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December 20 is the most popular on the market at present the main push thin this was undoubtedly the Intel ultra-extreme TOSHIBA recently launched S950 series is no division over most of this class, but its specifications and the mainstream over most of this fairly. The AMD platform piece, TOSHIBA direct borrowing S950 mold to create a system equipped with APU processor L950, in addition to different hardware platforms, S950 and L950 in the fuselage mold and not significantly different. Brought to you today is equipped the AMD platforms L950 light of this evaluation, the end of the article will give some and S950 comparative purchasing.


TOSHIBA L950 factory-installed the Linpus Lite Simplified Chinese genuine operating system, configuration, L950 using AMD APU A8-4555M quad-core processor, 4GB DDR3 memory, 500GB mechanical hard drive, AMD HD 7600G fusion single significant and HD 7450M 1GB graphics card. And TOSHIBAS950 total starlight silver, brilliant red, LORI pink three colors optional, L950 only starlight silver, brilliant red two color body involved in the evaluation of this L950 is brilliant red. L950 body shell is similar U Series and Yoga matte composite plastic material, the surface easily contaminated with fingerprints, wedge coupled with the physical structure of the sandwich so that the whole is even more thin fashion. L950 body the front thinnest at only 8.5mm, the rear fuselage thickest only 21mm, can be very easily into a carry bag.

L950 uses a 4cell TOSHIBA PA5076U-1BRS Battery mold to build and S950 are identical camera body only significant difference is that C surface to the lower right corner of the processor identifies the Intel platform is the S950, AMD platform is L950. The front part of the fuselage, wedge plus sandwiches shape the design of the L950 can not be stuffed under any expansion interface, just set up in the front lower right power and battery status indicator, rear fuselage section from the battery occupies most of the area, therefore not set any expansion interface.


The right and left sides of the body before and after the two sections not set any expansion interface, but thanks to a 14-inch wide fuselage, TOSHIBA L950 fuselage interface design and will not appear overcrowded phenomenon. On the left side of the interface layout, L950 TOSHIBA unique OneKey Rescue system drop-protected type RJ-45, HDMI and a USB3.0 interface, and the main body thermal windows design in this side. The right side of the fuselage interface layout, L950 a circular power port, dual USB2.0, headset microphone and SD card reader, the whole addition to the VGA port is not equipped with the interface type and quantity of other mainstream enough to meet the day-to-day use. After electronic scales measured L950 bare metal weighs about 1.58kg, plus the weight of the power adapter travel approximately 1.91kg S950's bare metal weight about 1.58kg, travel weight of about 1.94kg, L950 more portable, but the advantage is not obvious, does not have a large difference in the actual carrying. Whether S950 or L950 portability are very good, even comparable to the 14-inch ultra-extreme many with significant independence.


MAINGEAR Nomad 15 with 9cell MAINGEAR Nomad 15 Battery of the left side of the fuselage with a CD-ROM drive, a USB 2.0 interface as well as notebook keyhole addition the aircraft is equipped with 3 audio interface, from left to right represent the light, microphone, headphone. Compatible with USB 3.0 E-SATA interface is located on the right side of the fuselage, in this side of the RJ-45 Ethernet interface, HDMI HD output interface, two USB 3.0 ports, and a multi-card reader.


L950 using one and the same S950 14-inch with a resolution of 1366x768 glossy LED screen also does not support the touch screen function. Piece of screen color reproduction capability impressive color gamut and viewing angle performance in general, the glossy screen can bring a more transparent display, however, was not as good as the ability of the anti-glare matte screen material. The L950 screen frame with a mirror finish, compare the capacity of the piano paint materials contaminated with fingerprints. L950 traditional sunken shaft design, the measured screen maximum opening angle of about 135 degrees to meet the day-to-day use is not a big problem.


Many users questioned, cooling ducts Why using brass instead of other metal materials. Import of the metal are known to be the most rapidly, wherein the copper and aluminum are high coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 735 KJ / (MHK), the coefficient of thermal conductivity of copper is 1386 KJ / (MHK), in all other conditions are the same time, the heat conductivity of the copper in the unit time is almost twice of the aluminum.

