Several Tips of GATEWAY EC39C01w AL10E31 EC39C01c Battery

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     Increased the HDQ communication, LED display to support 4 or 5LED display. bq2060 to the current, voltage, temperature was measured with 15bit of ADC (bq2060 seems to have only one ADC), test GATEWAY EC39C01w Battery voltage, since the bq2060 pressure may limit the chip itself (maximum 6v), using resistive divider method. 2060 made provision, cell3, cell4 partial pressure ratio of 16:1, cell1 cell2 partial pressure ratio of 8:1. Accurate partial pressure depends on the precision of the resistance (1%), while the resistance of 698K and 1.5 trillion limit leaf and effective inrush current, good protection of the IC. Note that, cell3 and cell4 maximum voltage measurement 20v, cell2, cell1 measure the maximum voltage of 10v, but this is not the greatest pressure 2060ICpin. bq2060 precision voltage detection is not very high, especially for cell3 and cell4 voltage detection. This mainly due to the precision voltage divider resistors and voltage detection.   


     VCELL4 = Vn4-Vn3 VCELL3 = Vn3-Vn2 VCELL2 = Vn2-Vn1 VCELL1 = Vn1-Vsr we found that when measuring vcell4 time, because the precision resistor divider error will be brought to maximize. bq2060 detected current, through SR1 SR2 these two PIN to detect the voltage across the sense resistor. The biggest difference with 2040 is that these two separate pin out GATEWAY AL10E31 Battery, while an increase in the external circuit RC filter circuit. In the current detection accuracy, the calibration, the error is very small, basically within the 5-10 mA. Detection current part, note that the choice of the sampling resistor, the general should choose 10-20mohm.

     Too much resistance, detection resolution will increase, but its power will increase, resistance is too small to test the accuracy of the current drop. Also note that the temperature drift characteristics of resistance to this concern, of course, the smaller the better. In layout terms, here is essential, two current detection line, as parallel, equal length, preferably via the numbers consistent. Temperature detection side, bq2060 uses K's temperature units, need to pay attention to unit conversion. Need to mention the Thermistor must use plastic firmly attached to GATEWAY EC39C01c Battery  Cell. Because the capacity of the compensation will be very dependent on the measured temperature. That the capacity of compensation, this is actually the core of the so-called GAS GAUGE real place. Temperature, discharge current, termination voltage, different degrees of aging cell, the resulting compensation is not the same. bq2060 made on the basis of the 2040 amendments, EDV has also changed its name called CEDV, dynamic compensation.

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