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Currently AlienFX plugin effects, already with 55 games developers depth of cooperation, I believe there will be more shooting and real-time strategy game. For the players to bring a more perfect gaming experience. When asked about industry trends, I'm always said that last year's sales growth IdeaPad doubled. That is, the downward trend in the PC industry, the subdivision gaming laptop mall there is still considerable room for growth. 2013 Q1 and Q2 quarter sales slowed, first by the macroeconomic impact, the other is Intel's new processors and platforms just launched, we are still waiting on the sidelines, this is normal. Sales point of view, accounts for about half of the 14-inch, 17-inch is the rest of the mainstream 18-inch relatively less.

Commenting on the product concept when the sum total Hu Lin expressed, IdeaPad with LENOVO L12S4L01 Battery every component, every detail design, are the industry's highest level of technology integration, the current It products lack personality, generally speaking IdeaPad dissemination of a product are more willing to culture. IdeaPad want to build a wisdom of products fully interact with the players, of course, need to create a smart enough energy product, a combination of hardware and software designed for the user needs to do some tailored functions.


For a lot of controversy in another drive, I personally think that can not be generalized. I still have some in college courses such as English and other part of the information is to be equipped with CD-ROM to assist learning; addition, we students often take pictures and photo finishing a good burn in the CD-ROM saved. There are some requirements for those users who take a drive naturally convenient, but if you think about the normal use if there is no demand, in fact, no points but can reduce the weight of the burden.


Summer using a laptop more noteworthy is the heat problem. Should run, ASUS notebook cooling in still very experience of. I use ASUS VivoBook S551L with 6cell ASUS VivoBook S551L Battery is deliberately not placed on the radiator, in a few hours time I also edited the text, browse the web, play music and other daily tasks. The whole process down, where most of the fuselage is still very cool, there is no cooling fan noise.

The right side of the interface, it appears that the number of pitiful, only USB 3.0 ports, HDMI HD output interface, headphone jack and microphone combo card reader. Among them, the headset microphone combo jack is Satellite notebook design features, but also cater to the integration of design trends nowadays. The HDMI interface supports 1080P HD output, you can better meet user needs.

Interface, Satellite P75 with 5200mAh TOSHIBA Satellite P75 Battery is not designed to more to describe more precisely the "rich." Fuselage on the left is the focus of the whole interface area, power and ONELINK Desktop Docking Station, RJ-45 network cable port, USB 3.0 interface, support the shutdown charging. Which ONELINK Desktop Docking Station is TOSHIBA3 debut at CES in January, is the Satellite product was first introduced technology. ONELINK Desktop docking station uses a separate interface, the interface and the computer's power connector is shared, can help extend out over most of the USB3.0, Ethernet interface, HDMI interface, greatly enriched the ultra-pole of this scalability. But docking requires the 600 USD or more.


In Life, I also used ASUS VivoBook S551L measured. From 8:30 start time, I'm in the background, edit the article, browse the web, while intermittently playing a song, basically simulates the usual everyday usage scenarios to 12 o'clock when the battery indicator remaining 31%. And the next day I went by almost the same mode operation, about three hours and 50 minutes or so when the battery needs to be charged 14% of show left. This is expected, ASUS VivoBook S551L ordinary power in the case of actual life time is approximately 4 hours.


Back design, using a built-in battery design forms to cater to the whole simplicity of design. The main vents and distributed in two parts, the direct cooling of critical hardware, with a specially designed floor mats, which can effectively enhance the cooling speed, to ensure system stability.


In fact, as a mainstream notebook, but does not require special highlight need for a comprehensive, ASUS VivoBook S551L there is a bright spot in the overall balance of the audio-visual notebook. Select the 15-inch notebook users, basically for the notebook weight, thickness and other portable requirements abandoned. And in the heat, endurance and performance, ASUS VivoBook S551L with 6cell ASUS VivoBook S551LB Battery performance is quite satisfactory, but it makes him look like the appearance and brilliant color performance large screen size should be able to move the hearts of many users. Of course, if the keyboard interface and other details will be more perfect perfection.

Exterior design, the new PANASONIC Let's Note AX3 followed the previous series Let's Note AX2 style, the design of the body to use more detail diamond cutting process similar to the prismatic design, enhanced product appearance style hardness. The PANASONIC Let's Note AX3 using ABS + PC plastic shell, cover with slope design, quite a sense of precision diamond cutting, while substantially increasing the surface compressive strength, reflecting the AX3 powerful product temperament.


PANASONIC Let's Note AX3 certified professional sound design, configuration, only professional theaters in order to have the THX TruStudio Pro smart surround sound, with built-in top-level speakers, so AX2 laptop, playing all types of music, and the band's sound source, able to faithfully render each of the original sound. While the machine also has a 7.1-channel expansion. PANASONIC Let's Note AX3 with PANASONIC CF-VZSU81EA Battery top professional level using full-size keyboard back to learn game, when the game wartime backlit keyboard function keys provide a significant LED lights. Through this luminous keyboard display helps reduce operator error when, inductive effect is more freely backlight setting lets you truly enjoy the greatest entertainment, 10-key while the input design and high-speed detection of the reaction, so that more fighting game efficiency.

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