SAMSUNG AA-PB0TC4A battery Replace SAMSUNG NP305U1A NP305U1Z battery

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Despite the highly sought after Tablet PC, is also not seen any signs of recession, but threw out the upstream supply chain is not the same point of view.


It is reported that the upstream supply chain, HP, Acer, Asus and Dell tablet PC makers in these markets without any competitive advantage, these PC Tablet PC gamers will gradually withdraw from the field, only the Amazon and Apple, which can provide powerful content to support the manufacturers can continue playing.


Amazon Kindle Fire $ 199 flat plate and Barnes & Noble have low hit. Amazon said the latest report on the dismantling of $ 199 Kindle Fire Tablet actual cost of $ 203, that is, the sale of each plate a Kindle Fire, Amazon loss of $ 4. But Amazon can earn through the sale of the contents of this loss.


Analysis pointed out that in the future Tablet PC market, vendors entirely possible to offer a free product, and then profit by the content, similar to the existing mobile phone models. However, the absence of the traditional PC vendors to support their own content, but can not do this.


Another view is that users of Tablet PC's enthusiasm is waning. From our point of view, with the quad-core processor and Android 4.0 system and launch Windows 8 system, Tablet PC will usher in a new boom, at least in the last year or two will not go weak.


SAMSUNG NP305U1A Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  7.4V
Capacity: 6600mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  293g
Size: 207.34 x 52.44 x 20.62 mm
Color: Black / Blue / Red/ White / Yellow


Laptop back to get him to buy better for our work, in normal use and maintenance to note the problem? In fact, users can find on Baidu usual laptop for everyday use to maintain many of the relevant entries, but for the maintenance of this notebook, not the same as the views of many users, such as the user is not bad money, said: Well consumables, spent on chanting, broken into life on the exchange it. But expensive to start a new economic situation of the users and ordinary users are not very good, I think it is helpful. Well, then we talk about maintenance which focuses on major things.

With a lot of new users is to get started with this, we all smell a plastic taste and industrial cleaning agents, machines are so new, but this taste very hurt, and how to do?
In fact, super-simple, the user can boot the laptop, just installed, what kind of test software and the like, and then use the full capacity pager mode. Note pagers period, its not in the notebook before you buckle down to point something else. So after 1-2 hours, you then place it into the air to put a time about 1 hour, then you keep on playing, the taste will be much less, or even disappear. Pager users do not know what kind of test, then find a section 720P of the film half-day, you do not look, and the above process, the other over your playing. In fact, some news is to make less harmful to the user taste.


SAMSUNG NP305U1Z Battery Compatible original Battery Code:


How maintenance laptop case?
Many users feel that just bought a laptop, be especially careful with the main is to protect the appearance. Really no need, because the shell is the layer of clothes to wear for a long time will definitely open line dirty. Editing only for many users like to cover (A side) to cover the shell, the practices of talk about the film. The user to do so is like a character look better, or to prevent scratches, but the long-term use of view, is not conducive to cover heat, especially heat LCD screen, LCD screen and even lead to premature aging. Recommended, especially female users do not paste anything in the A side, if you must paste, and do not fully covered, similar to the Swarovski crystal ornament class or small stickers, small stickers point as well.


In addition cover is hand touch to touch, to grasp the task, the user can use the fingerprint hate glasses cloth, deerskin or something less dip water, rub on the line. Do not pay attention to what health tissue, towels to wipe Han's taken for granted, even with alcohol, organic solvents to clean, these will cause damage to the cover layer. Because the majority of household plastics are used to do cover, but also with swing technique, membrane color, you use those things in front of that will leave serious scratches easily, can not be repaired.

There is a laptop bag on the issue that users sometimes ignored. In fact, and also cover access to more laptop bag, so to cover the scratches is inevitable, and in the tank bag on it more apparent. For this, the editors have not Sha good way, we can only buy a package at the time, try to pick the lining material better, feel more delicate inner bag and outsourcing.


How clean laptop screen?
Laptop screen in two ways: anti-glare or matte screen is called, mirror screen. The glossy screen is now the main home, such as the screen cover as easily stained with fingerprints, various scratches, dust. Typically the user will be ignored, or just find something on the water, wet rub, or even directly hand rub. You know, mirror screen "mirror" is a thin resin coating can not withstand the impact of general long run result is that the screen appears more and more scratches, excessive force causes the screen dead pixel, the liquid flow into the frame joints caused by short circuits.

Water and alcohol does not work, one water less volatile, easily four flowing, and second organic solvent is alcohol, there would be some damage to the screen coating

Correct approach is: the user should use common screen cleaning kit to clean the screen, this package places to buy a computer. Users should note: only liquid and wipe with a clean cloth with the use of notebook screen, never use the little brush, nylon brush is very easy to bring to the screen scratches. Users in the use of screen cloth screen wipe, wipe screen to first wet the cloth with detergent, followed by a fixed direction or order to wipe the screen until the wipe clean.

Must be corrected is: not the first spray cleaner on the screen, screen cloth and then rub rub, because, although volatile detergent liquid, but will not accidentally penetrate into the joints inside the frame to the screen, causing damage , it must prohibit this practice.


Furthermore, the user will be very easy when there is no cleaning tool with a variety of paper to wipe the screen, this must also be banned, because paper is crude fiber, not so smooth surface looks like, the screen is still dangerous, long this continues there will be more horrible scratches. So, there is no tool, would rather look at the dust is not going to mess rub.


SAMSUNG AA-PB0TC4A battery Fit machine:
SAMSUNG 300U Series SAMSUNG 300U1A Series 
SAMSUNG 305U Series SAMSUNG 305U1A Series SAMSUNG 305U1Z Series
SAMSUNG NP300U Series SAMSUNG NP300U1A Series 

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