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A class of products known as mobile workstation laptop, which is developed for professional users who need powerful computing performance and graphics processing power, high-performance notebook computers, it is usually applied to engineering design, animation, scientific research, software development, financial management, information services, simulation and other fields.


In fact, in the design, the appearance of Schenker mySN XMG P511 and Schenker mySN high-end gaming notebook game is similar to the overall style is not as common TravelMate W530, EliteBook 8760w workstation boxy gives rigid and strict sense, as opposed In contrast Schenker mySN XMG P511 shape more user-friendly. XMG P511 and high capacity 9cell 7800mAh Schenker XMG P511 Battery.


Processor performance test, we still Cinebench select R10 Cinema 4D special effects for the film and television industry software engine, rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen, the test processor multi-threaded and single-threaded processing power. XMG P511, it is the CINEBENCH R10 CPU test, multi-threaded score 23726, single-threaded score of 6294, and its performance in the current notebook processor at a very high level, can provide us with sufficient processing capacity. Schenker mySN XMG P511 configured with 64GB SSD solid state hardware and 750GB 7200 rpm mechanical hard two hard drives, 750GB for storage of data, 64GB SSD as a system disk. Schenker mySN XMG P511 SSD configuration, we use the AS SSD tested it, its average read speed of SATA 3.0 interface SSD is basically the same, but the average is slightly lower write speed.


Compared to traditional notebooks, more mobile workstation hardware configuration, usually using high-resolution large-screen display, equipped with professional graphics card, the price is expensive, fewer brands and types of products, the number of ordinary users rarely have the opportunity to contact, but we today Schenker mySN XMG P511 test this notebook is a mobile workstation, then the next through the introduction of XMG P511 with Schenker BTY-M6D Battery to see how powerful mobile workstation.


ACER Yangtian's V, P, B three notebook series, respectively, for the different business office crowd, the M series emphasizes "fashion innovation exciting business can be said that this series of products for younger, personalized work the crowd. M series products are low-key and publicity mix and match the look and feel, such as we say today to this the ACER Yangtian TravelMate P633


In fact, three series of machine is a fellow of milk brother models, body appearance style is basically the same, the main difference is in the body of work selected materials. For example, we are more familiar with the V480 is brushed metal occupy the main series B ordinary plastic is relatively low key before the M series have been somewhere in between (mainly plastic). TravelMate P633 with 9cell ACER TravelMate P633-M Battery does give us a small surprise, has changed a lot compared to the previous body shell, specifically what changes us.


Notebook development process experienced a variety of appearance beautiful body mold, such as the common metal wire drawing, piano paint, hard matte process. The most common piano paint, for example, the appearance of this body is really beautiful, but in fact the paint appearance is not good-looking and practical "vase", on the one hand, do not wear, on the other hand, it is easily contaminated with fingerprints, may Chuxian Shi would be amazing, but over time will be troubled, and do not often take care of dirty looks.


Acer TravelMate P453 abandoned before the plastic main body, the body most of the alloy to enhance the compressive strength and thermal conductivity of the skeleton. We often say that the metal body will be more high-end than the plastic, metallic sheen appearance will be more visually dazzling, will be relatively cold feel. The TravelMate P453 with 7800mAh ACER TravelMate P453-M Battery did not give this opportunity to "Flash". Because its body surface layer of soft warm touch leather paint, that is, we often say that the class of skin material. The surface of such a case is not a fingerprint, there will not be significantly reflective, and there will be no low-end plastic feeling. Not looking for an analogy, it can be comparable to a TravelMate several ultra-pole of the external painting feel.


Perhaps because of this particular painting TravelMate P633 color a little unreal feeling, its color a bit too bright, quite eye-catching in the light. Color brightness than the "Lafite red" much higher, even if you want low-key red is difficult! If you think too much about the color, there are two other color options, one is silver-gray, and one is all black. Body surface process is exactly the same, but offers a variety of color options to meet the different tastes of consumers.


In limit Kaoji the case, we can see that the highest temperature of the keyboard area does not exceed 37 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of this part of the heat of the CPU and graphics contour member, the area of ​​the right side of the keyboard, palm rest and touchpad gathered location The cooling performance is very good. The back of the machine in addition to the higher thermal windows position questions, the temperature of the rest of the performance is quite good. The Schenker XIRIOS B502 a 87Wh/7800mAh battery, but the hardware configuration so high coupled with a large body, the life achievements and how? By MobileMark 2007 Schenker XIRIOS B502 endurance test, life time up to 249 minutes, in the case of the efficiency value of 446 for this high-power products, this life is pretty amazing results.

Schenker XIRIOS B502 uses the Intel Core i7 3940XM Extreme Edition quad-core eight thread processor, clocked at 3.0GHz, Turbo Boost 3.9GHz to 55W TDP. Compared with the i7-3920XM processor and not significantly changed, just clocked slightly higher TDP same frequency from the highest 1300MHz up to 1350HMz. The same time also NVIDIA the Quadro K2000M professional-level graphics card, 32GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, 128GB SSD +1000 GB HDD hard drive, hardware called strong. Schenker Room B502 with 6cell Schenker XIRIOS B502 Battery, XIRIOS of equipped with NVIDIA Quadro the K200M professional-level graphics cards to the latest Kepler architecture, more energy-efficient. NVIDIA Quadro K2000M has extensive ISV certification, CATIA, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Pro / E and other industry software are included.

CINEBENCH is a use for the film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Main concern of the CPU processing part in the day-to-day test. The test is divided into two: the first test simply use the CPU rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen, single-processor single-threaded run only once, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading, first time use only one thread, the second run all the processor cores and threads.

The bottom of the Schenker XIRIOS B502 with Schenker C4500BAT-6 Battery are all made of composite material, we can see the bottom of it there are many thermal windows, which also guarantees the product good heat dissipation, and the heat sink of the machine is very huge, large pieces of aluminum block with two copper heat transfer tube covering the graphics body covering the two heat transfer tube, while the lower side of the fan on the processor with dual outlet vents, allowing the heat is quickly dispersed. We use Furmark Kaoji software Schenker XIRIOS B502 test Furmark the machine two heating components CPU and graphics all up and running, and running temperature 30 minutes after the meeting to a limit of height, so that we can be more intuitive seen each machine running the heat, we also used the Fluke infrared thermal imager were observed warming of the temperature of each position. (Temperature spans 20 ° C-50 ° C)

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