If you switch to the aluminum heat sink copper to produce heat conduction rate of course, there is a very substantial upgrade, but also a great improvement in the cost of the heat sink, not only is the rising cost of materials, and the process of copper complex than aluminum. Moreover, although the copper instantly endothermic capability is better than aluminum, but the speed of heat dissipation than aluminum, to be slower, the heat capacity is lower than aluminum, the absorption under the premise of the same amount of heat, the temperature rise than aluminum.


L950 have a 720p HD webcam, Face AE camera technology used for the first time, and TOSHIBA laptop priority to recognize human faces and exposure, the maximum extent people face more clearly, to enhance performance in the harsh light. And S950, L950 uses six cell TOSHIBA PA5077U-1BRS Battery and rows of black the Ukishima chocolate keyboard Yoga on a piece of newly designed key layout is exactly the same, and do not support the keyboard backlight. Percussion feel of the piece for the light of this new plan, the keyboard has a nice matte key surfaces can fit fingertips, key process and bond distance is relatively reasonable.


As the saying goes, "what they seem, the notebook is the same. Compared to the appearance of the cool, pragmatic users put more weight on the inside of the fuselage materials used, architectural layout and heat stability. Recent mainstream games have been successively debut, the target population will remain the same, for the majority of college students users and gamers. Evaluation products while editing is also the first time the popular models teardown analysis.


Game this addition to the strong graphics performance, the fuselage internal kung fu is not negligence. Of particular importance is the performance of the heat. These notebook CPU, memory, hard disk and graphics card heating element, long power run will release a lot of heat, and plus notebook internal space is small, poor air circulation, heat accumulation will be very obvious. In this case, the structure of the internal fan, duct design and integrated cooling efficiency will directly affect the stability of the whole.


Through the the notebook interior design details, netizens are further models with in-depth understanding, but also see each notebook real connotation. In this paper, we some contrast, the selection of the two books are the popular 15.6 inches mainstream games this. Lenovo is a ideaPad Y500, while another is the MAINGEAR Nomad 15 with a 7800mAh MAINGEAR BTY-M6D Battery. The common feature of the two models is that we have a higher-end CPU and powerful graphics card.


Desktop-class computer unified standardized design, the internal structure of each notebook has a high degree of freedom. The notebook manufacturers based on the aircraft hardware with the demand for comprehensive performance, positioning crowd, cooling mode and battery with body architecture planning. Although various drawings are very different, but generally within the basic 'skeleton' is the same, the main part is still the CPU, motherboard, graphics card, hard disk, memory, shaft, battery, interface board.

Is easy to see from the above two fuselage internal panorama comparison chart gaming notebook has a the more obvious modular design, in addition to the outside the motherboard contralateral interface board, almost assembly of electronic components have been integrated on a single piece of PCB board. The motherboard integrated to improve not only reduce the number and length of the cable, but there was no independent components loose. Both games of this 15.6-inch body, heat space larger than the small size notebook, but due to the high-end graphics card heat, so still need a strong cooling module. Two books with version uses a Core i7-3630QM quad-core processor, graphics card GT 650M and GTX 660M, processor alone was added together TDP of up to 90 watts to 120 watts, which Y500 can also be through the the UltraBay technology was equipped with a second graphics card, high hardware on the ability of the cooling module.


Therefore, the cooling fan with bad air volume is not enough, the effect will be greatly reduced. So pure copper produced radiator prices higher. Dismantling the fan module, we are glad to see the two books with a double brass design, two laptop manufacturers did not discount From that point of view. While the brass structure is not the same way, but are aimed to processors and discrete graphics to provide better cooling efficiency.


Very deeply the TOSHIBA the Iron Man Satellite L950D with 4cell TOSHIBA Satellite L950D Battery gives the first impression, and the overall appearance of great impact, all-black appearance accompanied by tough body alignment, coupled with the fuselage contour of the full sense of that muscle, it is a Words can not describe, from bones sturdy and fever, if you come to appreciate the the Satellite L950D time perspective of ordinary notebook, you may not understand why the fuselage so heavy, why rounded corners and at right angles to be polished become obtuse angle, this emphasis on the sense of muscle and cutting sense of design, is very common in the fever-type computer.

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