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In the netbook market decline in 2011, Intel immediately launched a new CULV platform, the launch of this platform is not only a simple alternative in light of the status and market, by virtue of a more practical performance thin this by the many young people of all ages. One year later, Intel in planning released 32nnm processor still UM and LM Both low-voltage CPU, and now they have started to market, then they will have on the performance of how a kind of break it?


Referred to the ultra-thin and light notebooks I believe we are more familiar to the public the impression that it is ultra-low voltage processors and integrated graphics chips intersection. You might pay because of the compact shape, maybe you will pay because of light weight, maybe you will pay because of a long battery life and maybe you will pay because the appearance of fine, but the basic purchase friends are ultra-thin notebook 3D graphics Performance aside, but in the 45nm platform, there are a few thin and light notebook with discrete graphics, but along with the heat dissipation problem they are facing a major challenge. Today TOSHIBA introduced a 32nm ultra low voltage processors and 40nm discrete graphics with the light of this - the new Inspiron NB515, the current reference price of the notebook market for 899 dollar.


2012 for us, has gone through half the journey, while the 32nm Intel processors have a certain understanding and awareness, the new Westmere architecture in addition to the advantages in terms of performance, in fact, in temperature lot of progress. 40nm discrete graphics in power control is relatively good, but the AMD released the HD5000 series graphics card supports DirectX 11 technology, or to bring us more visual enjoyment.


Here seemingly TOSHIBA NB515 will be two major advantages are financial to one, the new Core i series of ultra-low voltage processor and the ATI HD5000 series only how performance improvement? DirectX 11 with significant independence in what areas have the advantage? The new platform has a kind of cooling?


Mentioned challenges, the performance limits of CULV we naturally begin to be concerned about this thin and light notebook configuration. EVEREST software testing, TOSHIBA NB515 with 32nm Intel Core i3 330UM ultra low voltage dual-core processor and HM57 chipset motherboard, its processor integrates a 45nm graphics core. Also comes standard with 2GB DDRIII-1333 memory, loaded with discrete graphics the ATI Mobility Radeon HD5430's, Seagate 320GB 7200RPM SATA-II hard drive, Wireless, the DELL 1501 wireless card and Bluetooth mini module. In addition, pre-installed 64-bit Windows 7 Home Basic Home Basic Edition operating system.


TOSHIBA NB515 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity: 5200mAh / 6Cell
Weight:  336g
Size: 206.78 x 58.31 x 21.62 mm
Color: Black


I remember two years of college and after graduation, I have always been cost-effective notebook big fan and a staunch supporter, on the other books dismissed and even scoffed. But with the growth of evaluation experience and economic conditions improve, I started to be more balanced view on various types of products, and gradually understand that they all have their appropriate user groups.


Switched hand touch The EasyNote LK roof can feel a burst of cool, this is the metal material comfort. Left of the keyboard near the outlet, where the metal panel can be heat quickly spread out to avoid typing feel the left hand hot and cold right hand.


The same to spend 30 million yuan of money, many people to pursue a 2.7 displacement of the Highlander SUV, but it was only like 1.6-liter Mini Cooper. The same is true notebook, some people need a powerful gaming performance, they are willing to make compromises in the fat calories, life; while others will need to fashion a beautiful design, slim portable body, and the metal shell bring comfort feel. Such models also satisfy the vast majority of office and entertainment needs, just the gaming performance is not exaggeration. If you belong to the latter, then take a look below this PACKARD BELLVAIO EasyNote LK notebook.


PACKARD BELL laptop product line layout, each size has a competitive models, such as 14 to 15 inches of the E series, 11-inch TT and X series ...... but 13 inches The main force, Z, Y, and S series, where Z is the flagship of this, Y is the CULV thin and light, and S is a full-featured mainstream this. Today we reviewed this The EasyNote LK, with version in which the S series models.


After a long run, the heat of the bottom of the fuselage is not gathered in one point, but evenly spread out on the legs are not burning feeling, which is the metal material comfort.


PACKARD BELL EasyNote LK Battery detail:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  11.1V
Capacity: 7800mAh / 9Cell
Weight:  394g
Size: 269.59 x 48.51 x 43.91 mm
Color: Black


The latest discrete graphics card with 40nm process 32nm processors Intel Core i can say that this is the combination of the mobile platform core hardware "sturdy" configuration, but this powerful combination in the short term, homogenization, while some PC makers are also in the appearance of the notebook, and other hardware, as well as the characteristics of software make efforts to reflect from home products, "sturdy" side, which ability was still a TOSHIBAideapad Y series products, and now 3D technology has been The market offered an olive branch, that the entire market will not because of the integration of new technologies to re-shuffle it?


Recollection of the scene in the beginning of the year, the fashion of the city branded chrome metal texture, the sound quality of JBL professional-grade speakers, high-touch keyboard, comfortable feel, the reference of the two graphics technology, Orange waist classic ... These are the qualities for TOSHIBA small y is still continued in 2009 that never compromise on sturdy domineering, the most recent TOSHIBA has introduced a notebook with the 3D visual effects - S855D.


Mentioned 3D stereo vision, we must first think of the 3D glasses that we are most familiar, we must also rely on this piece of glasses to experience the three-dimensional picture of the 3D world, 3D glasses and this is also divided into "complementary colors" "polarized" and "time" type of these three species. Of course, want to achieve the 3D visual effects requires the joint efforts of other hardware and software, you want to know what TOSHIBAideapad S855D using 3D imaging techniques principle? This 3D visualization is how to achieve it? How will the specific operation? The 3D visual strengths and weaknesses and what?


With the popularity of the 3D IMAX movies, 3D application is not strange for us, but in addition to those DIY enthusiasts, the vast majority of my friends for 3D imaging technology principle might not understand, while notebook computers have already begun The use of 3D stereo vision technology, but whether it is film, or computer, they are no differences in the technical areas of the 3D imaging principle. We also believe that we must first and not to pay attention to the appearance and performance of these 3D notebook, the focus is in the end is what type of 3D imaging technology? As well as hardware and software is how to use with this technology to achieve.


TOSHIBA Satellite S855 Battery info:
Battery Type:  Li-ion 
Voltage:  10.8V
Capacity: 48Wh / 6Cell
Weight:  354g
Color: Black


TOSHIBA Satellite S855 of this LED-backlit display with the ordinary version of y is completely different, here is the glossy screen, its main role is not simply dust and reduce the diffuse reflection. TOSHIBA Satellite S855 LCD panel in front of the mirror coating can be seen as a layer of polarizing film, the 3D glasses can be seen as two layers of polarizing film. But displayed on the display screen is a common image, then, to reach the eye at the screen information through a layer of polarizing film, we see only the color picture of the discrete (ghosting), rather than 3D images. TriDef 3D software needed with the 2D image / image into a 3D image / video and then watch, to achieve the 3D visual effect.

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This is a powerful laptop with good features and good battery-life. Toshiba laptops are pushing into the limits.