TOSHIBA Portege T110 T112 T132 T133 Battery Review

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Compatible original Battery Code:
PA3780U-1BRS PABAS215  


Fit machine:
TOSHIBA Portege T110 Series 
TOSHIBA Portege T112 Series
TOSHIBA Portege T130 Series
TOSHIBA Portege T131 Series
TOSHIBA Portege T132 Series
TOSHIBA Portege T133 Series 

TOSHIBA Portege T110 T112 T132 T133 Battery Calibration
Your TOSHIBA Portege T110 T112 T132 T133 Battery is not the shorter the more you use it! Check it out to ensure that useful to you!

When the notebook computer use for some time, you often think how battery life shorter and shorter, but in fact it is because laptop battery is constantly charging and discharging process, the BIOS is sometimes detected by the power, with battery does not match the actual power, in this case, although there is little battery power, but the BIOS will determine the power is used up, then enter the shutdown state.

To solve this problem, some manufacturers in the laptop BIOS to include the "battery calibration (Battery Calibration)" function to help users of laptop battery is full, then discharge to completely out of power, and then filled again, so do not for a long time complete discharge of electricity caused by the error correction of a certain role.

1. First, enter the BIOS setup, switch to the "Power" tab
2. Then move the cursor to "Start TOSHIBA Portege T110 Battery Calibration" option, press the "Enter" key to execute
3. According prompted, connect the external power supply for laptop computers, and wait until battery is full
4. When the screen appears "Please remove AC adapter" message, that mean power is fully charged and then discharge operation, first unplug the external power supply, and let the laptop continued to boot until the TOSHIBA Portege T112 battery runs out. Note: This operation will outlay of time, you can do some other work, until discharged to return to operation.
5. Complete battery discharge and automatically shut down, do not turn on laptop power, then connect the adapter to charge again, until the charge indicator (usually orange light) goes out, the TOSHIBA Portege T132 battery calibration work is done. In general, the battery has a life, too long to use its storage capacity of natural low battery, so we can not absolutely guarantee that this method can restore the battery's electrical storage capacity, but if you just use the battery long, often think that using San Liangxia to run out of power, might try to use this feature at this time restore the TOSHIBA Portege T133 battery storage capacity.

Note: The battery calibration operation can not be too frequent, or regular discharge will shorten battery life, it is recommended 2 to 3 months corrected once.


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