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Summer, students and friends have entered the long summer vacation time, and buy notebook has formally entered the active phase. With the notebook deal with the replacement of the Core is gradually coming to an end, the price of notebook products equipped with Sandy Bridge platform bottom, so we see less than 4000 dollar student computers become many users of all ages.

HP introduced the L800 series has been the cost as the main selling points, the body size of 13.3 inches portable, stylish and sleek exterior design and beautiful color dress are more in line with the aesthetic tastes of the current young users. In the evaluation of this snow crystal white HP 450 is more female users tend to catch up with fashion, the full sense of the whole body white machine fresh.

On the hardware configuration of the HP 450 Series models have also been refined, including not only with discrete graphics configuration, whereas a non-exclusive explicit models to meet different user needs, the price of these two configurations are controlled less than 4000 dollar. The hardware has not been updated to the latest Ivy Bridge platform, but also because of cost considerations, the use of second-generation Core i3 dual-core processor, a more balanced range of applications, the main direction of entry-level users and students and friends. The original ground

HP 450 (snow crystal white) part of the HP 400 series, The series focused on the student market, and simultaneously launched a two appearance: a snow crystal white this this evaluation, while another is captured girl heart of the wild-rose red, single color scheme point of view, the more the whole tend to be young beautiful young female users.

Compared with the previous generation of HP 13.3-inch L-series models, the machine whether it is the screen thickness or body thickness has declined, and basically get rid of the former heavy feeling. HP 450 and HP 450 Battery still retains its designed shape of the rounded corners, this has not much of a breakthrough, the whole color of the snow crystal white, in the roof of the new membrane transfer process against the backdrop of extraordinarily beautiful, and with a square checkered After more stylish.


ASUS N45V C surface can be a standard keyboard layout, standard-size keycaps frosted handle, the finger is not slippery feel of N45V button key process longer, this is relatively rare in the floating island-style keyboard, but for high side positioning business notebook, the input experience should higher requirements N45V key feedback fast, clean and no special procrastination feel good feel for the overall. The unique two-color anti-leakage chocolate keyboard, the bottom of the blue layer also increases the thickness of keycap, narrowing the gap between the keycap and the panel, so has a good performance in terms of anti-leakage.

N45V keyboard right shoulder, the design of energy-saving ECO button, ECO Power Saver is a Japanese notebook manufacturers prefer to use energy saving systems, through software control, according to the different environments to help conserve battery power users to the greatest degree of extend the battery life. Near the ECO button, also set up the speakers, power button and three function indicator.

Between the N45V the touchpad area is not great and features a very compact, biometric fingerprint reader on the left and right buttons, finger trigger on both sides of the LED light will turn blue, the touchpad surface is relatively smooth, there is no increase in scrub and other friction processing, use up the general feeling, but it is worth noting that the circular area of ??retraction of the right of the touchpad, which is the scroll area of ??the ASUS notebook features finger just above "circle", it up and down to drag the page, the more common design is the side of the touchpad will scroll area and touchpad made of one type, an elongated strip, but the former design is clearly to be easy to use more .

N45V front end, a wireless card can see the hard switching, In addition, the location of care in the right palm, there are five function indicator, including the charging status indicator, etc., we can also see from the function indicator N45V can support optical drive expansion, allowing the battery of two children at the same time access, in order to effectively extend the life time. The left side of the fuselage, N45V and ASUS N45V Battery to provide users with a variety of common interfaces, including the power jack, RJ-45 Ethernet port, VGA port, HDMI high-definition interface, two USB 3.0 interface and a set of audio jacks.

The right side of the fuselage was to provide users with the Express card slot, card reader, DVD burner, a USB 2.0 interface and a safety lock. No outlet, and some commonly used interfaces are on the right side is a good design for the use of customary right-hand mouse users will feel very comfortable.


For business notebooks, powerful gaming performance is no need, perhaps you will be playing in his spare time small, but compared to these machine's security is more should go to the concern. Many details of the design contribute to the enhancement of computer security, such as fingerprint identification can protect the host is only used by the user, hard roll design can effectively prevent the drop caused by the hard question of damages.

Of course, than to say the following safety measures, listed in the above pales. Reinforced body shell is the best way to protect the notebook, which is still more practical for users who frequently go out to the mobile office.

The Toshiba  commercial notebook Satellite E300 has a solid and sturdy body shell, the hard disk directly use gradually into the consumers preferred the status of SSD solid state drive. The spill-resistant, moisture, anti-drop feature is the notebook highlights, of course, its price is not cheap.

As one of the Latitude series, the integration Satellite E300 predecessors many advantages, keyboard, touchpad, and other equipment are continuation of the classic style, the screen is equipped with touch function keys touch screen correct. Another machine's hardware configuration is relatively high, the business nature of the aircraft will not be equipped with game graphics. The next article down to a simple look at the notebook appearance, performance and other aspects.

I heard that the work of a notebook with military grade material to reach the imagination should be indestructible, and when to get this TOSHIBA Satellite E300 Battery against this, the surface of the reinforced steel frame mold to give a solid feel. The ATG its name on behalf of the All Terrain Grade, a few simple letters revealed its features. This means that this Satellite E300 can calmly face damp, dust, acid, pollution, vibration and other common products as fatal region's environment.

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