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Temperature is very important tips for rapid spread of notebook cooling.
Now laptop as the most common, basic personal electronic products, has been every family's life for the user to bring endless joy and convenience. However, using a laptop at the same time, users are also gradually discovered that this thing has a bad place, such as temperature, such as heat, really helpless! In fact, users have the choice to buy a notebook, it is best to first understand the heat and the temperature under the thing, so buying is over, and then encountered the situation is not good when the temperature can be treated calm.

Let's understand the next day will affect the temperature of the laptop a few key points: 1 laptop case manufacturing materials, 2.CPU graphics card specifications and models, 3.CPU, graphics card, hard drive placement, 4 fans, and heat pipe placed, 5 outlet location and quantity of 6. the location and number of inlets. Then the next, edit, and you take a look at the laptop used for each high and low temperature impact it has sawed.


Start the notebook shell material is said

Now the average home user with a notebook on the main use of two materials: one plastic, two metal materials. Typically the user will hear that argument, the high temperature plastic case, relatively hot, the metal shell of relatively cool, low temperature. What to do in fact cover notebook, which is necessary to take the heat out, or over time, the heat can not take away part of it through the shell, for its part itself is not too good. On this basis, we consider the user a good plastic or metal is more good sense.


In general, the metal shell of the notebook heat better, because the metal thermal conductivity, able to absorb a lot of heat, so that along with the notebook body temperature. Plastic case of the laptop because of poor thermal conductivity so the heat was almost, but the temperature will be slightly lower point. The market for the general user's laptop is basically plastic case, metal less. Therefore, users should avoid the metal shell to cool, the temperature is low the errors, or buy a plastic case of this very good, not particularly hot, hot legs.


Of course, the market does not rule out very small number of advanced consumer notebook will use what class polycarbonate, carbon fiber composite shell type of material fact, high-grade material that does not mean body temperature will be low. Users need to understand: these materials is to improve the strength properties and thin, while the ability to heat and reduce the temperature did not so what's significant progress, do not fall into the wrong circle to go inside!


SAMSUNG NP-R517 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  343g
Size: 204.01 x 49.50 x 20.21 mm
Color: Black or White


OK, then the location of impact is hard

Now home laptop hard drive is usually placed below the keyboard ---- that "palm rest" of the area. Some of notebook options on the left palm rest area will be, while others will be on the right side of the palm rest area. Because hard work is a high-speed rotation, which will produce a lot of heat, leading to the left or right side of the notebook palm rest temperature is very high. If the hard drive spin faster, the heat generated will be more, that the temperature of notebook will be higher. Now mainstream hard drive is 5400 rpm, if the user's hard drive is 7200 rpm higher, the body temperature will be significantly higher. Usually the user's palm rest position and on the legs with a sense of when the temperature will be very obvious.


In addition, there is now a solid state drive SSD ---- that is the product, it does not rotate, so the heat generated is relatively much less, installed in the notebook body in any location, users will not feel significant when hot feeling very hot. Now, however, such a small notebook product models, prices are high, but the advantage on the temperature, the user need to look at the choice. Price factors in the choice of the user to consider when, after all, the trend is one thing, to meet the actual demand is another matter.

Notebook cooling fan, and now talk about the location of the pipeline impact

Notebook with a small fan to the heat generated by the components "blow" the body, thereby reducing the body temperature. Therefore, the location is generally notebook fan cooler body areas. Most notebooks will now be placed directly on the fan outlet near the location, convenient to discharge heat. For example, a vent in the upper left part of the fuselage, then the fan will be placed in this position, the location of the temperature will be lower.


There is a heat pipe placed in the position, as it should have absorbed into their body heat, so it will be in the position of the body temperature is higher. Heat pipe and fan are, CPU, video card connected to each other, so the same is placed in the bottom left of the keyboard, the location of the body temperature will be high.

