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Let's say the growth rate of mobile phone it, in the era of iPhone 3GS 480x320 pixels even mainstream, and then there was a mainstream machine 360x640 for N97. But after a time into 2010, iPhone 4 turned out, the resolution suddenly climbed to 960x640. At this point Father Joe says this is called Retina Retina screen, PPI Ever since we all know what it is. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S popular later, one very important reason is that it shows the effect is unique. In that Samsung's flagship phone i9000/9100 most still use 800 × 480 resolution, 2010-2011, iPhone 4 screen display effect in second to none.


Then in 2012, the entire mobile phone industry is like a big dream party wake up as suddenly accelerated the pace of upgrading the screen, Samsung's flagship i9300 2012 had soared to 1280x720, now just over half in 2013, including Samsung, HTC, Huawei ZTE and so well-known manufacturers have introduced a 1920x1080 resolution phone, cell phone screen size is constantly increasing, but the rate of increase of PPI is more alarming.


There were a myriad of said top mobile phone brands, PPI value is too high meaningless. But this did not stop the consumer's desire and pursuit of high-resolution screen. It is more than 5-inch 1080P phone you either to be embarrassed to go out of the screen and TOSHIBA Satellite L70 Battery. Precisely because of this fanatical consumption demand, the entire digital consumer products industry in an unprecedented on-screen "Great Leap Forward," as hormonal burst of youth, this passion has infected the entire industry. Especially the "three-piece" in the other two, tablet and laptop, in fact, most people in contact with the daily maximum is the mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook therefore be regarded to be "implicated" the.


iPad screen is 1024 × 768 initially fairly general, but to the third generation of the product when it upgraded to 2048 × 1536, although not yet reached 300PPI, but already quite stunning. High-resolution screen phone and tablet products emerge, so that consumers gradually like this picture is exquisite visual experience. Who is this, by the extravagance and easy, from luxury to economy. Once you get used to and adapt to some kind of experience you want and then go backwards to go back after a hard. Once the phone around you, all have flat-screen triumph towards the retina when you look back at that world domination has been used for several years the standard screen 1366 × 768, whether there will be a lump in the throat, not Tucao few unpleasant feeling?


Rising in the Tablet PC, and the crazy eroding the traditional PC market shipments. Starting in 2012, the traditional PC with 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite C50Dt Battery market by the gloom and doom, the volume appeared the first decline in 10 years. And ran all the way flat products is 200 million units / year scale go. Mobile phone, tablet and laptop strong increase / decline in stark contrast to the whole reason that the PC industry has an urgent, it seems kind of sheer pressure of the past has been difficult to stimulate consumers to upgrade, and get to the next point drastic self-redemption. At this point the notebook manufacturers who have set their sights on high-resolution screen.


But just OEM manufacturers stand up and say to take the high score screen laptop is not enough, has been plagued by high score screen market expansion for two main reasons: hardware + software. Beginning of the birth is to portable notebook, although the broader scope of the notebook can be used as game of this, the Internet was originally used, but its essence or business class. So the resolution is too high significance, this category of users is more concerned about is life, heat, portable. We all know that the performance of the mobile platform has not been such as desktop platforms, mobile platforms must be considered because of fever and life issues. In the battery storage capacity has not been leaps and bounds, the core component power has not been perfect before control, how to solve life's problems is the top priority, the resolution of what had at the back.


The higher the resolution, the screen of the production requirements of the higher power consumption of the greater whole. While high-resolution screen pixel more have higher demands for performance. Often users must know to play the game the same game at a resolution of 1280x720 pixel resolution than 1920x1080 to a lot smoother. High-resolution screen on the CPU and GPU put forward higher requirements and 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite L70D Battery. Before we talk about the resolution is too high, the battery could not carry, but released last year, Macbook Pro 13 Retina with facts tell us that you are wrong. Because he used three generations of Core-core + HD4000 integrated graphics will be 2560x1600 IPS screen digs and seven hours of battery life is not only the result of the laboratory test environment.


Technology is in constant progress, once the event is being looked person can not achieve a notebook with a high score screen has also been achieved. Apple Macbook Pro Retina release time really shocked the entire notebook industry. Now looks to support 2560x1440 resolution nor difficult, at least the third generation of the integrated HD4000 Core Duo can be brought up. So do not say anything "card out Raymond" kind of thing up.


Another troubled gaofenping popularity factor is the cost, MBPR certainly beautiful, but the price is high as 10,000 yuan, for the vast majority of consumers can only look at it. Is now able to upgrade the ultra-high resolution LCD screen, cutting line is not much, you also need a yield increase, reduce production costs in the process. Otherwise how good, we can not afford or in the water Flower in the TOSHIBA Satellite C50t Battery, there is no practical significance.

Hardware is actually not difficult to solve, is now the biggest problem is the software side. Not that these OEM manufacturers reluctant to do twelve gaofenping concept machine out, but in the existing software environment simply had no practical value. This one has a very important reason is that the Windows system for the high score screen support is not enough. Take mobile phones in the Android platform for mobile phones when upgrading to 1080P, Nokia's flagship is still a dual-core +720 P level. Not because Nokia can not afford a higher screen, but also support such WP8 maximum resolution. But for ordinary consumers, this thing is a benchmark for resolution. The same brand, the same configuration, the same price you can buy the 1080P is absolutely not buy 720P.



Also thanks to the closed nature of Mac OS, Apple's third-party software for the control of great intensity, and unified UI rendering and software development standards so that these products rarely appear on the Mac not see, the font is too small situations. Mac OS software also has support inside the case is not enough, after all, Retina emergence nearest one or two years. Apple's approach is to let the other resolution Retina screen simulation sense of space. For example, the Retina screen is the most appropriate setting, UI will display 1440 x 900 resolution similar to the sense of space. Of course, not the resolution is set to 1440 x 900, 2880 x 1800, or will be rendered and output, just use four times as 1440 x 900 pixels imitate sense of space, so have a four times higher resolution than 900p.


For high resolution, Microsoft also has a cupboard. The popularity of the Windows system in the world took 20 years, Microsoft has been in this field leader of any standards are derived from this. It is because of the development of a long time, the accumulation of a lot of things. Many software development standards lasted for many years, every system upgrade will need to first consider how compatible software past, otherwise who will appear as a painful lesson when Vista. Because the Windows system's open platform makes this a difficult to estimate the amount of software has far exceeded every day now we discuss the IOS and Android mall sum of the number of APP. For Microsoft, this is a great wealth, but also the weight of people is difficult to turn around.


Microsoft is doing based architecture to support the resolution when the software is limited, not all software supports vector drawing, and Windows systems and Mac OS screen rendering is not the same. On Windows software was also a camp support 1080P, but once down to 14-inch size,6cell TOSHIBA Satellite L75 Battery, the software in conjunction with scaling and fonts have become smaller, but Windows did a ClearType, expectations by adjusting the DPI to a certain extent, alleviate this problem. But there was still a lot of software appear blurred, fonts too small situations. So Mac OS is how do?

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