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Samsung 5 series has always been a model of quasi-business in this, the business design of the body are a spectacle. And ThinkPad, Latitude also has distinct characteristics, but also constantly self-improvement and evolution at the same time there are certain advantages in price. Today to give us Samsung5 series of small, portable 550P detailed evaluation.

Specific configuration for this to send the measure of the 550P Intel SNB i5 2520M processor, 4GB of DDR3 1333 speed memory, 320GB 7200 RPM mechanical hard drive, Intel HD Graphics 3000 core graphics cards, configuration is very mainstream, I believe the new models equipped with IVB platform will soon meet and consumers.


550P robustness and wear resistance of high brushed anodized aluminum top and corners reinforced magnesium alloy design, can effectively prevent the fingerprint left in the body surface. SAMSUNG logo design round in the center of the carbon black roof, while the body is used around the circle silver border dotted, this design also makes the business-based 550P a little more fashion sense.


The business of this body design is relatively thick, in the extended interface with than the average notebook to be rich. 550P battery compartment on the bottom of the concave design, so the body back-end can be placed in some of the large size of the interface. 550P fuselage back-end set of RJ-45, keyhole, and power supplies three expansion interfaces, this design is very user-friendly rear.


550P Other expansion interface focused on the fuselage sides, the interface design is also more mainstream, two USB 2.0, 1 eSATA/USB2.0 dual-use interface, plus VGA, HDMI, headphone jack, meet the basic needs we daily needs, Smart Card and 34mm ExpressCard interface configuration also allows a significant increase in the 550P with a 6cell 5200mAh SAMSUNG 550P Battery and business scalability. However, no configuration USB3.0 interface, it is somewhat regrettable. USB3.0 interface, compared to USB 2.0 and eSATA, with higher data transfer speeds and backward compatible with USB 2.0, there are a number of removable storage devices to support this interface.

The SAMSUNG previously to launch NP550P7C and NP550P5C two new products today, I will send the evaluation of the more entry NP550P5C, the same 14-inch models, NP550P5C configuration with NP550P7C slightly different, only accompanied by the entry-level NVIDIA GeForce GNP550P20M alone significantly the rest of the configuration is similar. In addition to the configuration is more entry outside, NP550P5C body design is also seem basic and simple, the same as the previous generation NP550P color display design, this generation NP550P5C also introduced a choice of colors black, red, purple three-color.


This the SAMSUNG NP550P5C roof design is different from the notebook now available in most of the listed class skin coating, good solid feel, this product uses the of previously NP550P series color design, the introduction of the black red, purple, three color styles. However, the coating of the class of skin exposed to the stain, and require the user to frequently clean up in order to maintain the appearance.


This year, SAMSUNG has launched a series NP550P upgrade product-NP550P5C, mainstream configuration and relatively good prices. It comes to the SAMSUNG entry-level notebook products, many people will think of the design before carrying the the SNB platforms NP550P series multi-color, optional color covers, about 3000 prices, good value for money, was a good sales of entry-level notebook products.


Open the top cover, we see the screen design of this product uses a 14-inch glossy screen, maximum support 1366 × 768 resolution display fine. Screen border with piano paint craft production, and narrower than the general 14-inch notebook designed some. But the border of the baking process easily contaminated with fingerprints when in use, and likely to cause scratches.


The design specifications of this product than the average 14-inch notebook with 52Wh SAMSUNG NP550P5C Battery difference is not large, the thickness of the thinnest but also in more than 3cm, the bare metal weight of 2.1kg travel weight is closer to 2.5kg, portable performance in general.


SAMSUNG brand in the domestic appliance can be described as ringing, the notebook market in recent years, is moving steadily from the high-end games Brother series to hit the mainstream market NP550P fashion personality series, this hardware configuration tends to the era of homogenization, SAMSUNG go a different road of technological innovation. We have received this NP550P7C is a sturdy product Lamborghini sports car style design, sapphire blue colors, Hyun brushed steel appearance, tough keys and body, together with the new upgrade SAMSUNG3D somatosensory Air Magic2 technology truly be a heavy experience, the following specific evaluation.


Series, there are several listed NP550P7C before NP550P5C, NP550P7C, the latest SAMSUNG NP550P7C experience as a focus on products in addition to upgrading the CPU and expansion ability (HM76 chipset), in applied also made a substantial optimization, especially in the developed 3D Air Magic2 technology, compared to 7G on version 1.0 of the third generation, dynamic 3D UI design better able to create a real feeling of interaction, allowing the player to feel immersive.


Can the camera capture the nine fixed point of the upper body, the page of pictures, music, video, zoom, full screen and basic control. Equipped with multimedia somatosensory control, somatosensory study, somatosensory entertainment.

SAMSUNG NP550P7C continued the NP550P series of sports car design philosophy, using double-sided color-coated steel wire drawing surface, feel and texture are more than similar products, a total of three colors, Sapphire, Johnnie Walker Black, red flames. We have received the blue version, A white Haier logo with blue brushed underside, giving the impression easily soothing, full of energy.


SAMSUNG NP550P7C more concise in the palm rest design metal wire drawing, A surface material can be seen from the figure, the edge seams edges beveled design, the distance to see the light and dark reflective rich layering. The left palm rest stickers have some of the characteristics of the machine nameplate, including Dolby certification Magic Aire2.0, the excellent Chi.


SAMSUNG NP550P7C using 6cell SAMSUNG NP550P7C Battery, so the output port has been strengthened, with a 2 x USB 3.0 + 2 x USB 2.0 combination, around each of two other conventional interfaces are readily available, the HDMI, VGA, RJ45, audio mouth, etc., for easy connection of additional equipment.


With June approaching, he was one year old birthday is about to usher in the business notebook, Asus has launched a new generation of business notebooks - Asus A55V. Compared with the first generation of business notebooks in ASUS A55, the second generation of business notebooks finally usher in Intel's 22nm 3D transistor processor, to ensure the ultimate thin and light at the same time, brought us the ultimate in performance.


Of course, as the second generation of business notebooks, the Asus A55V trying to break the mediocrity of the first generation of test aquatic big fuss on the display, equipped with a 15.3-inch IPS panel Full HD screen business notebook the pixel density of the 165PPI, although the iPad as the NEW ultra-high PPI, but the display screen business notebook than the common 1366 × 768 resolution delicate many.


After opening of the screen, from the overall design point of view, Asus A55V and A55 released last year, but the the A55V body color within the A55 is slightly different, showing a champagne gold look more bright and transparent. In addition, the configuration of the display screen A55V enable IPS matte high-definition display, compared to the glossy display of the A55 has a more excellent display specific test results will be in the back to find out more.


The above table lists the main improvement of the A55V In addition to the processor and display upgrade, a new generation of Ivy Bridge to support a higher frequency of DDR3-1600 memory, Asus A55V compared with A55 memory aspects upgrade. In addition, A55V also interface, keyboard, video cameras, aspects of the upgrade, and on the A55V more introduction, see the following evaluation.


ASUS's new A55V laptop with 6cell ASUS A55V Battery in the overall design follows the mold of the A55, to build the machine from the material of the metal surface with concentric texture, showing a very unique visual effects, with a strong business atmosphere, Concentric circles texture the metal roof not only brought us a unique visual effect, and it played a very good protective effect of the notebook's screen, we press hard on the body roof, and not much deformation screen did not appear the water ripple, very good performance in the same type of business notebooks.

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