TOSHIBA Tecra A50 Battery and HP EliteBook 840 G1 Battery

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Today's computer operation between business users to stay longer just stick to the desk in front of the display, keyboard and mouse. Fast-paced, highly efficient work environment so that they want to once they leave the single office, to obtain the same or even better work experience; Or the company can be both office and home entertainment perfect unity while easily switching. These are the traditional commercial PC demand can not be met.
So tablet PCs and smart phones and other emerging mobile devices can not meet the new demands of business users do? Does not seem to be able to. Many office users using specialized software and other office software, or on either of these devices dysfunction, or even can not run, can not achieve the most common business office. Another enterprise unified management and data security on these mobile devices are not guaranteed.


TOSHIBA Tecra A50 with TOSHIBA Tecra A50 Battery design business with the T series is very similar, but less than in the standard of high-end T-series materials and workmanship aspects . The machine body are made of black plastic material, the roof is also true does not use metal, although not reaching high standards of workmanship , but fortunately the machine is quite enough of the material .
Design innovation, lightweight portable, safe and efficient, able to meet these characteristics commercial PC now seems to only 2-in-1 computer. This year all manufacturers are actively launch 2 in 1 computer only has a deformed, split, rotate, touch, and other characteristics, and work on the application richer entertainment, is a traditional PC and tablet PC into one of the new terminal.
Compared with the old computers, the new generation of Intel-based PC / tablet combo commercial computer not only conforms to the user's past habits, compatible with a variety of office software; and lighter, thinner, great to meet the mobility office employees demand; Haswell platform also makes battery life than ever to nearly double, sleep standby recovery time reduced from the previous 26 seconds to 7 seconds or less, extremely long battery life and fast response makes office efficiency improved significantly.

HP EliteBook 840 with HP EliteBook 840 Battery before the exterior design looks basically the same , it's still the familiar all- black body, just like the feeling of giving a rigorous , although some users will find the same style for years EliteBook this should be a breakthrough , but the real thing is the eternal classic , innovation is often not as good as the continuation of the classic blind , like those luxuries , like a century-old , there is always one or two seemingly unchanged but never selling basic models .

In recent years, some companies began to try to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, the PC data management made high demands. 2-in-1 PC With fourth generation Intel Core vPro processor can easily get. By vPro technology, business computers which enables remote management, maintenance, repair, updating and monitoring; while hardware-based security features can be seamlessly integrated into the current enterprise computing environment; Besides Intel Wireless Display Technology (Intel Wireless Display) also business users to solve the problem projectors and other cable connections, Windows 8 will add a touch of making commercial demand a reality.
In the personalized experience, 2 in 1 computer is so traditional tablet PC and now far behind. Now many users are buying a laptop and tablet two products, but carrying two tired when they go out, with only one office can not meet the dual needs and entertainment. But Intel core 2 in 1 computer to a collection of both worlds, the office when needed, a strong inner core with the original keyboard, inherited a full-featured experience and powerful computing power of the PC, whether it is a document editing, graphics or 3D games , HD video, and it can do the job; entertainment when needed, thin body with the touch screen, copy the Tablet PC and portable entertainment, whether it is to defend radish, Zombies, or three elimination fit, walking and playing. Long battery life, truly in the mobile office and entertainment, to get rid of space limitations.
Today, Intel has teamed including Lenovo, Asus, Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung, Fujitsu, together with many PC makers, launched with touch function combo commercial mobile terminal products, perhaps a personalized commercial computer Experience change the curtain will open next year.

HP ZBook 14 with 6cell HP ZBook 14 Battery, taking into account the configuration of the office and entertainment both on the processor selected i7-4500U, clocked at 1.8GHz, can Turbo Boost to 2.4GHz, the processor typically used in high-end models . This notebook uses a 4GB of memory DDR3-1600 memory, 500GB SATA hard drive to hard drive . The machine is configured with nVIDIA GT720 + Intel HD Graphics4400 dual graphics cards, although not a very high-end, but for office applications , 3D games, the ordinary can deal with.


Of course, the classical tradition does not mean static , advancing continuously optimized to meet the tastes of today's users , so EliteBook 840 EliteBook T series in the tradition of the classic elements , while made ​​some small changes . From the point of view of the fuselage roof , EliteBook 840 canceled the original charge and the sleep indicator light, and widened the screen hinge , while the shaft housing and the HP logo screen by a silver-white to brown, with a black body with it more coordinated.


Go to the fuselage underside , EliteBook 840 with HP EliteBook 840 G1 Battery sets the docking connector , which can be connected via a dedicated docking station to get more interfaces and functionality , which is now an essential feature of high-end business notebook .

Of course, the humidity is too high for computers also have an impact: the humidity is too high, it will increase the contact resistance of the contact, affecting the normal operation of the machine, the machine premature aging - this is the rainy season in southern problems that need attention, not much here discussed. For winter electrostatic hazards that may arise if there are anti-static clothing, anti-static gloves and other specialized equipment is best. Without these equipment is also not more than worry, as long as the static electricity produced by the body can be removed - Before using the computer, the user can first hold a metal object (preferably a metal key), holding one end of a key live , with the other end of the key contact with metal objects, or other items may generate static electricity, after the release of the body will be able to carry a slight touch of static electricity.


With the quantity and low prices to compete for market era long gone, the user demand for commercial PC market is also undergoing tremendous change. In the consumer area, a variety of touch mobile terminal has gradually penetrate into people's lives. Along with the trend of the consumerization of IT, mobile business computing, touch, high-speed accordingly become a new trend, such as tablet PCs and deformation of the product more and more innovative forms of commercial customers attention.


In size and weight , PACKARD BELL LE with PACKARD BELL EasyNote LE Battery length and width of mm, thickness of 22.9 ~ 28.5mm, weight 2.48kg, compared to the previous generation T530 thin a lot more suitable for use backpack carry.

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