In addition, the current notebook CPU and graphics are placed in close proximity of the location, or even next to each other, so in order to put all the heat away, you have to root cooling tube with 1-2 job this way the temperature of the body will increase exponentially, and if designed well, heat pipe length increases, then the area will be greater heat dissipation, resulting in higher temperature regions laptop also becomes large, it will be more uncomfortable to use. Therefore, the user particularly mind if the temperature of the case, the discrete graphics card option or Core really should think about.


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Let's look at the impact of the CPU temperature

Ordinary household notebook now there are two types of CPU, Intel and AMD, here only to talk about the current mainstream Intel Core II i3, i5, i7 products. The user's notebook temperature generally increases with the increase in CPU frequency, such as: i3 to i7 clocked higher and higher, then the heat will be increasing, leading notebook temperature will rise. However, the same i3, i5 or i7 processor, if only to enhance the frequency, and other specifications have not changed, then the heat is still the same, nothing changes in laptop temperature. Like the current i3-2330M and the 2310M just before the frequency increases, but the same heat, the temperature did not rise so books.

There is a special case, is to use low-voltage CPU notebook, due to its low frequency, so the notebook will lower body temperature, such as low-voltage version of the i7-2617M notebook temperature than normal frequency version of the i7-2620M's Laptop temperature is much lower, the same, using low-pressure version of the i5-2467M notebook temperature than normal frequency version of the i5-2430M is much lower. Thus, users select the notebook, do not just look at the CPU performance level, if the temperature requirements, they would also look at the CPU frequency specifications make a decision.

Another novel about multi-core thing that the user will be asked a few of the CPU core things, that the core better. Yes, in most cases like this, but also brought more core heat gain and temperature problems. Said the white spots, more like a number of separate core CPU, you say how could such a low temperature of the notebook down? Therefore, the user must pay attention to dual-core, quad-core CPU for notebooks such as the influence of temperature.

Let's look at the impact of graphics on the temperature

The graphics on the sub Intel, Nvidia, and AMD, three, or just talk about Intel and NV graphics. First Intel Core Graphics, you can think is that the previous integrated graphics. Because it's display performance is weak, so very little heat, causing the temperature of notebook is not high. Conversely NV, discrete graphics, display them to powerful graphics performance than the Core, so the heat is high, causing the temperature of notebook will be high.


Further that, NV's graphics card in, but also a lot of points, the low-end models, generally from low to high, increasing heat, resulting in laptop temperature getting higher and higher. For example: GT520M is the low-end graphics cards, heat it in the end than GT540M this card less, with the temperature than 520M 540M notebook notebook is much lower. It would appear that the user in selecting the product, if it is concerned about the temperature to their own feelings, it is still under consideration in the end the choice Core card or graphics card.


Talk about the CPU, graphics card, hard drive placement temperature of the notebook

Well, first, that is the location of the CPU and graphics card, here we mean the graphics card. General CPU and graphics card are placed very close together, on the laptop keyboard below the surface. However, the notebook will choose a different specific area to a different place, usually so few position: left bottom of the keyboard parts, the bottom of the right parts, the middle very rare. Most notebooks are the CPU and graphics card on the left site, the location is close to the outlet, then this notebook is the high temperature where the left half of the keyboard surface.

Similarly, if you have been placed the following on the right side of the keyboard parts, so the location of high temperature surface of the right part is the keyboard, but the use of such products are not many notebook layout. There is a middle position on the keyboard below, this even less, or the temperature is high is the middle of the keyboard.

This is the temperature of the user experience is very direct, if you are buying is equipped with high-frequency multi-Core Core i7 CPU and good graphics card NV, it Bacheng will let you use the laptop to play in the big game or watching high-definition large time to feel what is called "hell fire."


SAMSUNG NP-NC10 Plus Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V or 11.3V
Capacity: 4400mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  343g
Color: Black or White


Compatible original Battery Code:


Fit machine:
SAMSUNG NC10 Plus Series SAMSUNG NP-NC10 Plus Series

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