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Make up the more lithium battery discharge, battery consumption will be greater, "Aike Lang University, the U.S. space agency NASA research to help extend battery life of electrical engineering professor Tom Hartley, said," to the more full battery charge, battery consumption will be greater. Lithium battery is best in the middle of the state, so if battery life. "

First, the high and low power consumption state of the lithium battery life with the most adversely affected, and charge-discharge cycles but is secondary. In fact, most of the sale of electrical or battery can be recharged on the number of identified, are to discharge 80% obtained for the benchmark. Experiments show that, for some laptop lithium battery, the battery voltage exceeds the regular standard voltage 0.1 volts, rising from 4.1 volts to 4.2 volts, then the battery life will be halved, and then increase 0.1 volts, then the life expectancy was reduced to the original 3 one; long-term low battery or no battery power within the state would raise the resistance of the electron mobility increases, thus leading to smaller battery capacity. NASA Hubble Space Telescope, NASA let the battery drain on the power set at 10 per cent of total capacity, to ensure that the battery charge and discharge can be repeated 10 million times without having to update.

Hubble Space Telescope on the battery consumption of electricity is set at 10 per cent of total capacity, the battery charge and discharge cycles of up to 10 million times


Secondly, the temperature of the lithium battery has a greater impact on life (cell phones and other small electronic devices can be ignored on this point). Below freezing environment has the potential to open lithium batteries in electronic products instantly burned, and excessive heat will reduce the battery's capacity. Therefore, if the laptop is not the long-term use external power take off the battery, notebook battery emitted a long period of high fever which, more importantly, long battery charge status at 100 percent, will soon scrap (including I their laptop battery is so comes to an end of).


SAMSUNG AA-PBAN8AB Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  15.1V
Capacity: 5900mAh / 8Cell
Weight:  399g
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:


Do not use lithium batteries (particularly lithium laptop battery) Long-term use of an external power supply in case of equipment to work. Even if your laptop heat dissipation, long 100 percent of electricity is equivalent to the murder of lithium batteries.


Fit machine:
SAMSUNG 700G Series 
SAMSUNG 700G7A Series  SAMSUNG NP700G7A Series  SAMSUNG NT700G7A Series


So we can conclude the following points to ensure the battery capacity and life of the note:

No need to charge to 100% full battery power, will power not to use depleted. Circumstances permit, as far as possible to maintain the battery near the half-filled state, charge and discharge rate as small as possible;

GM's Chevy Volt electric car factory is designed to force the battery to maintain 20% to 80%, while Apple notebook built-in battery may also use this method (including laptops and other electronic products), so that the battery charge and discharge cycles can be increased.


ASUS K43TK Battery Fit machine:
ASUS K43 Series(All)   
ASUS K43B Series ASUS K43BR Series ASUS K43BY Series
ASUS K43E Series ASUS K43F Series ASUS K43J Series
ASUS K43JC Series ASUS K43JM Series ASUS K43JS Series
ASUS K43JY Series  ASUS K43S Series ASUS K43SA Series
ASUS K43SC Series ASUS K43SD Series ASUS K43SE Series
ASUS K43SJ Series ASUS K43SM Series ASUS K43SR Series
ASUS K43SY Series ASUS K43SV Series ASUS K43T Series
ASUS K43TA Series ASUS K43TK Series ASUS K43U Series


ASUS K43TK Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 14.4V
Capacity: 56Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  344g
Color: Black


Compatible original Battery Code:
A31-K53 A32-K53 A41-K53 A42-K53 


1 If you long for the notebook computer with an external power supply or battery power for more than 80%, immediately remove your laptop battery, usually without charging the battery is full, you can charge to 80%; adjustment of the operating system power options, the battery alarm to 20% more than the minimum battery usually not less than 20%, before falling to 20% that is to be charged;


2 mobile phones and other small electronic devices, is charged up you should immediately disconnect the power cord (including the charging of USB interface), will damage the battery has been followed; to regular charging, remember to charge, but do not have to put the battery is full;


3 both for the laptop or cell phone, etc., must not let the battery run out;


4 If you want to travel, the battery is full of it, but please remember that under the conditions allow for the electrical charge at any time, in order to battery life, must not wait until the battery is drained;

Today people have a lot of electronic equipment, much of it to use lithium batteries to ensure that battery life is very practical. After all, even battery recycling scrapped, otherwise it will cause serious environmental pollution.


ASUS X43BR Battery Fit machine:
ASUS X43 Series(All)
ASUS X43B Series ASUS X43BR Series ASUS X43BY Series
ASUS X43E Series ASUS X43J Series ASUS X43JE Series
ASUS X43JF Series ASUS X43JR Series ASUS X43JX Series
ASUS X43S Series ASUS X43SA Series ASUS X43SD Series
ASUS X43SJ Series ASUS X43SM Series ASUS X43SR Series
ASUS X43SV Series ASUS X43T Series ASUS X43TA Series
ASUS X43U Series ASUS X43V Series

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