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We value every customer a B2B marketplace and provide a wealth of product customization programs, such as custom boot screen, custom Logo and so on. These customized services are not just for large enterprises, small and medium enterprises we also provide such services. We have a factory in Hangzhou, as long as the amount of 10 units can be produced. Of course, we also have a lot of large orders, including the school's list, the government of the list, we have been a strong support. As Android product customization services, we also planned, the hardware itself is not the problem.


Bapco MobileMark 2012 is a new generation of notebook battery life test software, compared with the previous version, MobileMark 2012 conducted a comprehensive update, including a list of all applications that update to the latest applications, the new package is more in line with current the user's habits, the test results for the user's reference value greater test items include: office, multimedia production, DVD Player, pure reading, wireless Internet access. We use the software test results are 43Wh lithium-ion battery, its life duration of 179 minutes and about 3 hours.


TOSHIBA Satellite C50t with TOSHIBA PA5109U-1BRS Battery configured A8-5550M APU, a single 4GB DDR3 1600 memory, A55 chipset, 750GB HDD mechanical hard drive, AMD HD 8690M discrete graphics. AMD A8-5550M is released this year, a new processor, code-named Richland, compared to the previous generation of the A8-4500M, which is mainly to reduce the power consumption, and a display portion APU upgrade to HD8550G. Processor clocked at 2.1GHz, using 32nm process technology, native quad-core four threads.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina version stimulate the advent of screen resolution demanding users, Windows 8 systems, as well as the rise of touch operation, more and more aspects of the notebook screen resolution is greatly improved. In this regard, Toshiba PC Mr. Dong Yi expressed a more cautious attitude: Indeed, we increasingly high demand for quality, high score screen no doubt will become the next hot spot. But now, hinder the development of the biggest factor score screen is the price, you must first costs down; Second, high score screen does enhance the Metro UI exquisite degree, but in the traditional application below, its performance is not very satisfactory ; indeed some machines use a high score screen, users will need to use certain high score screen, but it remains to be the future of the market test.


CLEVO P370SM with 8cell CLEVO P370BAT-8 Battery not yet found on the official website, but in this game, it has a relatively high degree of completion of the design with the previous Razer Blade is somewhat similar, large area of ??white space so that the body has a strong Scandinavian design minimalist style, rectangular trimming tough line with rounded edging reconcile with each other, forming a seamless beauty, and this beauty and Alieware American muscle notebook completely different, more elegant, understated.


In addition to the high score screen, the second user is undoubtedly a hot topic in touch. Dong Yi said that, Windows 8 release, touch products that was once pulled a very high altitude, and make a strategic promotion. But for Toshiba, the push or not push, ultimately depends on our customers, can not be used, really easy to use, learning not used to, this is the most fundamental. Through several months of observation, touch is growing, but relatively slow, the future will be the trend. We follow the market, also introduced a mainstream machine touch, ultra-pole of this touch, tablet touch, all touch products we have, and the prices are in the mainstream price above the market demand, we will have enough products to deal with, we will take a Toshiba proprietary technologies and applications as part of our own values ​​to compete with competitors.


Laser wave P70t notebook with TOSHIBA PA5110U-1BRS Battery and 3 SSD solid state drive RAID 0 array consisting of the speed to more than a single, dual SSD solid state drive speed a lot, of course, but also consider the SSD solid state drive where the gap between the product, after all, they are not the same model products, but the author is here to show laser wave P70t notebook 3 SSD brings speed increase is very obvious.


In recent years, the power adapter also began the process of miniaturization, portability, after all, this thing is also counted as part of the weight, it is necessary to be improved. TOSHIBA Satellite C50t whole weight of 2.203kg, the models in the same size is fairly light. It comes standard with this adapter actually looks small, but more than 500 grams of weight actually seemed very material. After the opening screen, C surface has a typical TOSHIBA style, integrated silver plate, black chocolate keyboard, thin little bit of texture printed on top of the keyboard. These design and color matching with the previous K series products exactly the same.


We use Furmark pager software for all products tested, Furmark will heat the whole of the two parts of CPU and graphics card fully up and running, running for 30 minutes after the temperature at a height limit, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see each machine is running out of heat in the case, we also use FLUKE infrared thermal imaging devices, each location were observed temperature heating conditions. (Temperature spans 18 ° C-50 ° C: below the temperature limit may appear black; exceeds the temperature limit would appear white). Extreme heat conditions, TOSHIBA Satellite C50t most areas of the keyboard surface can be maintained at 35 ° C or so is considered a very good, but it often touch on the left hand wrist rest below the Ctrl key is more than 40 ° C, this flaw still somewhat affect the use of the perfect sense.

As for the final product form, which is not necessarily better than another form, whether it is a slider, or pluggable, they have their own features and their corresponding usage. But for now, the entire industry are focused pluggable, 13 in the first half of the fiscal year, Toshiba are pluggable, the latter will have new forms and shapes, we are still studying.

Product updates, Toshiba computer speed is obviously not very fast. Toshiba explains this: We are advocating a sense of quality brands, we provide the best value products to users, such as Z830, although it has now been launched more than a year's time, but still have a lot of customers will specify this payment products. Its kernel is constantly updated, but the classic look, rich interface is always retained. Classic will be forever remember.


Let me first look at CLEVO W650SR with 6cell CLEVO W650BAT-6 Battery hardware configuration, the software we saw the machine uses AMD's new quad-core Jaguar architecture Kabini low voltage processor, clocked at 1.4GHz, fusion HD8250 graphics card, built-in storage 4GB DDR3 memory and 128GB SSD solid state hard drive. Let me first look at Kabini APU exact specifications and parameters. The test of this notebook uses low-voltage Kabini processor, which is quad-core design, the latest version of CPU-Z can not accurately identify. Process technology to 27nm, the default core frequency of 1.4GHz, secondary cache is 2MB.

This year the two platforms have emphasized Richland Haswell and reduce power consumption, the promotion of aspects of performance did not change much, so AMD's Richland in performance can only be said to be law-abiding, adding a bit more, this platform is still the biggest surprise After reducing power consumption, heat dissipation, and whether there will be a certain degree of endurance optimize it? First to introduce, our test platform - TOSHIBA Satellite C50t.

TOSHIBA LOGO still located in the central roof, chrome handle very dazzling. Cover surface with a pattern of concentric circles TOSHIBA logo texture, fine texture circle around wide scattered outward from the center, looks like a round metal wire drawing in general. TOSHIBA Satellite C50t back with TOSHIBA PA5108U-1BRS Battery and an integrated design, requires a certain ability to removed the entire back. TOSHIBA Satellite C50t no Herd using touch screen, it is equipped with a traditional TN display, 15.6-inch LED backlight, a maximum resolution of 1366 × 768. The screen actually quite satisfactory, if we can do something on the screen to upgrade, and I believe that AMD is also an attractive way to increase, if in addition to outside platform does not feature, it becomes pure price competition, run points competition.

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