Good Quality DELL Latitude CS CSX 7012P Laptop Battery

Quality is the soul of our DELL laptop battery!

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Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 11.1V
Capacity: 3600mAh
Weight: 480g
Size: 200.00 x 81.00 x 14.00 mm
Color: Dark Grey

Fit machine:
DELL Latitude CS
DELL Latitude CSI
DELL Latitude CSR
DELL Latitude CSX Series

How to buy a DELL replacement battery online
The feeling is terrible when the laptop power off during working time. How to quickly buy a replacement laptop battery on line? Follow me and try to make clear it...
1.Do you know your current battery code number and laptop model number? If the answer is positive, then the thing is getting easy.
Then you have to decide which kind of battery you would like to buy? A genuine battery or a replacement battery? Normally speaking, replacement battery is cheaper than genuine battery, maybe 4 times. To choose a replacement laptop battery, you have to consider about it’s quality factor, delivery time, payment method, and price etc. The current one I use is a replacement battery, work quite well and I am satisfied with its performance.
2.After decide to buy which battery, you can go to search engineer and enter the key words in the table, for example, if you want to buy a replacement Dell inspiron 1300 battery, copy this key words to the filling table, then you can find many related website on the Google search engineer, for example, I see that have this 4400mAh battery, you can also go to other website compare the price to get a battery and pay less money. You can check your laptop model number or battery code against the spec description on the online shop to make sure that the battery you see is compatible with your laptop.
3.Many website also post many battery tips and using knowledge, laptop battery blog for user’s reference, such as how to maintain battery, charge and discharge, reactivate the battery and so on.
4.Find the battery what you want, then go to the shopping cart, pay the money, credit card and Paypal account are always acceptable, after make payment, you will get a order confirmation or a payment receipt from Paypal to confirm your order payment just now. Then the whole purchase process is completed, you can seat at home to wait to the battery package arrival.