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MITAC Laptop Batteries Tips
Attentions when using your new MITAC battery
1. When you first get your new laptop battery, fully discharge the capacity of the battery(let the laptop turn off by itself). And then for 3 charge(usually overnight) and discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.
2. If you keep your laptop plugged in constantly, or rarely use it, it's a good idea to discharge and then fully charge it on battery power once a week or so, just to keep the laptop battery fresh conditions.
3. Short battery life of laptop is mainly cause by heat rather than charge / discharge patterns. So, it is wise to removing the laptop Battery from a laptop when running on fixed power.
4. It's necessary to have a spare lithium-ion laptop, use one to the fullest and keep the other cool by placing it in the refrigerator. Do not freeze the battery. For best results, store the battery at 40% state-of-charge.
5. void purchasing spare laptop Battery for later use. Observe manufacturing dates. Do not buy old stock, even if sold at clearance prices. All the batteries on this site are manufactured in last 30 days.

Tips for getting the most out of your MITAC notebook batteries
1,Notebook batteries are expensive, often costing well over $100! The longer you can make your notebook batteries last, the more money you'll save. It doesn't take many replacement notebook batteries to add up to what you paid for the entire computer!
2,Factors that can lead to the premature failure of notebook batteries:
3,The more often a notebook battery is charged and discharged, the quicker it will fail.
4,If you always recharge your battery after each use even if you only use the computer for a few minutes, it will need to be replaced sooner.
5,Every time you allow your notebook battery to discharge 100%, it will recharge to a slightly lower level the next time. If you do this often, your batteries won't last very long at all.
6,The heat produced by prolonged use and leaving it on the charger for extended periods can degrade a notebook battery very quickly.