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Toshiba's new generation of gaming notebooks released! As the previous generation sturdy small y masterpiece - Y480 and Z830 successors, Portege Z930 and Z935 z Series game in this series domineering exposed qualities will continue. The small y inject Z930 and Z935 is not only a comprehensive upgrade of the hardware, and preference for players visually cool demand, elaborate the keyboard lighting effect to create a set of sensory stimulation and shocking, the red and black combination also makes sturdy fresh blood.


Today as we bring this model is a 15.6-inch Portege Z935, the size of the aircraft is slightly larger than the Z930, and also has the characteristics of internally and externally. Portege Z935 body, we can also find then inherited the ThinkPad notebook innovation highlights once again enabled UltraBay extended functionality will come in handy. And this not just as an enhanced feature replaceable unit additionally provides external discrete graphics accessories, with built-alone significantly crossfire mode, can greatly enhance the graphics display performance of the notebook.


Hardware configuration Portege Z930 with TOSHIBA Portege Z930 Battery is still a higher end level, the machine uses the Intel Core i7-3630M dual-core processor, and is equipped with to 8GB DDR3 large-capacity memory, hard drive with 1TB SATA hard drive, video card with 28nm process NVIDIA GT650M display memory for 2GB GDDR5, configuration UltraBay extended graphics can also composed SLI crossfire mode. Roughly swept Toshiba Z935 roof with your eyes, I did not find any obvious sign that things are changing. Especially the top cover without modification of crude ore style, still has a brushed surface texture, slightly different from that listed with the same period Z930 grid shading. The drawing process is no longer followed the delicate polished, the material rough, shades feel people feeling kind of regression rustic.


Thought nothing special about the appearance of so dull glance over, but through light refraction, found after careful observation of the top cover of the Z935 discarded shells like mellow feeling, but in the use of the left and right on both sides of the edge region If you could inconspicuous tangent as a decoration, such plasticity practices a bit like Asus the flagship games this G74, but the shallow lines a little too restrained, radical, and the overall effect may be more domineering. Opened superstructure can see the screen frame with piano paint technology and 720P HD Webcam embedded in the center position, next to the camera status indicator. In addition, Z935 using the microphone hole matrix included the effect is even better, especially in some special occasions, you can filter the ambient noise and echo, to provide users with a clear voice recording capability.


Narrow border is a trend of the notebook, there are many products try to narrow design, before some products also tried retrofitting dark glass plate with the top of the screen, so that the state of non-boot screen looks very narrow. But this way is just as beautiful, compared 9470m with HP HSTNN-IB3Z Battery this real narrow side products is still inadequate. The new 9470m is still a 14-inch notebook, and its weight is still very good. Appears to be a 14-inch product but has a 15.0-inch screen, full-size keyboard + numeric keypad, and also has a slot-loading CD-ROM drive. Compared to the previous generation product weight 0.1kg, 2.374kg body weight is also something to be proud of.


Samsung 350E numeric keypad is very shocking you see after you turn on the screen, this notebook looks great, in fact, essentially the same fuselage mold and a common 14-inch notebook. Rarely have this size notebook equipped with a numeric keypad. And compared to the previous generation of 310E and 350E is found to fully utilize the original two sides together, combined with the space between the keys is not reduced, so the C-plane is very compact. This change makes this even more all-around notebook, more suitable for regular users of the digital input.

The 15.6-inch Z935 LED-backlit glossy display, still maintaining the resolution 1366 * 768. Although the aircraft did not adopt the score screen, but the actual display is still quite good. Subsequent Toshiba Z930 and Z935 may introduce a high-resolution models, so if unworthy dual graphics group SLI may directly affect the running fluency games in high-definition.

The Z935 side of the fuselage shape some subtle changes, the income side of the D surface processing tends to smooth the upturned design is very different. But maintain the style of a new generation of the Portege family's Book ID. Sunken shaft is still no change in the strength of the shaft is a little tight control. However, we do not need for this queen books shaft too stringent requirements can not be one-handed opening and closing can understand, but be able to endure heavy screen support is the most important test.


