TOSHIBA Satellite S75 S75D S75t Battery VS HP Pavilion 17 Battery

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The Intel Celeron, Pentium, positioned as the entry-level product, the speed and frequency does not compete with the Core Duo, but thanks to good new framework for the optimization of 22nm Celeron processor in the actual performance is better than we imagined. Equipped with Intel HD 2000 graphics core power and performance more balanced and cope with daily entertainment is no problem, but will not have the burden of the whole heat generated. The 4G memory and 500G hard drive for ordinary home users is definitely more than enough, as the performance of the hardware specific performance at the back we will give a detailed assessment of the data.


And Intel, as the PC industry's big brother, in this emerging field of mobile Internet had not good, and is equipped with its Atom core products are also very few, so Intel's overall profit decline is inevitable. No way, Who Intel Mobile Internet so car did not catch it?

TOSHIBA Satellite S75 Touch version using 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite S75 Battery and chocolate keyboard, feel exactly the same with the ordinary version of the S75. Larger distance between the Caps key, you can reduce the misuse finger tapping, but it also brings some operational accustomed to, the key process is not long, under the pressure of feeling more general. Cap size a bit thin, knocking it will be some small noise, occasional knock to the key bit awkward gap, but will not affect the normal use. The bottom row of the keyboard keycap size is enlarged a little. Rectangular buttons larger contact area, often used when the user typing Ctrl key, Fn key, Windows 8 interface evocative key to open the key and Alt keystroke more accurate, from the traditional keyboard cramped feeling.


TOSHIBA S75 interface configuration are concentrated in the fuselage on the left, front to back, respectively, arranged in a headphone jack, two USB2.0, 1 x USB3.0 interface, HDMI high definition video output interface. Configured with the HDMI beside a special interface that can be used with the included adapter cable matching use with notebook adapter cable is connected at one end, the other end of the Ethernet port and VGA video output interface. In addition to the fuselage on the left of the interface, the bottom of the fuselage on the left palm rest provides a multi-card reader slot, to facilitate the user connections are a variety of external memory card devices. Two status lights on the notebook card slot on the right, one is the power indicator light, and the other one is a charge indicator. One thing that is not a good place, not directly on the computer Ethernet port, through the adapter cable to connect the network cable, I think this point

should be less convenient. But if you use a wireless network, then it does not have to consider so much more attractive.


Throughout the testing process, ASUS R550CA with 6cell ASUS R550CA Battery heat sink performance is pretty good, most of the heat can shoot through the bottom of the fan, and the body temperature is not very high. However, to note that, in the course try not to ASUS R550CA fan cover, if once affects airflow cooling system, then these two alone ASUS R550CA graphics performance, body temperature will into what I believe we must mind a few.


As a result of the unique shaft design Alineware brand and therefore can not achieve a 180 ° maximum opening and closing. This Alineware 17 notebook's maximum opening angle of 140 °, but basically meet the needs of everyday use. Alineware 17 notebook with a mainstream chocolate keyboard, the highlight is this keyboard with sci-fi color LED lights, the user can be adjusted through the AlienFX software drivers, based on personal preferences to develop a personalized lighting mode. In addition, because it is 17.3-inch models, the aircraft also provides users with a numeric keypad.


In the machine configuration, we can see that S75D notebook's TOSHIBA Satellite S75D Battery overall performance is very good. Its i7-3820QM processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M graphics card is also equipped with top-level configuration currently on the market, but the machine is not equipped with SSD solid state drive, a little regret. As for specific performance, the next page presents for everyone. First we have to test 3DMark Vantage test software, which is mainly used for the consideration of computer graphics DX10 benchmark performance. We were testing the entry-level (Entry, E), the performance level (Performance, P), high level (High, H) three test environments. After measurement, ASUS R550CA notebook (PhysX open) Entry mode to get a score of E58862, the graphics score reached 58,970, the results fairly well.

Windows 8 is developed by Microsoft, a revolutionary change in the operating system. The system is designed to make people's daily computer operations easier and faster, providing people with easy and efficient working environment for Windows 8 support from Intel, AMD and ARM chip architecture. Windows 8 operating logic dramatically change the past, to provide better support for touch screens. The new system and operation mode screen varies greatly, with a new Metro (the new Windows UI) style user interface, a variety of applications, shortcuts, etc. can be dynamically rendered in the style box on the screen, the user can be used browser , social networking, games, user interface integration.

When I do not want to move when lying in bed, did not have to worry about no mouse, smooth so I use the touch screen tablet laptop as easy as freely, whether it is voice or video games and entertainment, can handle it, really convenient and easy. This HP Pavilion 17 Battery can not help but sigh, the touch screen is easy!


This laptop's performance is not outstanding, but fully capable of performing most of the office and Internet needs. We seem to be more concerned about is that it touch functionality and friendly price. From the positioning point of view, this notebook is ideal for students and friends as well as the notebook configuration requirements are not too high and the touch screen is interested business professionals.


But the whole PC industry malaise is already apparent, but this does not mean that the individual PC has no future, Intel this earnings report, the data of decline, is not alone, I believe that AMD's earnings will be even worse. Although the traditional PC industry malaise, but really booming mobile Internet devices, the ARM and Qualcomm and Nvidia, in cooperation with smart phones and tablet PCs TOSHIBA Satellite S75t Battery rapid development momentum, which to some extent, also eroded many PC side of the market

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