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Simple Guidelines For SONY Laptop Batteries
Heat is your SONY battery’s worst enemy. Avoid keeping your SONY battery in hot places such as your car during the daytime.
A full discharge puts more strain on your battery than several partial discharges. You do not need to worry about battery memory with Li-Ion batteries. Get into the habit of recharging the battery when it reaches 10-20%.
Never discharge your battery to 0% – as this can render your battery useless.
Calibrate your SONY battery’s fuel gauge by doing a full discharge every 30 cycles. Run the battery to the cut-off point in your notebook to keep the battery’s fuel gauge accurate.
If you will be on AC power for an extended period of time, you can prolong your battery’s lifespan by removing it and putting it into prolonged storage.
Prolonged storage should be done with a 40% charge-level and in a cool, dry place. Some experts recommend you place the battery in your refrigerator. Use a sealed plastic bag to keep moisture out if you do this.
Do not freeze your battery.
Allow a stored battery to warm to room temperature completely before using or recharging it.