I believe that The Toshiba Portege Z935 60% thought is spent on the keyboard, the aircraft proceed from the visual experience of the players consider FN + Spacebar to activate immediately underlines the the agonistic intuitive sense. Toshiba Portege Z935 with 6cell TOSHIBA Portege Z935 Battery for the first time using a two-color buttons particles black keycap upper, while the bottom half with a dark red, and the built-in keyboard backplane conspicuous red backlight. Open in a dark environment, very eager impulse.

Keyboard particles still chocolate, personally think that the keys feel compared Z835 slightly improved, especially elastic feedback and noise control quite a place. Red and black mix should be regarded gaming keyboard most representative of the style, red exudes passion and struggle, but also represents the strength and domineering, and black, both noble, powerful, rational side, can express a whole introverted temperament .


Switch the power button is placed at the top left of the keyboard area, and will be released when the host turned the bottom of the white light. The Portege Z935 cancel the shortcut keys of the keyboard surface excess, more function keys into a Fn key combination above. In addition, it is worth noting that the design of the speaker, black metal grid with a dark red background with the keyboard style to complement each other. Around the speaker with a black piano paint as sand, clear lines look more rich layering. The sports car styling JBL speakers changed the mediocrity of the past, the sturdy machine temperament considerably.


The MEDION Akoya S4216 with 6cell MEDION Akoya S4216 Battery stay out of the palm rest area is relatively well-off, and also has a brushed surface treatment process. Frequent use of the finger to keystrokes and mobile operations will be more comfortable. Touchpad with integrated design, smooth and delicate surface around the touch buttons are hidden inside a dark red thin line as a key way of distinction, touch keys is slightly shorter, percussion feel quite satisfactory. Interface, Z935 left side of the fuselage with a headphone jack, microphone interface, USB 2.0 interface (support the shutdown of the charging function), DVD burner bit (support the UltraBay function) and notebook security keyhole. The right side of the fuselage arrangement a key recovery button, power connector, VGA port, RJ-45 Ethernet interface, HDMI high definition video output port and two USB 3.0 ports.


In addition, Toshiba Portege Z935 All status lights placed in the front left side of the fuselage, including some power indicator, charge indicator, touchpad switch indicator, Caps Lock indicator and digital key status indicators . Multiple card reader slot built into the right side of the status lights.


Toshiba Z935 notebook products as an entertainment of the market-oriented, in addition to the good performance in the design of the body, in the entertainment performance supported by good performance. The configuration of the model, the most worthy of all attention is using the latest Kepler architecture graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M, the graphics using 28nm process technology, has 2GB GDRR5 memory capacity 128bit memory interface, 384 stream processors. To make a more intuitive understanding of graphics performance, 3DMark Vantage its graphics performance assessment, final GPU part of 34443 points. The GT 650M mainstream games this choice, although fluent in response to many large-scale 3D games, but there are still some difficulties in order to rush the highest quality. Most unfortunately, this did not get the UltraBay external graphics card, and therefore can not show a dual graphics card SLI performance, if you get the accessories, then, the first time for everyone to complement the performance test results.


ASUS U38DT with 42Wh ASUS VivoBook U38DT Battery the fuselage bottom of the same metal wire drawing process, and built-in woofer, can create more stunning audio-visual experience for the players. UltraBay is undoubtedly another major highlight of this Portege Z935, although far from innovative design, but the expansion module design ideas are worthy of recognition. The UltraBay scalable from the ThinkPad family, the user can pull out the optical drive and replace the appropriate module based on the actual usage requirements, optional extended equipment fan, hard drive, weight loss module, and UltraBay extended graphics and so on. Portege Z935 Toshiba currently offers GT 650M graphics card (external module), and the body's built-in graphics cards in SLI mode, the performance of the whole image improved about 1.5 to 1.6 times, yet did not get the the UltraBay graphics, temporarily Unable to get the final data. In addition, you need to pay attention to with extended graphics card, a 170W power adapter also need to provide, the official website of the current price of 1999 yuan.

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