TOSHIBA Satellite S955 U940 U945 Battery VS ASUS A46 A46CA Battery

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If your laptop is connected at startup usb removable storage, you may wish to try to disconnect them first, take a look at the start-up speed is not changed. In general, the slower usb interface, notebook startup speed of corresponding equipment be obvious impact, should as far as possible at the start and then connect the usb device. If no usb device, it is recommended that the settings in the bios will usb is turned off. Be because the windows startup drive (including CD-ROM drive) for testing, so if the disc is placed in the CD-ROM drive, will extend the start time for the laptop.


If your laptop is using windows2000, they did not upgrade to sp3 or sp4 and defines more than four partitions, then also make start to become slow. So windows2000 system upgrade to the the latest sp4 or install windowsxp system, at the same time best not too hard points of the area. The windows each partition must be loaded at startup, with the increase of the number of partitions, the total amount of time to complete this operation will continue to grow.


TOSHIBA Satellite S955 with 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite S955 Battery as a traditional tray CD-ROM drive, of lithium and VGA interface over most of this, body size remains in 21mm, very rare. Ultra-extreme body thickness is strictly limited, each reducing the thickness of 1 mm may require a huge capital investment, and also because of this, a lot of ultra-pole of this have to give up the CD-ROM drive, VGA interface configuration affect the thickness of the fuselage, while novel lithium polymer battery can be molded into any shape, which also replaces the traditional lithium batteries, but the lower the cost of lithium batteries, TOSHIBA Satellite S955 price also makes it easier to be accepted by the public.


If you often need the laptop access the LAN, install the NIC driver, by default, the system will automatically dhcp ip address, but most of the company's LAN and dhcp server, so if the user is set to "automatically obtain ip address ", the system startup will continue to search in the network dhcp server until you get the ip address or timeout, the natural increase in the start-up time, the best for their notebook LAN users to specify a fixed ip address. In addition, in order to eliminate or reduce the number of windows must re-establish the network connection, it is recommended that do not need to use the network drive is disconnected, the specific operation: enter the "My Computer", right-click has been mapped network drive, select the "off "button.


Asus the A46 and A46CA notebook computer for the needs of the above categories, basically can be done fully satisfied. ASUS A Series notebook with Core i3 processor, support for up to 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, 500GB hard drive, Bluetooth 4.0. ASUS A46 Series notebook with 4cell ASUS A46 Battery is equipped with Core i3 2350M processor clocked at 2.3GHz, dual-core four threads, 4GB of memory is sufficient to support the growing popularity of 64-bit system, support USB3.0 high-speed interface is the machine of the highlights .
There are too many icons on the desktop will also reduce the speed of system startup. windows every time you start and show the desktop, one by one find a desktop shortcut icon and load them, the more, of course, the more time it takes to icon. We recommend that everyone will not be used desktop icon into a specific file folder or simply deleted.

While Microsoft claimed that the windows can be installed from 1000 to 1500 fonts, but in fact, we have found that will be a problem, When installing more than 500 kinds of fonts, such as: font and windows startup speed dropped to disappear from the application's font list . It is recommended that the best will be less than or not used font delete deleted in order to avoid accidents, can first make the necessary backup.


Some antivirus software system startup scan function, which will spend a lot of time, In fact, if you have opened a real-time monitoring capabilities of the anti-virus software, then start scanning system is somewhat redundant or disabled this feature.


Just got TOSHIBASatellite U940 Series models with 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite U940 Battery is indeed a kind of a very familiar feeling, naming and suffix to make adjustments, but soon so I recall the 2011 the TOSHIBA heavy push "Core" series models,the Satellite U940 mold with exactly the same, followed the appearance of the series of models has always been fashionable style and texture.

Remember windowsxp of a patch to cause the system to start slow news (such as: the codenamed the q328310 patch will cause windows2000/xp excruciatingly slow startup and shutdown, and could even lead to the registry locked), showing that Microsoft's own internal out the possibility of the problem is not small, if you upgrade a system patch, suddenly found the system slow start, it is best to look at is not a patch blame.


Long been accustomed into the office every morning, the first thing is to turn on the computer, often red coffee, finished toilet, waiting for boot. This has been repeated countless times the long wait, and when does it end? The emergence of the ultra-extreme use, overturn the cumbersome traditional boot off every day.


Why do we want to ASUS A46 Series with 44wh ASUS A46CA Battery as a focus of the evaluation, that is because it adapt to consumer models to meet the market demand with excellent workmanship, good value for money and ASUS's flagship business, as well as the majority of consumers of their attention, as a focused Recommended.

In addition to the Smart Response Technology and Smart Connect Technology, Rapid Start an instant wake-up technology over most of this to catch up with the Tablet PC that open use one of the important means. Through the support of the software and hardware level, over most of this to be able to do compared to the traditional notebook faster boot speed, and wake-up speed, At the same time, in a dormant state, the battery life can even reach 30 days, breaking away from the ultra-slow cold start trouble, truly "ready to use" and how they are done, please read on.


First, the so-called ultra-extreme fast boot, instant wake Although Intel optimized, but most of them were based on the fast random read and write performance of solid-state hard drive, by observing the traditional notebook, we can also find that the largest mechanical hard performance bottleneck, the solid state drive is the trend.


TOSHIBA Satellite U945 lithium TOSHIBA Satellite U945 Battery capacity 57Wh, smaller capacity MobileMark software measured a total run of 140 minutes (approximately 2.3) hours, shorter battery life, can be regarded as an ultra-extreme for relatively large short board, inappropriate, out of power use. TOSHIBA Satellite S955's appearance was simple and elegant, gray and black body wrapped metal material, giving a sense of calm and reserved, the big screen of 15.6 inches and less than 21mm thickness of the body to make it look more like a whole flakes. Configuration, i5-3317UM processors, NV GT635M graphics, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD +24 GB SSD it has a good performance in office entertainment, and more comprehensive. Inadequacies, is it a shorter battery life, hoping to improve.

The solid-state drive is not only a qualitative breakthrough in performance, but also due to its internal flash memory particles, so a larger space on the hard disk volume, shape, design. To make ultra-extreme can do lighter, thinner, 2.5-inch traditional size will gradually reduce, replaced mSATA, or special interface design of solid-state hard drive at the same time, they read and write speed is not will be affected.


Most common technology solutions, instant wake the individual manufacturers design their own dedicated instant wake-up technology. The normal operation of a Windows system has four states: off, on, sleep and hibernation. The traditional mode of operation of the ordinary people is undoubtedly the startup and shutdown of two states, of course, dormant for many notebook users preferred status to be used in place of the shutdown. Which sleep (standby) can only be done temporarily moving state, the reason is that in the sleep state, you can quickly wake up at the fastest speed in work mode, but it is also very obvious shortcomings, is the large power consumption.

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