce the volume. With the rapid development of IT consumerization ", particularly as 80 after becoming corporate backbone period, more and more young people want to use, and will carry the product to the workplace, rather than the large-scale deployment of the IT department products. Like "business casual" style of wearing a jacket but no tie, black lunch box and different from before.


This article I will commence four usage patterns for SAMSUNG 355E explanation, before this we first came to know about this new product. Mocha Black color, strong series magnesium alloy body, class skin coating, texture chrome frame, rounded corners ... all so familiar with the overall view, SAMSUNG 355E with 7800mAh SAMSUNG 355E Battery still followed before the S-series design style , its charm of the market position of the business can survive. (By the query SAMSUNG official website that of its the "charm Commerce positioning, to break through the 3 Series has always been black limitations, let S aesthetic thinking to integrate to the classic technology.)


SAMSUNG 355E body, matte non-glare screen has disappeared, replaced by unbounded Diamond screen is understandable because the touch panel must choose glass design, seamlessly integrated over design so I SAMSUNG to popular Tablet PC, but SAMSUNG 355E additional anti-glare technology, with the light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness, users do not have to worry about the use of reflective impact.


Terms of portability, because living in this ultra-extreme ranks SAMSUNG 355E must abide by the rules of the Intel after the actual test, we can see the rotating screen design does not create difficulties for the 5 Series (S220 in fact, before the body thickness, and weight has been in line with the norms of the ultra-extreme), and with a 65W smaller power adapter is also easier to carry around.


Notebook mode is the most common laptop style, we are most familiar notes of the opening and closing of state, is the most common mode of all office. Under this model, SAMSUNG 355E with 9cell SAMSUNG NP355E7C Battery as the most common over most of this can generally bear heavy tasks. At the same time, SAMSUNG 355E also has a horizontal, vertical dual axis design, the user can freely adjust the screen angle during use, but it needs to be noted that the longitudinal adjustment of the screen only in accordance with the clockwise direction (shaft near labeled) friends can adapt quickly used 3 Series, the initial user needs to habit. Moderate and relatively solid two-way screen axis damping.

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