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When it comes to thin and elegant notebook computer, people will first think of ultra-pole of this, however, ultra-pole of this expensive price but many users prohibitive. Thin and elegant notebook is there a more popular price, but cost very high model it? DELL portable ultra-thin new XPS 1591 not only uses a minimalist lightweight minimalist design style, but also accompanied by black and white elegant body, large area multi-touch keyboard, wake up two weeks standby with a very strong performance in two seconds, but as long as 2999-3499 can buy high cost for the July to bring more surprises!

DELL XPS 1591 equipped with the AMD APU core, has a strong endurance. The basis of the slim, minimalist applicable, high-endurance, DELL XPS 1591 is more equipped with the DELL exclusive SHE II super hybrid engine, support the ultimate quick wake-up in 2 seconds Instant On mode, the standby time of up to two weeks, as needed When two seconds from Instant On sleep mode wake-up started. When the power is less than 5% Instant On will automatically save all data to your hard drive when the job status, and self-recovery in the next boot, intelligent protection files are stored, without worrying about data loss caused by power interruption.

DELL XPS 1591 with the world's top audio brand Altec Lansing audio and vocal master sound system, upgrade the larger cone and speaker diameter, showing clear treble sound, rich bass, a broader range and and stunning stereo surround effect. Clear sound, perfect sound quality loss passed to the user, allowing users to truly enjoy the theater as the pinnacle of sound, and enjoy the realistic sound effects bring the authentic listening experience.

Internet, to facilitate players, as well as entertainment and viewing, as applies a thin ultra-thin, DELL XPS 1591 extreme simplicity of the design style and DELL XPS 1591 Battery, which greatly reduced the thickness of the body. Open the book's cover, the eye is the elegant matte LCD flat border, and back-mounted seamless sub Island keyboard and a large area of ??the entire chip multi-point touchpad. In addition, no longer the slightest complex surface structure, minimalist and applicable, to give the atmosphere elegant and noble feeling. Body is equipped with USB3.0 and USB2.0 interface, more efficient transmission of files and data on the basis of thin minimalist, add a quick and safe.


Workstations, such high-end PC products for the average user, it seems rather remote. Hundreds of thousands of dollars to the price or even a lot of people can not understand. It's no wonder the mass consumer market demand is still not reach that height, even if a configuration high-end game of this, there are still ten thousand yuan. With the development of society, this price is no longer a luxury, high-end players choose to love machines of the time, the objectives are in this grade.

From another perspective, the "workstation" is actually not far from us, even on our side. Game, when you rode Pentium mountains; in the bloody struggle in the battlefield, have not thought about, all he knows to be false, but immersive mountains and water, as well as plants and trees are how come it? The cinema, you have not thought about "Avatar," "Transformers" movie, those figures how to make? This would be attributed to the workstation PC, high-performance graphics workstations to complete the production of these 3D effects, to ensure a perfect visual effect.

Worldwide ThinkPad, Dell and Hewlett-Packard, one of the few production workstation. Today we are going to introduce to you represent the latest technology products - a mobile workstation. Not only has the top of the configuration and the high price, but also the manufacturers to show off the technical strength and design strength of the carrier.

Brand influence, the ThinkPad has the absolute advantage, Lenovo acquired IBM's PC division, the ThinkPad notebook product lines extended to the T, X, R, SL, Edge, L and W Series. The W Series is a new series in the past two years, it is designed for professionals, especially the launch of the mobile graphics workstation products, the main professional widescreen graphics and video processing, and Intel multi-core processors and the NVIDIA professional graphics with the user can easily complete a variety of compute-intensive and graphics-intensive applications.

The W-series includes two models, W5xx and W7xx, representing 15.6 inches and 17 inches in two screen sizes. Today we would like to introduce is equipped with the latest the Ivybridge processor of the latest generation of mobile workstation products - W530.

Top configuration can only be regarded as the standard ThinkPad W530 and live the king of "name. Detail, while in the classic tradition and bold innovation. Next, we take a look at this change keyboard fans a high degree of concern sony t11series with SONY VGP-BPS30 Battery in the end performance.


For business people, a computer used to work with high computing power, the long-run stability, security of data protection and longer life. FUJITSU business notebook has been acclaimed in the field of commercial PC, solid workmanship and details of the humane design underlines its deep knowledge in industrial design. The FUJITSU LifeBook (hereinafter referred to as FUJITSU LifeBook) as a highly representative of the commercial PC production line products, which inherited the mantle of of FUJITSU traditional business notebook, and on this basis, a bold 11-inch mold, to improve various business environment to make advanced changes.


In such a small body of the machine into a full-size keyboard, the Fujitsu LifeBook C surface can not boot keys, shortcuts leave enough space, so cancel the independent shortcut key and power button to move to the fuselage right the side.

The first time I saw FUJITSU LifeBook will be attracted by its "petite" body, its projected area is really small, with a number of evaluation machine with absolutely thriving, but not to be compared with the netbook, it's hardware Here let us take a closer look "small universe" in the end be able to fully meet the day-to-day office needs and interface.

FUJITSU LifeBook shape design to maintain the style of the family, the retained the FUJITSU DuraCase metal framework at the same time, forging, provide more robust security through the military-level standards (MIL-STD-810G).

Its design is more refined, still using the material on the top aluminum-magnesium alloy metal forging, all-metal structure with FUJITSU DuraCase not lose in the ThinkPad notebook computer on a sturdy \ resistance to stress, produced by the grinding process is available to use comfortable touch.

The same commercial design is also reflected on the screen, enhanced anti-impact protection FUJITSU Display Safe technology, this 11.6-inch screen can withstand greater impact. The display support for the LED backlight technology, and it has anti-glare function is not afraid of high intensity irradiation, so that sunlight can clearly identify a screen as shown in information. Only 11.6 inches of screen area is smaller, and is not suitable for desktop office use. Due to mold smaller size, the FUJITSU LifeBook with FUJITSU FPCBP281 Battery whole weight 1.364Kg portability is quite good, taking into account for the protection of the body is mostly metal and alloy materials, excellent weight control is particularly embodied.

The series has always been true to their own design philosophy, FUJITSU LifeBook wear splash-proof chocolate keyboard using a full-size, practical experience, the actual input experience comfort: key-way medium, resilience is also good. Also you can see, chocolate keyboard or to the FUJITSU LifeBook brought some elements of fashion.

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